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Default Endless Validation

Hey Guys;

-I just wanted to take a few moments and share some thoughts on the Yamaha RSW. For those of us that own one, these points are what I call "Endless Validation". For those of you contemplating on purchasing this sled, ask any member on here and they will more than likely agree with me. So here goes....

-The last couple of days up here in Northern New York State have been everything a rider could wish for. Cool temps (60s), sunny skies and breathtaking fall foliage for the eyes to feast on. I decided to take a long ride up through the Keene, Lake Placid, Saranac Lake area and then eventually on through Paul Smiths to Malone and back around to Saranac.

-Most of you will not know the areas I am writing about but they are mountainous and rolling farm land with some long straights for stretching the throttle cable out. Coupled with incredible views and the cleanest of air, add to that the fall colors which are darn close to peek and it doesn't get any better.

-With the cool dense air, my Warrior was pounding out the "sound" we all love and eating up the miles, all the while providing the perfect suspension
responses that our roads dictate, due to their condition. That and the endless torque this motor provides made for one of the best rides of the season. Which by the way is coming to a fast conclusion. (Maybe another month if we are lucky and brave). This ride started me thinking about all the
things that this year has brought to each of us. Storms, losses, laughs, births of children etc. etc. And how blessed I am in this life and the lessons learned along the way.

-Pretty deep thoughts that were triggered by riding one of the most incredible machines on two wheels. The Warrior with its attitude, power, composure and stance; after being out of production for ten years (in the U.S.) still brings the endless validation to me that I have the perfect motorcycle for the style of riding I enjoy. She will stay with me until I am no longer able to ride. Absolutely perfect.

-Thanks for letting me rant about a moment of zen! I hope some of you can relate to what I tried to put into words. Ride Safe !!
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Could not agree more. I spend a lot of time at The Dragon, and the many incredible roads around the area. I can't think of a better muscle bike to have for that style of riding.

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Nice post. You have a gift for writing.
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I feel badd for you guys in the cold country who have to put their bikes away.😏 Being in California I'm wondering what this year is going to be like last year it rained and unbelievable amount of rain for this state. Every weekend I had off it seemed to be raining and you just don't go riding in the rain for pleasure, Unless you live in Canada.😄 But my days of living in California are coming to a close, Not sure where I'm going to end up. My son is transferring from Washington State to Virginia next year hes going to be a riverine For the United States navy. He will be in Virginia for 5 years and if he resigns for another 5 years. Who knows I may end up there. I have 30 years on the job where I'm at now my pension is pretty decent although I still have 15 years left to work before I can retire. My son is looking to get a Warrior he will probably be looking when he gets to Virginia, Anyways we will see what happens happy Winter to all of you.😁
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OP I know what you are talking about as I have family in NJ and we head up there every Christmas to visit. Some of those mountain ranges are so breath taking that I forget that I am still in NY state.

I also get like that when I ride that my mind goes to that "happy place" I have and the wind therapy starts.
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Fella's thank you for the replies and allowing me to share my thoughts. To ALL Ride
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