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Nice. Really like it, but I will reserve final judgement until I see one. I have ridden G.W.'s before and they make a hot day even hotter, just like a Harley Streetglide/Roadglide only not quite as bad.
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I like it. It's like looking at a sporty luxury car.
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Gotta see one in person. I like having an over the road MC in the garage, and I'm sick of the 02 VTX 1800R. That said, I've never had any problems with the X and it has done great on several 1000 mile+ trips. This wing looks great in the photo, really like it.
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Ive NEVER considered a goldwing....until now. That is effing NICE!
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I wanted a Road Glide for the longest but after hearing all the stuff about motor failures due to the twin cam tensions and overheating problems they are having i think i would rather have the Goldwing. I love the sound of the Harleys, but i want dependability and Harley is not acknowledging they even have a problem with the twin cams. So the F6b Goldwing looks a whole lot better to me now. Plus i am getting older and becoming an old fart.
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The Goldwing was never a bike I would even think about owning. Being under 40 years old, I think I would rather be on a hardtail (with a bad back) then a 'Wing. That being said, thats gotta be the best looking production Wing I have ever seen. You know its comfy, realiable, and now actually good looking.
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The GoldWing is THE most comfortable motorcycle on the highway. Yeah, she ain't pretty, but remember the old adage " don't make a pretty woman your wife".
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Went to the International Motorcycle show in San Mateo today and saw this bike in person. They didn't have a demo for a ride, but I did sit on it and I can tell you this; There is a LOT of interest in this bike. It is absolutely gorgeous in person and really comfortable. Going to try and ride one at my local dealer next week...
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I think it is an incredible lateral jump from a Wing and will do very well. I think I would really enjoy it:}:}
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i said I would never make a bike payment.... but this bad boy is making me re- think that.
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