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Default 200 55 zr 17 On Rear?

Has anybody installed a 200 55 zr 17 tire on their warrior?

Metzler makes these mainly for the Harley crowd. They are slightly taller.

But are $68 less because of how many they make.

Me 880 marathon is the tire type, Had to put one on the front this summer.
A 200 50zr 17 goes for $260can
A 200 55zr 17 goes for $192can
Please, gotta make a decision fast, winter riding season is here! LoL
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I wouldn't buy either.
We have the 200/50 ZR 17 Metzeler and it isn't too bad on my wife's Warrior which is lowered but when I had it on my stock height bike it handled terribly. I came to realize that I was running out of tire in the curves.

The sidewall is taller than other tires of that same stock size (I don't understand why or how )and in curves you can go right to the edge of the tread and beyond - going past the edge of the contact patch.

I had never experienced such poor, scary handling on the Warriors.

The 55 would have an even higher sidewall so I expect this would be worse.

I had mentioned this before at these links:



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I have a nice shinko 005 on mine and live it . And its a 200/50/zr17 and I got mine for 165
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I realize that price is always a factor.... but look at it this way... Your life is on those two tires!!!

that being said... I opted for longer lasting tires since my bike is a daily driver. I went with the Michelin Pilot Road 2's as a dual compound tire. the harder compound in the center wears longer while the softer compound on the sides handles well.

I've been totally blown away by how well this bike handles now that the rear is a 190 instead of a 200. Plus... sadly, I've been caught in the rain a few times... and the wet traction is astounding!!!

Yes, they're not cheap, but it was worth it to me. I'm hoping to get 10k miles or more out of them!! Wish me luck!!
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i blew a tire in kingman az and the only shop around was a harley shop and they installed a 200/55/17 and i ran that tire for two years. it was taller but the harder compound lasted forever... i had zero issues.
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Thanks for all your replies. Helped out alot. I decided to go with a Bridgestone Battlax 023 190/50 zr 17
$220 canadian.
Will help in the twisties.
Got 14,000 km on my Bridgestone 020's
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Default Metzler

Hi, I haven't had any issues with metzler 200/55 zr17, except with the customization we do with warriors, many people look at the tires and think it's a custom Harley ?!?!
So I guess the tires have to go, lol
We went on a twisty, bumpy road towards Tremblant mountain north of Montreal Quebec and the metzlers handled that just fine.
Not sure if all Canadians know about Pete's superbike here in Montreal but they have amazing prices on tires. I learned about them form a Toronto forum and then found out everybody in our riding group uses them for tires.
Our group only has 2 warriors so far, so if you want to join checkout the meetup.com/dragonriders
On our sponsor page you can find Pete's superbike and some area bike dealers who offer us discounts.
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Default 200mm or 210mm tire

Does anyone have photos of stock 200mm tire next to a 210mm? I am thinking about going bigger but want to see how much bigger it will really look. Thanks...
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You probably won't be able to find a 210. Metzler stopped making them a while back and they were the only ones who made it. Plus it got horrible mileage so hardly anyone liked it.

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I figured with a taller profile tire you would have a better turn in?
I miss my old warrior!
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