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Sorry you are going thru this, I really feel for you folks that got hit with this devastation, I am glad you were able to save your other vehicles..... I hate to say it but if the bike was submerged you are best off filing a claim and getting a new one...that salt water got into everything and it don't take long for things to start to rust and corrode....the places you could wash might be visibly ok but it gets EVERYWHERE, starter, engine, fuel system...etc...etc...the bike will never be the same!
I have been watching American Choppers and Jr is going through the 911 Tribute bike that he built, it was also submerged and the damage that it caused is unbelievable. Again so sorry with what you and others are dealing with because of that b***h Sandy!
Keep us posted, Good Luck,
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I agree with filing a claim to have it replaced as long as you had it fully insured.
If not, find a nice warm garage to tear it down in ASAP because salt water is your worst enemy right now. The Winter is almost on us so you'll have a good 4 months to get it back togeather before the warm temps start creeping back in on us.

I feel for you and your losses and hope your recovery time is minimal.

I used to live in an small town just off the Cheasapeake Bay here in Maryland and I've seen homes lifted off their foundation and float up/down the bay. Decided to buy me a home no where's near the water because of that.
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+2 on filing a claim. That would be your best bet. Sorry that happened
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+3 on filing a claim. It will be continuously having problems caused by salt water corrosion. Your starter MIGHT be ok now, but I promise it wont last long. The wires on the bike are not tinned like wires for marine applications...they will all start turning green from corrosion near the ends, and it will slowly walk up the wires. Salt is a nasty lil beotch! Part out the non electrical parts and move on.
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hello everyone - first I like to thank you all for the input and all the great advice.
The bike has been like a friend - you know that good ol' dog you see getting old and limping and farting, but to you its just a thing to love?

Anyhow, I'll make room in my shed and start emptying and dismantling all I can. It was great getting the manuals from this place as they're a good reference on steps to follow and not getting all lost with parts.
I'll get the plugs out and clean the starter - crank the water out and change all fluids. After that I'll go from there....

Again, thank you and I'll keep everyone posted. As far as insurance the bike was not fully covered the last few years, so I'll work with our flood insurance and see what they can do if anything. In any case it will be an adventure and hope Yamaha stands up to its reputation and used jap steel that can give the salt a finger... lol (wishful thinking)

Be safe!
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Put it in a pool filled with rice...Worked for my cell phone when dropped at the beach ;-) (sorry-thought I'd throw some humor in)
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Originally Posted by SpaceCoastWarrior View Post
Put it in a pool filled with rice...Worked for my cell phone when dropped at the beach ;-) (sorry-thought I'd throw some humor in)
You like your rice salty? Lol

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A quick update and a big thanks to everyone... couldn't have done it without you guys.

I pulled all parts out this week-end.. starter was working and I did some minor cleaning and lubing just to keep it happy... Plugs were down right nasty - got new ones.
The rear cylinder was full of water - I cranked it without the plug and water shot up about 15feet. Lubed both cylinders with WD40 and sprayed fogging oil and cranked 2-3 times to work the pistons...repeated that process probably 10 times.

Changes oil and filter - all that came out of the crankcase was nasty water initially, followed by oily sludge. Fresh oil and filter done... cleaned air filter and all the wires and fuel connectors I could get my hands on.

Emptied tank - put fresh 93 and STP fuel injector and system cleaner. sealed things up and hit the switch..... That bad boy struggled a couple of times but than it was sweet music to my ears. All gages and lights work properly... ran it for a while - water dried up from all cracks and nooks, pipe and so on. Checked oil and it has lots of "Ehlmers Glue" so I am going to change it again this week-end.

Plan on running it each day if I can and have to replace some screws and brackets around the pipe and few other places that are showing some serious rust.

Any other suggestions?
Thank you all.....
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good on you

if you're going to run it - let it get hot. like run it for 20 minutes or more... when you shut it down open the oil fill/dipstick so any moisture will evaporate. best case is you ride it, but not yet... still too much water in that oil..... and it's cold... brrr.

good luck!
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