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+1 on the PCH chip seat, I love that thing. I have a Corbin hollywood solo on another bike and can ride all day, so even the little ones from Corbin are comfy. I thought I heard some bad things about Corbin customer service - a fairly recent development. They were great when I dealt with them 7 or 8 years ago, and I had some custom stitching, etc., but I'd check a little deeper into the customer service thing before shelling out the $$ they want for their seat...

I'm a solo only rider, so I have no experience with two-up.
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What kind of riding do you do ?
I have both those set ups. I like the Corbin for looks and maybe a couple hours riding. Pillion is really small and my wife finds it not comfortable.

From what I hear the Mustang would be much more comfortable for both parties if doing any distance. We never really used it much because my wife has her own Warrior now.

The Corbin Dual Tour in no way resembles the Hollywood (style, position or comfort). It sits you way too high and forward in my opinion and the Mustang does not do that as much.

If you can swing it , get both ! We have a bunch of different seats - Corbin : Hollywood solo and pillion, tour pillion , Young Guns, Stiletto (Stinger)
Mustang : Solo with backrest and pillion
Pacific Coast Star - one piece , 2 person

Had the Dual Tour but sold it because of the position issue. It was very comfortable outside that.

I change seats up quite often and it feels like a different bike with each one.
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I do not think the Mustang will fit a 06 Warrior. But the '02 Corbin with a bracket change, will fit a '06 Warrior.

I have no clue which seat is better.
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I had the Corbin gunslinger and my wife complained about the lack of cushion . I bought a Mustang for us and now even I find it more comfortable for long rides .
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I just got a 02 warrior and it came with a mustang seat not even broke in yet, its comfortable but wide at the front and I'm short and it increases the height so positioning for me it will probably have to go.. My wife rides so I need something soft for her too looking at the hollywood, we dont do long distance maybe 1 to 2 hours tops.. Are all back rest universal?
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You have to be careful about backrests. I had a Mapam shorty I loved, but it wouldn't work with my Corbin DT. The whole purpose of the DT was for my wife to ride with me, and I couldn't put the seat on with that backrest. She wouldn't ride without one, so I had to sell the backrest, and bought a Corbin backrest which sticks right into the seat. I like this setup, because when I take the seat off, I don't have a backrest on the bike anymore.

I think you'll have the same problem with a Mustang. They have a seatback that goes with their seat, and you'll probably have to use that if you keep that seat.

You might consider getting a PCS shaved seat. It's much lower. But you'll have to find a stock one to send to them. And I doubt your wife would like it very much -at least mine doesn't.
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Mustang for comfort. The secret to peace and harmony in the world is to keep your wife HAPPY. Get her the Mustang seat and back rest and your life will be better. True they don't look as nice to us, BUT they look great to her. Another option, if you want the most comfortable seat you've ever had, is to send your stock seat off to Russell Day Long Saddles. The downside is it takes about 8 weeks to schedule a seat build. The other, they may look even worse than the Mustang. I put one on a FJR I had and loved it. It turned (along with risers) the FJR into a 800 mile a day machine. Here is a pic of the Russell on the FJR. I'd still have that bike today, but the wife hated it. The seat and back rest helped, but could not win her over. By the way the Mustang will fit on your Warrior with minor modification, which is explained on this forum.
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I had four different seats on the bike and found the only one I can ride with comfortably is the Corbin solo after it was modified.

Everyone is different and you wont know what seat works for you until you try them. Seat opinions from everyone else wont help you.
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Haven't tried the Corbin. Was wavering between the 2 myself but have several riding buddies that swore by the Mustang. Went that route and have not been disappointed. Either way, though, it will be night and day compared to stock!
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I had the mustang one, and for riding with the wife, i think it's the best choice. We made a trip of 1200kms in one day, she and me had no pain.
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