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Default Forum Rules (Please Read)

Forum Rules (Please Read)

A Forum Team including moderators and admin has brought all the separate rules together in one screen, requiring a small amount of reorganization, clarification, dovetailing, and a bit of modernizing. Forum Admin has asked that it be posted here in The Welcome Mat forum. In the next few days a 'Rules' link will be added (probably at the top of most screens). Hopefully this makes it easier for everyone to find these.

Road Star Warrior ( Forum Rules

1. General Forum Rules:

Although (‘Forum’) moderators and administrators will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author. Forum administrators and moderators, and vBulletin Solutions, Inc. (developers of vBulletin), and VerticalScope (Forum Owners) are not responsible for the content of any message. By registering and posting in this forum you are agreeing to all rules, and you further warrant that you will not post any messages or images that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or violative of any laws. The forum Owners, Administrators, and Moderators reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread or post or image for any reason.

2A. Signature Images and Avatars:

Many members visit this site while at work or in other public places so to avoid causing problems with (for example) their employer, if all or part of your signature picture or avatar violates any of these rules it will be removed without notice: (1) No images containing nudity and no thongs or other dress that at a glance appears to be nudity or obscenity; (2) No advertisements unless you are an approved Vendor or Advertiser; (3) No animations; (4) No political content.

2B. About Posts and Posting in General:

1. Please don’t post duplicate topics, one thread in the proper forum is enough for everyone to see it in the Active Topics.
2. Use ‘Descriptive Titles’ for the threads you start. Don't mislead or create inaccurate titles just to try to increase traffic to your topic.
3. Do a search and check ‘Active Topics’ before starting a new thread. Similar ‘active’ topics in multiple threads might be merged into one thread.
4. No personal attacks. Use common sense and don't be a d!ck this one is easy to follow.
5. No porn, this is a work friendly site.

3. The 'No Political Discussion' Rule:

After many years of consideration, some time ago the Forum decided we will no longer allow political topics, threads, or posts of any kind on the site. This has been a thorn in our sides for a very long time. We came very near to pulling political discussion many years ago and decided, at the time, to let it go on with strict rules on personal attacks and bashing other members. For a very little while it got better, then it got progressively worse again until no amount of warnings or thread locking seemed to make a difference.

We have always made every effort to make this site a pleasant place to come to and post and chat with others about their bikes and just about anything else. For years our only exclusion was pornography. Unfortunately it became increasingly evident that discussing politics in a civil manner is just not something we are capable of doing. For that reason we established this rule some years ago. Any threads or individual posts that are related to politics in any way will be removed, as will older posts as we find them. Please keep in mind that we have been around for many years and there are many posts so there is no way we are going to find them all. So just because we removed one and missed another does not mean we are showing favoritism, it just means we haven't found it yet. If you see a political topic, feel free to let us know. You can use the "report abuse" link at the bottom of each found post.

This rule will pertain to whole threads of a political nature and to individual posts that may be placed in a non-political topic in any forum. It will also cover your signatures and avatars. As far as what constitutes a political post, I think we are all intelligent enough to figure that out. But in case you are not, here are a few examples. If it has to do with a president, senator, congressman, legislation, law, liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, libertarian, independent, government intern, congressional page or even the janitor at the White House or Governor’s Mansion, it will be removed. Discussions of a socio-economic nature such as welfare, social security, SSI, or any kind of government aide will also be considered in the realm of politics.

Gun control, world politics and the legislation or regulation of governments or economies will fall into this list as well. You can talk about your guns all you want, but when you get into laws regarding possession of firearms you have crossed the line. For additional clarity, this can be read as follows: 'You can talk about (X) all you want, but when you get into laws regarding (X) you have crossed the line.'

As you can see, I could go on and on and still not be able to list all the possible examples. This list is by no means comprehensive and it will ultimately be up to the discretion of the Moderators as to what is and is not political. Any post or thread that violates this rule will be removed and the member who posted it will be provided with clarification of the rule’s scope, after which the three strikes rule will apply to additional violations.

There will be no discussion or debate on this topic or on any of our decisions as to what is in violation. There are plenty of places on the net to go to and bicker about politics, this motorcycle forum is no longer one of them. If you are concerned that what you want to post may not conform to our rules, as before, please PM a Moderator and ask them. As always, ignorance of the rules does not make you immune to the consequences so please revisit them as needed.

If this rule causes you to no longer have anything worthwhile to contribute to this site, we fully understand and we wish you the best.

4. The ‘Three Strikes’ Rule:

The ‘Three Strikes’ rule might be considered a final effort on behalf of repeat offenders. It involves a moderator clarifying rule(s) to a member, usually by Private Message, with the intent being to help the member understand the rule's scope. This would be followed by a written warning with or without 'time off' for three subsequent rules violations, and finally a permanent 'strike' would be issued for each subsequent offense. The member would be banned subsequent to the third strike. Because nobody receives ‘strikes’ without significant prior communication and clarification, any existing strikes will not be removed as a result of any clarification of this or any rule. In extreme situations the Administrators and/or Moderators reserve the right to ban an offending member immediately without warning or strikes.

5A. Posting ‘For Sale’ Classified Ads:

The Marketplace classifieds are still available free for members to use to sell their bikes or one-off parts and similar. This is not the place to be selling commercially including fabricated parts that you've made multiples of to sell for profit. To sell those you may need to be an approved Vendor or Advertiser (see Post #2 below).

All classified ‘for sale’ ads must have the following information or they will be deleted: (1) A thread title accurately reflecting the ad’s contents - i.e. ‘V&H Bigshots’ or ‘Leftover Warrior Parts’; (2) The first post in the ad must provide the exact description of each item offered for sale and an accurate description of each item’s condition including if its new or used - pictures can help; (3) The price of each item or group-of-items must also be clearly stated in the first post even if offers are requested - i.e. ‘$100 obo’. Those posting a ‘for sale’ ad should post when the ad is completed (for example if you sold everything). PLEASE NOTE: See the separate rules for ebay, Craigslist, and similar ads.

Only reply in a ‘for sale’ classified ad if you are interested in buying and have questions. Its important that sellers have a fair opportunity to offer their items as they see fit. If you have helpful information for the seller regarding price, condition, shipping, or anything else including a suggestion of a member who happens to be looking for the item, then use a Private Message and do not reply in the ad. Those reply posts will be deleted when and as found.

By listing your ‘for sale’ ad in The Marketplace forum you also agree to the following classified specific rules: (A) You are the legal owner of the item offered - i.e. items posted on behalf of someone are not permitted; (B) Illegal items such as pirate/copied music, software, documents are not permitted; (C) Privately owned items only - i.e. no commercial selling unless the poster is an approved vendor or advertiser. PLEASE NOTE: All classified ads are provided as-is and are placed entirely at the poster’s risk. cannot be held liable in the event of a claim or dispute over an item listed on this site. Where possible we can help to contact the buyer / seller if a problem occurs and we ask that you report any ‘Marketplace’ forum issues to Administration instead of posting the problem on the forums for open discussion.

5B. Posting ‘For Trade’ Classified Ads: (added October 1st 2012)
Ads offering items 'For Trade or Sale' are posted in the 'For Sale' classifieds and must meet those rules.
Ads offering items 'For Trade' only are posted in the 'Swap Shop' and must meet the 'For Sale' classified rules as applicable.
Ads without this basic information will be deleted when found. Members should post when an offered item has been traded.

5C. ebay, Craigslist, and Similar Ads:

These ads can be your own ads or simply ads you noticed that may also interest other members. Its not necessary for you to include the price in these type ads because its generally in the eBay, Craigslist or similar ad. However it is necessary to provide a descriptive Thread Title and to post a description of the ad content. Ads without this basic information and a valid URL will be deleted when found. Be aware that ads in the 'For Sale forum have protections from certain comments and conversations, however ads in this forum do not. This is due to the nature of eBay and Craigslist type ads. As with all forums on this site, this forum is also moderated.

5D. Posting WTB Classified Ads:

Want-to-Buy thread titles and ads should be descriptive enough that members can determine what the poster wants. To reply, members might post in the ad or might send a PM or email without posting in the ad. Only post replies if you actually have useful information, such as if you have the part/item, or if you know where to get it. Do not post to tell them your opinion of the requested part or item or to suggest prices or anything else of no value to the intent of the WTB forum. Those reply posts will be deleted when and as found. Those posting a WTB ad should post when the ad is completed (for example if you bought what you wanted). If we can keep the unnecessary chatter down this forum will remain open to replies. If not then it will again be closed to replies.

5E. Group Buys: (modified August 10th 2012)

Group Buys are for motorcycle parts and are organized by a member who is not the seller. After being organized by one of our members, the seller agrees to accept payment from individual members in the Group Buy. The seller can be provided with a link to the Group Buy thread so they may monitor who is part of the group, but they cannot post in the thread or otherwise promote unless they are an approved Vendor. This has always satisfied the vendor policy because it's transparent that no member profits from the Group Buy. These Group Buys do not need moderator pre-approval.

To avoid misunderstandings, each Group Buy will be a separate stand-alone thread and will be posted in the 'Approved Group Buys' forum. The Forum and moderators are not responsible for the outcome including any problems or loss. Any Group Buy found not meeting these requirements will be removed. The Group Buy policy is managed by the forum moderators whose decisions are final. All other forum rules including classified rules also apply to Group Buys to the extent appropriate. As always, if items are more than 1-off items and are being sold for a profit then the seller needs to be a Forum Vendor. To learn about the Forum Vendor policy see the 'Advertise' link in the second post of this thread (below).

As an alternative, sellers can extend a special discount to rswarrior members by posting in The Marketplace 'Member Discounts' forum. If it's a regular price or regular discount (one that's available to all) it does not qualify as a member discount.

All other items for sale belong in the The Marketplace 'Classified - For Sale' forum. Exception: When its a Warrior Event t-shirt (or similar item) that is purchased by a participant in the event and the selling price is obviously very cheap, then the price is evidence its a not-for-profit item that is incidental to the Event. Even if a few of the items are sold to non-participants these shared-cost items can be offered inside their Event thread and do not require moderator pre-approval.

5F. Longevity of Classified Ads:

Ads in The Marketplace older than 60-days may be ‘closed’ or ‘removed’ by moderators as time allows when it appears the ad is inactive. For-Sale ads that appear to be edited to periodically remove sold or unsold items and insert new items for sale may be deleted when moderators or administration believe they are commercial in nature or otherwise go beyond simply selling incidental left-over parts or accessories, etc.

5G. Responsibility for Using Classified Ads:

The person posting the ad is completely responsible for its content and members are completely responsible for making their own buying and selling decisions. Forum moderators will help as able however the Forum and moderators cannot be responsible for the outcome of any Marketplace ads or other transactions.

6A. Vendors and Sellers:

Non-paying vendors and sellers may not advertise on the Forum. This includes, but is not limited to, forum posts and signature/avatar areas. If you are interested in becoming an approved Forum Vendor or Advertiser please see the post below for contact information. Forum Vendors are entitled to the following: Official Vendor Badge; a link to your company website in your signature area; approval to reply to members via PM with pricing details; approval to post in relevant threads about your products; your own Vendor Forum for your promotional information, and other possible benefits. As with all members, Forum Vendors are subject to these Forum Rules and cannot restrict content posted by other members that is within these Forum Rules. Member content can be moderated at the Forum Vendor's option when it is outside these Forum Rules.

6B. The ‘Member Discounts’ forum:

We have created the ‘Member Discounts’ forum for non-supporting advertisers to use to make members aware of discounts on motorcycle-related products or services that may benefit members. If it's a regular price or regular discount (one that's available to all) then it does not qualify as a member discount. Only one thread per non-supporting advertiser is permitted and any subsequent topics will be removed without warning. You may occasionally edit to update the ‘original’ (#1) post in your thread but extensive changes may result in your thread being removed. PLEASE NOTE: Advertising on has many benefits including banners and dedicated forums, all of which enable a much greater presence on the site. Please click ‘Advertise’ for more information.

(Consolidated and Reorganized by a Forum Team and Posted July 23rd 2012)
(Moved into 'modoc' without changes August 4th 2012)
(5E modified August 10th 2012: trial basis option removed)
(6B clarified August 12th 2012)
(5B inserted for Trades October 1st 2012)
(5A modified October 16th 2012 to point to Forum Sales email address)
(5E corrected August 30th 2013 to point to Forum Sales email address, plus remove non-motorcycle item reference)
(4 modified August 19th 2014 to express the Forum's reserved right to immediately ban members in certain situations)
(5C modified August 19th 2014 to express certain clear differences between 'For Sale' and 'eBay/Craigslist' forums)
(6A inserted September 4th 2014 clarifying forum vendor status)

Last edited by modoc; 09-04-2014 at 02:29 PM. Reason: Update 6A clarifying vendor status.
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Additional Helpful Information:

Sellers wanting to become an approved Vendor please contact Stacy Elvery at and if no reply within 24 hours (weekends and USA/Canadian holidays excluded) then send a PM to membername 'Admin' for assistance. In accordance with Forum Rules all other commercial posts and threads offering items for sale will be deleted as found. This is a moderated forum. Please read the Forum Rules above for more information.

Members who see posts or threads from unknown sellers offering items for sale should simply use the yellowish (!) 'report' button to send an alert email to all moderators. Although not all approved vendors have badges, we tend to know who is established here versus new. With member participation we can be sure sellers are 'known to the forum' which has a side effect of making this a safer place to buy.

NOTE: Rule 5A was modified to point to this post instead of pointing to the screen 'advertise' menu item.

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