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Default Popular Mods and Repairs Knowledgebase

Please see Tomba's new Popular Mods thread at: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...ledgebase.html

NOTE: Subsequent to forum migration some links are broken. To access a broken link contact Forum Administration.

Title: Popular Mods and Repairs Knowledgebase
Update: November 1st, 2011
Topic Manager: ArizonaWarrior

You're Invited to Participate by Recommending 'additions' and 'corrections' by Quick Reply!

Table of Contents:
PART 1: Technical Compilations
PART 2: Helpful Jumps
PART 3: Links to Mod Topics (alphabetic) <<<<<
PART 4: Miscellaneous
PART 5: Other

Things to keep in mind as you use these links:
1. The usual disclaimer: use this info at your own risk and know your skills and topic.
2. While many posts are written by experienced members, co-mingled posts may not be.
3. Topics were selected for useful info, but not every post in every topic is correct.
4. Differences between model years are not always checked by members so you should check.
5. This list may not be regularly maintained so also read REPLY posts for any newer findings.
6. If you know of a topic that belongs here feel free to add the link using Quick Reply.
7. Sometimes in order to do a mod you need the OEM data so some is included but verify.
8. A change in a model-year's part number should cause you to investigate for differences.
9. There will always be newer posts so use these links to fuel your search imagination.

PART 1: Technical Compilations

1a. Model Year Differences - New: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/12-g...02-2010-a.html
1b. Model Year Differences - Legacy: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/12-g...02-2010-a.html
2. European Differences: https://rswarrior.com/forums/p/2815/46518.aspx#46518
3. Wyoming's DIY Mods List: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/129336.aspx <----------
4. Robriguez Power Commander Maps and Service Documents: http://www.rswarriordocs.com/index.html <----------
5. KyleNV: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/67-k...rms-stuff.html <----------
6. Excellent Example Bikes: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/12-g...ple-bikes.html
7. Fat Tire Group Buy 2007: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/2227.aspx
8a. Rear Tires 2007: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48415.aspx
8b. Rear Tires 2008: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48781.aspx
9. Integrated Tail Lights: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48410.aspx
10. Integrated Tail Lights: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121392.aspx
11. Touring Seats: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48408.aspx
12. Post Your Exhaust Pictures: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114042.aspx
13. Post Your Grip Pictures: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115261.aspx
14. Handlebars and Cable Length: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115270.aspx
15. Oil Filters (verify): https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48922.aspx
16. Brake System Part Numbers: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114111.aspx
17. Post Your Mirror Pictures: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120028.aspx
18. Warrior Document Download Section: (did not migrate)
19. Motorcycle Calculators: http://www.dansmc.com/mc_software.htm
20. CAD Drawing Software: http://www.3dexport.com/img14620.search.htm#topimg

PART 2: Helpful Jumps (that don't easily fit one component part)

JUMP to Topic - Reading Yamaha Part and Fastener Numbers:
1. https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...ml#post2201780

JUMP to Topic - Good Dealings with Forum Members:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/152607.aspx

JUMP to Topic: Dash/Signal Lights Don't Work, Fuse Blows:
1. https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...cal-issue.html

JUMP to Topic - Puff of white smoke under tach when starting:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/151893.aspx

JUMP to Topic - Yamaha EPA mileage estimates:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115824.aspx

JUMP to Topic - How Warrior Sounds Starting Up:

Jump to Topic - Polishing and chroming the hand controls:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/9760.aspx
2. http://www.caswellplating.com/buffs/buffman.htm
3. http://www.caswellplating.com/movies/index.html

Jump to Topic - Aluminum female thread repair:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/123305.aspx

JUMP to Topic - Principles of tuning EFI systems:
1. http://www.megamanual.com/begintuning.htm#chemistry

JUMP to Topic - Warrior racing:
1. https://www.rswarrior.com/Gallery/vall345.aspx
2. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/10241.aspx
3. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120162.aspx

JUMP to Topic - Horsepower and atmospherics:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114158.aspx
2. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/152154.aspx

JUMP to Topic - Do thinner head gaskets increase compression:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/122977.aspx

JUMP to Topic - Operating temperatures:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/11862.aspx

JUMP to Topic - Electric cooling fan:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/138893.aspx

JUMP to Topic - Red Dust at front steel drive pulley: (NOTE: aluminum pully does not exhibit 'red dust' while failing)
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/20832.aspx
2. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26393.aspx

JUMP to Topic - Starter Sometimes Won't Crank but Battery OK:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/122342.aspx

JUMP to Topic - Engine Won't Start (have V&H FuelPak):
1. https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...-starting.html

JUMP to Topic - Engine won't idle:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/110144.aspx
2. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/18072.aspx

JUMP to Topic - Troubleshoot low idle and stalling on cold start:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/111772.aspx
2. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115809.aspx

JUMP to Topic - Troubleshoot hard starting when hot:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/22813.aspx

JUMP to Topic - Engine cuts out at a specific RPM only:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114434.aspx
2. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/22937.aspx
3. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112837.aspx
4. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112797.aspx
5. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/110237.aspx
6. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/134577.aspx

JUMP to Topic - Engine cutting out on freeway:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121319.aspx

JUMP to Topic - Engine repetitively stalls after a few miles:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115766.aspx

JUMP to Topic - Engine sputters in heavy rain:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/116139.aspx

JUMP to Topic - New bike engine knocks:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/118201.aspx

JUMP to Topic - Fuse blows, no tail light, turn signals, speedo, tach:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/111966.aspx

JUMP to Topic - Low fuel light flashes eight times:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/5440.aspx
2. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/21369.aspx
3. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/139531.aspx

Jump to Topic - Key off but speedo light stays on:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/118039.aspx (+entertaining)

Jump to Topic - Relocated passenger footrest too hot:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115064.aspx

Jump to Topic - Water in battery box:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114112.aspx
2. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112132.aspx
3. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114125.aspx

Jump to Topic - On-Line motorcycle repair course:
1. http://www.dansmc.com/mc_repaircourse.htm

Jump to Topic - Pictures under the seat:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/117259.aspx

Jump to Topic - Mounting gauges on the handlebars:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/108318.aspx

Jump to Topic - Naked Warrior:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120575.aspx

Jump to Video - 135MPH on a Warrior

Jump to Topic - Long term motorcycle storage:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16367.aspx
2. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114342.aspx

Jump to Topic - Drive-In motorcycle cover:
1. http://www.cycleshelter.com/

Jump to Topic - Trailering the Warrior:
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/14540.aspx

Jump to Topic - Wind chill chart for riders:
1. http://www.xs11.com/tips/riding/ride4.shtml

JUMP to Topic - 122ci mod (10.5:1 compression ratio):
1. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26823.aspx
2. https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/18481.aspx
3. http://www.patrickracingbillet.com/

About Increasing Cubic Inches: (97mm= ~3-13/16"+)(113mm= ~4-7/16"+) Long Stoke = Torque
97 mm bore 113mm stroke = 1670cc = 102ci (stock is 8.36:1 compression)(87 octane fuel)
100mm bore 113mm stroke = 1775cc = 108ci (typically 10.5:1 compression)(91 octane fuel)
101mm bore 113mm stroke = 1802cc = 110ci (typically 10.5:1 compression)(91 octane fuel)
106mm bore 113mm stroke = 2000cc = 122ci (typically 10.5:1 compression)(91 octane fuel)
1. http://www.orientexpress.com/index.php
2. http://www.patrickracingbillet.com/

About Rear Tire Mods:
Plan for rear tire diameter. For example, a 260 Swingarm with 260 Metz is 25.98" OD. The taller tire OD will give a hint higher MPH on the top end, but
a hint less power off the line. Use 31-tooth pulley to correct HP/TQ nearer oem (get steel pulley but if aluminum watch for wear). The 260 tire/rim combo
weighs a bit more but its only a couple of pounds, no problem. Be aware that a few who have installed tires in the 26.10" OD range have mentioned the tire
sometimes hits the inner fender or license plate mount bolts even at stock height so consider a 1,000# spring.

About ECU Bump: (see links under ECU below)
Because over time we have learned different bikes have different factory air:fuel settings in the ECU when new, its likely air:fuel is individually adjusted at the factory. So before making changes to ECU settings it might be handy to record and save the original factory setting. Also, over time be aware that someone before you may have 'bumped' the ECU air:fuel (you should ask). For this reason a good place to record air:fuel ECU bump factory settings is the Owner's manual. Its generally accepted that air:fuel ECU bumps should be up-or-down the same 'number' both jugs. If you bump cylinder1 two points up, you should do the same to cyliner2 to maintain the spread. There's evidence to suggest the ECU bump affects idle only, but there's also logical discussion suggesting the ECU bump affects the entire RPM range equally. In either case, good performance can be achieved with regular spark plug 'readings' until you feel comfortable the air:fuel is in the zone. See also 'spark plugs' for sample reading charts. Note: There is still adequate data to suggest a Power Commander may be a better option because it allows you to program every rpm zone individually, however the PC may over-ride some ecu functions, therefore some sensor data that helps the ecu adjust itself on-the-fly may no longer be effective. The jury is still out on this but many members say the PC is the more 'powerful' option. Read up. Many ECU topics like this one are evolving every day:

PART 3: Links to Mod and Repair Topics - Organized by Component Part

Air Induction System: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/5760.aspx
Air Induction System: http://www.baronscustom.com/catalog/...526/index.html
Air Induction System - Blockoff: http://www.freewebs.com/roadstarwarr...k_off_1of2.htm and
Air Industion System - Blockoff: http://www.freewebs.com/roadstarwarr...k_off_2of2.htm
Air Induction System - Speedstar Cover: Part# STR-5PX09-67-01
Air Induction System - Speedstar Cover: http://www.motorsportssuperstore.com/catalog.asp
Air Induction System - Speedstar Cover - Canadian site: http://www.yamaha-motor.ca/accessori...ps.php?group=M

AIS: (see 'air induction system' above)

Air Fuel Ratio (air:fuel): https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112559.aspx

Air Intake Temperature Sensor's Nut Size: 12 x 1.5 mm (blue loctite don't overtighten)

Air Ride: (see 'suspension')

Alternator: (see "magneto')

Ape Hangars: (see 'handlebars')

Atmospheric Sensor: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/18044.aspx
Atmospheric Sensor: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26936.aspx

Auto-Shifter: (see 'shifter')

Axle - Front - Nut Size: 19mm (3/4") https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/23510.aspx
Axle - Front - Removal Tool: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26668.aspx
Axle - Front - Tightening Torque: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/19875.aspx
Axle - Front - Tightening Torque: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/108461.aspx
Axle - Front - Diameter 22mm (0.866"): https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16306.aspx
Axle - Front - Typical Failure: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121201.aspx
Axle - Rear - Nut Size: 27mm (1-1/16") (6-point shallow socket)
Axle - Rear - Diameter 20mm (0.787"): https://rswarrior.com/forums/p/19714/...2.aspx#1119912
Axle - Rear - Tightening Torque 110 Ft/lb (some manuals may cite 72ft/lb, reportedly in error)
Axle - Rear - Tightening Method: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/108461.aspx
Axle - Rear - Tightening Method: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/23436.aspx

Back Rest: (see 'seat')

Bags: (see 'saddlebags' and 'luggage')

BAK: (see 'intake')

Battery - OEM: GS-GT14B-4 (135cca?) 12ah (5-7/8"x2.75"x5.75")(10 lbs)(oem battery now 210cca?)
Battery - Size and Issues: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/113235.aspx
Battery - Location: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/125136.aspx
Battery - Box - Water Entry: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112132.aspx and https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114125.aspx
Battery - Box - Dimensions: (2002-2009) L=6 H=5-3/4 W=3-7/16 at the top and 3-1/16 at the base (the 'hump' is ~4" tall and max 3/8" deep)
Battery - Choices - Aftermarket: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48380.aspx
Battery - Choices - Shorai Lithium: http://www.shoraipower.com/default.aspx
Battery - 135cca 12ah Mod: http://www.westcobattery.com/battery...?bid=46&vid=-1
Battery - 200cca 14ah Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28202.aspx
Battery - 200cca 12ah Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29257.aspx
Battery - 210cca 12ah Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115118.aspx
Battery - 210cca 12ah OEM: New Benchmark (assumes GS-Yuasa claim oem battery is now 210cca)
Battery - 220cca 17ah Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/p/113987/930145.aspx#930145
Battery - 300cca 18ah Mod: http://www.westcobattery.com/battery...?bid=18&vid=-1
Battery - 300cca 18ah Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/113987.aspx

Battery Charger Types: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121651.aspx
Battery Tender Plus 12v 1.25a: http://batterytender.com/
Battery Conditioner Schumacher 6v-12v 1.5a: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26686.aspx
Battery Conditioner Schumacher: http://store.schumachermart.com/sem-1562a.html
Battery Testing: http://www.schumacherproducts.com/applications

Bearing - Wheel - OEM - Front - '02-'10: #93306-00420-00
Bearing - Wheel - OEM - Rear - '02 only: #93306-00444-00
Bearing - Wheel - OEM - Rear - '03-'10: #93306-00416-00
Bearing - Axle - Rear - '02-'10: #93317-32677-00
Bearing - Wheel - Replacement: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/24950.aspx
Bearing - Wheel - Chromed Rims: Remove chrome from bearing area for proper press-fit.
Bearing - Aftermarket Part Numbers: (have not been identified to date)

Bells - Gremlin and Friendship: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/8-si...er-2011-a.html

Belt: (see 'Drive Belt')

Body: (see also 'tachometer' for housings) (see also 'side cover') (see also 'fender') (see also 'paint')
Body - Deep Cleaning: http://www.surfcitygarage.com/detail...product_id=351
Body - Paint Scratch Removal: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/116012.aspx
Body - Chin Fairing - Star: http://www.starmotorcycles.com/star/.../0/detail.aspx
Body - Chin Fairing - Low & Mean: http://www.lowandmean.com/yamaha-products.php
Body - Chin Fairing - Low & Mean - Chrome:
Body - Chin Fairing - Low & Mean: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16885.aspx
Body - Chin Fairing - Low & Mean: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121978.aspx
Body - Chin Fairing Inserts: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16651.aspx
Body - Chin Fairing Grille: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114529.aspx
Body - Chin Fairing Grille: http://flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/show/
Body - Chin Fairing - Christo: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/159652.aspx
Body - HD Fairing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/14797.aspx
Body - HD Fairing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/14649.aspx
Body - Sheet Metal - Gauge to Inches: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121745.aspx
Body - WarMar: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/19-g...ew-school.html
Body - Clitoyo Eurofender: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/14-i...e-clitoyo.html

Bolts: (see 'fasteners')

Boots: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48462.aspx
Boots: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48709.aspx
Boots: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/47322.aspx

Brake System - Part Numbers 2002-2010 (verify): https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114111.aspx

Brake Lines - Aftermarket: http://www.barnettclutches.com/produ...ake_lines.aspx
Brake Lines - Aftermarket: http://www.galferusa.com/html/streetlines.html
Brake Lines - Aftermarket: http://www.spieglerusa.com/cfm/brakelines.cfm
Brake Lines - Aftermarket: http://www.goodridge.net/webapp/wcs/...1_32019_retail (length for '04-'09 models)
Brake Lines - Front '04-'09: Goodridge Kit# YA1700-3PR (should include the Warrior style Y-Block). Rear '04-'09: Goodridge Kit# YA1700-1PR.
Brake Lines - DIY Custom: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28538.aspx

Brake - Speedbleeders: http://www.speedbleeder.com/

Brake - Front - Lines (HD Top Yamaha Bottom): https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120954.aspx
Brake - Front - Bedding New Pads: https://rswarrior.com/forums/p/142212...5.aspx#1106825
Brake - Front - Pad Stutter & Stickiness: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/110752.aspx
Brake - Front - Adjust Lever: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/23164.aspx
Brake - Front - Adjust Lever Free-Play: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120990.aspx
Brake - Front - Repair Sight Glass: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/157925.aspx
Brake - Rear - Pedal: (see also 'foot controls' and 'pedals')
Brake - Rear - Pedal Adjust: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/20354.aspx
Brake - Rear - Light Switch Adjust: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/23775.aspx
Brake - Rear - Pressure Switch Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/122880.aspx
Brake - Rear - Cleanup - 19BillH43: http://19billh43.tripod.com/id52.html
Brake - Rear - Cleanup - Yamatized: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27810.aspx
Brake - Rear - Cleanup - Jarv-Tidy: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28629.aspx
Brake - Rear - Cleanup - Yamaweezle-Tidy: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/149683.aspx
Brake - Rear - Cleanup: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27295.aspx (link inside post is dead need new)
Brake - Rear - Reservoir Relocate: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/123039.aspx
Brake - Rear - Reservoir Remove Mount Tab: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27183.aspx
Brake - Rear - Drive Side Mount: http://www.bluesteelcustoms.com/

Brake '02-'05 - Pedal - Rear: 5PX-27200-00-00 (might interchange)
Brake '02-'05 - Caliper - Front Left: 5PX-2580T-00-00
Brake '02-'05 - Caliper - Front Right: 5PX-2580U-00-00
Brake '02-'05 - Caliper - Front Left - Bleed Screw Kit: #51H-W0048-00-00 (thread is 8mm x 1.25 pitch) **
Brake '02-'05 - Caliper - Front Right - Bleed Screw Kit: #51H-W0048-00-00 (thread is 8mm x 1.25 pitch) **
Brake '02-'02 - Caliper - Front (#22) - Bleed Screw Kit: (error) #1J3-W0048-00-00 (typing error?) **
Brake '02-'04 - Master Cylinder - Front: 5PX-W2587-00-00
Brake '05-'05 - Master Cylinder - Front: 5PX-W2587-01-00 (might interchage)
Brake '02-'05 - Lines - Front - OEM Black: 5PX-25872-10-00
Brake '02-'05 - Lines - Stainless Steel, Coated, 3-Line Front: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/51815.aspx
Brake '02-'05 - Lines - Stainless Steel, Coated, 3-Line Front: http://www.xtremerevolution.com/Stor...&categoryid=41
Brake '02-'05 - Lines - Stainless Steel, Coated, 1-Line Rear: http://www.xtremerevolution.com/Stor...&categoryid=41
Brake '02-'05 - Rotor - Front: 5PX-2581T-00-00 (6-bolt mount)
Brake '02-'05 - Rotor Bolts - Front: 90109-064G6-00
Brake '02-'05 - Rotor Bolts - Front: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26544.aspx
Brake '02-'05 - Rotor Bolts - Front: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/15237.aspx
Brake '02-'05 - Rotor Bolts - Front: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/124269.aspx
Brake '02-'05 - Pads - Front - OEM: 5JJ-W0045-00-00
Brake '02-'05 - Pads - Front - Rubbing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/5205.aspx
Brake '02-'05 - Fluid - Conventional Brakes: DOT 4 (also search forums for newer data)
Brake '02-'05 - Convert to Radial Brakes: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114716.aspx

Brake '06-'10 - Pedal - Rear: 5PX-27200-20-00 (might interchange)
Brake '06-'10 - Caliper - Front Left: 5PX-2580T-10-00
Brake '06-'10 - Caliper - Front Right: 5PX-2580U-10-00
Brake '06-'10 - Caliper - Front Left - Bleed Screw Kit: #51H-W0048-00-00 (thread is 8mm x 1.25 pitch)
Brake '06-'10 - Caliper - Front Right - Bleed Screw Kit: #51H-W0048-00-00 (thread is 8mm x 1.25 pitch)
Brake '06-'10 - Master Cylinder - Front: 5PX-W2587-20-00
Brake '06-'10 - Master Cylinder - Front - Radial: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/104786.aspx
Brake '06-'10 - Master Cylinder - Front - Radial: http://www.fxstein.com/blog/index.ph...Id=57&blogId=1
Brake '06-'10 - Radial Caliper Discussion: http://www.motorcycledaily.com/13nov...ialbrakes.html
Brake '06-'10 - Lines - Front - OEM Stainless: 5PX-25872-20-00
Brake '06-'10 - Rotor - Front: 5SL-2581T-00-00 (5 bolt mount)
Brake '06-'10 - Rotor Bolts - Front: 90109-064G6-00
Brake '06-'10 - Rotor Bolts - Front: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26544.aspx
Brake '06-'10 - Rotor Bolts - Front: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/15237.aspx
Brake '06-'10 - Rotor Bolts - Front: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/124269.aspx
Brake '06-'10 - Pads - Front - OEM: 5PX-W0045-00-00
Brake '06-'10 - Pads - Front - Rubbing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/5205.aspx
Brake '06-'10 - Fluid - Radial Mount Brakes: DOT 4 (also search forums for newer data)

Brake '02-'10 - Caliper - Rear: 5PX-2580W-00-00 (Caliper-to-Swingarm Torque: 22 Ft / Lbs)
Brake '02-'10 - Caliper - Rear - Bleed Screw Kit: #51L-W0048-00-00 (thread is 7mm x 1.0 pitch)
Brake '02-'10 - Master Cylinder - Rear: 4NK-2583V-00-00
Brake '02-'10 - Line - Rear - OEM Black: 5PX-2581J-00-00
Brake '02-'10 - Rotor - Rear: 5EL-2582W-00-00
Brake '02-'10 - Rotor Bolt - Rear: 90109-06049-00
Brake '02-'10 - Pads - Rear - OEM: 5JW-W0046-00-00

Brake '02-'10 - Hidden Rear Caliper Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28360.aspx
Brake '02-'10 - Hidden Rear Caliper Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29289.aspx
Brake '02-'10 - Hidden Rear Caliper Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/160204.aspx
Brake '02-'10 - Hidden Rear Caliper Mod - Brake Line: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/105079.aspx
Brake '02-'10 - Hidden Rear Caliper Mod - Brake Line: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/109541.aspx

Brake - Light: (see 'Lights')

Burnout: (see 'Sixty . . .")

Cables: (see 'throttle' and 'clutch')

Camshafts: (see also 'pushrods' and 'valves')
Camshafts '02-'10 - OEM: 5PX-W1211-00-00 (6.2mm nominal lift) (Star web both same p/n but verify)
Camshafts - Video - Stock and Speedstar: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/12-g...ust-sound.html
Camshafts - Speedstar: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120302.aspx
Camshafts - Custom: http://www.patrickracingbillet.com/
Camshafts - Misc Info: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/21189.aspx

Chain Conversion: (see 'drive belt')

Charcoal Cannister: (see 'fuel')

Chin Fairing: (see 'Body')

Chrome Polishing: http://www.caswellplating.com/buffs/buffman.htm
Chrome Polishing: http://www.surfcitygarage.com/detail1.php?product_id=43
Chrome Polishing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48961.aspx
Chrome Polishing: Try S100 Polishing Soap, and Noxon 7 for bad spots. Careful on clearcoated OEM rims.

Chrome Plating: http://www.finishing.com/faqs/chrome.html

Click of Death: (see 'lights')

Clutch: (see also 'Shifter')
Clutch - Friction Disc - OEM: 26H-16307-01-00 (6 each)
Clutch - Friction Disc - OEM: 26H-16321-01-00 (2 each)
Clutch - Plate - OEM - Steel: 26H-16324-00-00 (7 each)
Clutch - Adjustment: (see details in Service Manual)
Clutch - Adjustment: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120382.aspx
Clutch - Cable - Why it Breaks: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115821.aspx
Clutch - Sticky Downshifts: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/113673.aspx
Clutch - Cable '02-'03: 5PX-26335-00-00
Clutch - Cable '04: 5PX-26335-10-00 (43-3/8" measured in straight line)
Clutch - Cable '05: 5PX-26335-20-00
Clutch - Cable '06-'10: 5PX-26335-30-00
Clutch - Cable - Aftermarket - Considerations: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/118487.aspx
Clutch - Cable - Aftermarket: http://www.barnettclutches.com/produ...&vintage=&misc=
Clutch - Cable - Custom: http://www.barnettclutches.com/produ...ing_guide.aspx
Clutch - Cable - HD Top Yamaha Bottom: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120954.aspx
Clutch - Cable - Lubricating: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/111800.aspx
Clutch - Cable - Adjustment: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/22247.aspx
Clutch - Cable - Adjustment: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26078.aspx
Clutch - Cable - Adjustment: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/107410.aspx
Clutch - Lockup Style Mod: http://www.wildbros.com/Clutches.html
Clutch - Redhorse: http://img485.imageshack.us/slidesho...054461ef2.smil
Clutch - Spring '02 only: 5PX-16334-00-00
Clutch - Spring '03-'10: 1FK-16334-10-00
Clutch - Spring - Barnett SR2, #511-90-10002 (newer machining provides .75mm more clutch disc life).
Clutch - Spring - Barnett SR2, #511-90-10002: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/topi...TOPIC_ID=60492
Clutch - Spring - Barnett SR2, #511-90-10002: http://www.barnettclutches.com/produ...d=6&prod_id=36
Clutch - Spring - Barnett - Colors - Gold: 501-75-06005 (MT-05) = 75lb at 1-inch (default)
Clutch - Spring - Barnett - Colors - Green: #501-82-06023 (MT23) = 82lb at 1-inch
Clutch - Spring - Barnett - Colors - Red: #501-99-06091 (MT91) = 99lb at 1-inch
Clutch - Case Gasket: 5VN-15451-00-00 (see also 'Pick-Up-Coil')
Clutch - Spring - Barnett - Install: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/22721.aspx
Clutch - Spring - Barnett - Install: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48838.aspx
Clutch - Spring - Barnett - Mod Old Unit: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/25553.aspx
Clutch - Suicide Shifter: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115138.aspx
Clutch - Bracket Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114935.aspx

Clutchless Shifting Techniques: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/122419.aspx

CO1 CO2: (see 'ECU')

Coat: (see 'jacket')

Coils - OEM: Denso J0447, Primary Resistance 1.31 ~ 1.79 Ohms, Secondary Resistance 12,000 ~ 18,000 Ohms.
Coils - OEM - Relocate Under Tank: https://rswarrior.com/members/akitadog.aspx
Coils - OEM - Relocate Under Tank: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/117743.aspx
Coils - OEM - Relocate - Related Items: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/106300.aspx

Coils - Dynatek: http://www.dynaonline.com/skins/Default.aspx
Coils - Dynatek: Number DC2-1, Primary Resistance 1.5 Ohms. Secondary Resistance 14,000 ohms.
Coils - Dynatek: Number DC4-1, Primary Resistance 2.2 Ohms (Dynatek said will wear prematurely).
Coils - Dynatek: (see also 'spark plugs' for recommended plug gaps)
Coils - Dynatek: Note Baron's website incorrectly shows DC4-1 for Warrior.
Coils - Dynatek: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/23406.aspx
Coils - Dynatek: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27284.aspx
Coils - Dynatek - Left Side: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/124231.aspx
Coils - Dynatek - VBAK: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/119782.aspx
Coils - Dynatek - Error Code 1: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120273.aspx
Coils - Dynatek - Power Wire Connections: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/23600.aspx
Coils - Dynatek - Plug Wires: http://www.dynaonline.com/skins/prod...rs/Dyna_wires/

Communications - Bike Mounted: (technology changing too fast - do web search)
Communications - Helmet Mounted: (technology changing too fast - do web search)

Compression Release: (see 'decompression')
Compression Release - Cover - chrome: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/22813.aspx
Compression Release - Cover - chrome: http://www.starmotorcycles.com/star/.../0/detail.aspx
Compression Release - Stock Cover for Billet Cam Cover: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/123952.aspx

Controls - Forward: (see 'forward controls')
Controls - Rearsets: (see 'rearsets')

Cowling: (see 'body')

CPS - Crankshaft Position Sensor: (see 'Pick-Up Coil')

Crankcase Filter: (see 'filter')

Crankshaft - '02-'10: 4WM-11400-02-00 (113mm stroke)
Crankshaft - Lightening: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/18456.aspx
Crankshaft - Lightening: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120263.aspx

Cruise Control: http://www.brakeawayproducts.com/appguide-5CP02.html
Cruise Control: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/memb...cture5041.html
Cruise Control: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/memb...lbums1893.html
Cruise Control - Electronic: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29157.aspx

Cup Holder: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/117300.aspx

Cush Drive: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114428.aspx

Cylinder - '02-'10: 5PX-11311-00-00 (both identical)
Cylinder - V-Angle: 48-Degrees
Cylinder - Fins: Diamond-Cut Fins: http://www.ironhorsetrading.com/Diamond_Heads.htm
Cylinder - Front Head (#2) -'02-'10: 5PX-11101-10-00
Cylinder - Rear Head (#1) - '02-'10: 5PX-11101-00-00
Cylinder - Ceramic Composite Wall Plating: can be replated with 'Millennium Nikasil' process.

Decompression Solenoid: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/21803.aspx
Decompression Solenoid: (search for 'click of death' if buzzing on shutdown)

Diagnostic Mode - Helpfulness: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115273.aspx
Diagnostic Mode - How to Write a Record: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/142322.aspx
Diagnostic Mode - Check Engine Temperature: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/111846.aspx

Drive Belt - OEM: UBD-0568 = 1-1/8" (28.575mm) wide, 14mm pitch, 130 tooth
Drive Belt - Tension: Rotate rear wheel to spot with least slack at 10-pounds. Wheel off ground: set at 7mm~9mm at 10-pounds.
Drive Belt - Tension: Rotate rear wheel to spot with least slack at 10-pounds. Wheel on ground: set at 6mm~8mm at 10-pounds.
Drive Belt - Tension: If rear suspension is lowered, the belt will appear differently in the belt guard adjustment window.
Drive Belt - Tension - Adjuster Lock Nut Torque: 11 Ft/Lbs (if using 2" offset CrowFoot then ~8 Ft/Lbs: http://www.belknaptools.com/extcalc.asp
Drive Belt - Tension - Rear Brake Caliper to Swing Arm Torque: 22 Ft/Lbs
Drive Belt - Tension: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...align-pdf.html
Drive Belt - Install Trick: https://rswarrior.com/forums/p/20285/318908.aspx#318908
Drive Belt - OEM: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26819.aspx
Drive Belt - OEM: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/24994.aspx
Drive Belt - OEM Replacement: S&S/Gates #106-0359 Carbon = 1-1/8" wide, 14mm pitch, 130 tooth
Drive Belt - OEM Replacement: Gates PC-130-118 (all stock pulleys)
Drive Belt - Aftermarket Replacement - HD: OEM NO. 40047-98 for 95-99 Softail w/65T pulleys (and others).
Drive Belt - OEM Replacement - General: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115336.aspx
Drive Belt - OEM Replacement: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/104760.aspx
Drive Belt - OEM Replacement: http://www.beltdrives.com/rrdb.htm
Drive Belt - Replacement Options: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/123373.aspx
Drive Belt - Replacement - S&S/Gates X3N-106-0359 130T/14mm/1-1/8: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/145633.aspx
Drive Belt - Replacement - Install Notes: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/116626.aspx
Drive Belt - Replacement - Tell Your Vendor: http://www.bikernet.com/garage/belthandling.asp
Drive Belt - Replacement - Yam31-tooth Front: Gates HTD Poly Chain Kevlar 1-1/8" wide, 14mm pitch, 130 tooth
Drive Belt - Replacement - Options: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/25542.aspx
Drive Belt - Replacement - RoadStar 1.5": https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115394.aspx
Drive Belt - Replacement - Gates Polychain: BDL-PC-130 Gates USA (some 1.5" pulleys)
Drive Belt - Replacement - Gates: HTD-42780 Gates USA (some 1.5" pulleys)
Drive Belt - Replacement - Gates: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16373.aspx
Drive Belt - Replacement - Dayco Panther: (this item has a very poor reputation)(suggest Gates or OEM)
Drive Belt - Replacement - Dayco Panther: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/122937.aspx
Drive Belt - Replacement - Dayco Panther: http://www.cptbelts.com/products/syn...her/index.html
Drive Belt - Modification - 1.5" Wide: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26772.aspx
Drive Belt - Length - 30-tooth Pulley: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26998.aspx
Drive Belt - Length - Various Pulleys: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/25885.aspx
Drive Belt - Length and Stretch: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/105319.aspx
Drive Belt - Breaking: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114812.aspx
Drive Belt - Emergency Spare: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/117748.aspx
Drive Belt - Guard - Upper: 5PX-22311-00-00
Drive Belt - Guard - Lower: 5PX-22312-00-00
Drive Belt - Guard - Custom: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/107163.aspx
Drive Belt - Guard - Removing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112955.aspx
Drive Belt - Guard - Removing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/10789.aspx
Drive Belt - Guard - Removing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/21646.aspx
Drive Belt - Chain Conversion: http://www.sprocketspecialists.com/
Drive Belt - Chain Conversion: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/131084.aspx
Drive Belt - Chain Conversion: http://lefthandblackcycle.com/ (might be out of business)

Drive Pulley: (see also 'Final Drive') (see also 'Belt')
Drive Pulley - Front: (see also 'fasteners')
Drive Pulley - Front - 2002-2010 OEM: 5PX-17651-00-00 (32-tooth steel pulley)
Drive Pulley - Front - 2002-2005: Special Nut with Tabbed Washer (use 36mm wrench, 125 Ft/Lbs).
Drive Pulley - Front - 2006-2010: Dimpled-Locknut with Conical Washer (use 30mm wrench, 100Ft/Lbs).
Drive Pulley - Front - 2006-2010: Dimpled-Locknut's back mating surface is 22.37mm ID, 29.84mm OD.
Drive Pulley - Front - 2006-1020: Conical washer is directional, 22.35mm ID, 35mm OD, 4mm thick.
Drive Pulley - Front - 2002-2006 - Slider: (white keeper-rollers): 2 each Part# 4WM-17653-00-00
Drive Pulley - Front - Remove: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/18326.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front - Bend-Tab: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120769.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front-to-Rear Ratio: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/24106.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front - Red Dust: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26393.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front - Oil Leak: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/21621.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front - 31-Tooth: (Steel 31-tooth pulley better than Aluminum)
Drive Pulley - Front - 31-Tooth: (bit faster between signals, ~3% lower top end)
Drive Pulley - Front - 31-Tooth: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/111958.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front - 31-Tooth: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/19311.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front - 31-Tooth: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/24515.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front - 31-tooth: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120683.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front - 32-tooth: (OEM stock)(made from steel)
Drive Pulley - Front - 33 Tooth: (bit slower between signals, ~3% higher top end)
Drive Pulley - Front - 33-Tooth: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/12159.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front - 33-Tooth: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/118034.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front - 33-Tooth: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26037.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front - 33-Tooth: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27101.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front - 33-Tooth: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28873.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front - Roadstar 33T: 1999-2003 #4WM-17651-00-00 (requires machining)
Drive Pulley - Front - Roadstar 32T: 2004-newer: (same number of teeth as the stock warrior)
Drive Pulley - Front - RoadStar 1.5" Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115394.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front - DIY Rotating Cover: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/14-i...l-turning.html
Drive Pulley - Front - Naked - Stock: http://www.polarsoft.net/warrior/nude.htm
Drive Pulley - Front - Naked - DIY Fab: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/111317.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front - Naked - '06-'09 Models:
Drive Pulley - Front - Replace Middle Shaft: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/119557.aspx (will repost pics)
Drive Pulley - Front - Replace Middle Shaft: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/23335.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front - Replace Middle Shaft: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/20832.aspx
Drive Pulley - Front - Replace Middle Shaft: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/23436.aspx
Drive Pulley - Rear - OEM: 82mm bolt circle x 12mm holes x 5 holes
Drive Pulley - Rear - OEM: 5PX-25470-20-00 (70-tooth pulley) (5ea studs w/12mm nuts)
Drive Pulley - Rear - Offset: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115704.aspx
Drive Pulley - Rear - Timing to Wheel: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26717.aspx
Drive Pulley - Rear - 3-Spoke Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114428.aspx
Drive Pulley - Rear - HD 65 Tooth: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28927.aspx
Drive Pulley - Rear - Brake Caliper on Pulley: http://www.bluesteelcustoms.com/

Dry Break: (see 'fuel tank')

DynoTune: http://www.powercommander.com/powerc...b/default.aspx (or phone book)
DynoTune - Preparation: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/148999.aspx

Engine Cover: (see 'side cover')
Engine Mount: (see 'Motor Mount')
ECU - Factory Settings: (each cylinder custom set at factory, record and save original settings)
ECU - Diagnostic Codes: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/465.aspx
ECU - Identification: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...bout-ecus.html
ECU - Bump or PCIIIUSB: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/118550.aspx
ECU - Bump (also see the paragraph in 'Part 2' above)
ECU - Bump: CO1 is rear cylinder, and CO2 is front cylinder. Record factory settings.
ECU - Bump (record original settings): https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/122536.aspx
ECU - Bump (record original settings): https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/22346.aspx
ECU - Bump (record original settings): https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/21-h...just-pics.html
ECU - Bump (record original settings): https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/122420.aspx
ECU - Bump Switch: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27511.aspx
ECU - Bump Switch: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/142319.aspx
ECU - Bump - Factory CO1 and CO2 Examples: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/19833.aspx
ECU - Bump - Factory CO1 and CO2 Examples: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/21867.aspx
ECU - Bump - Discussion: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/20604.aspx
ECU - Bump - May only affect idle rpm, still unclear: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/118282.aspx
ECU - Bump - Complete Topic as PDF file: send your email address by PM to: ArizonaWarrior

ECU - Power Commander: (see also 'PART 1: Technical Compilations')

ECU - Power Commander - Manual Tuning: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...-w-o-dyno.html

ECU - PCV: http://www.powercommander.com/powerc...formation.aspx
ECU - PCV - Software User Manual: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/12-g...ml#post2235481
ECU - PCV - Cold Idle Issue: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/157772.aspx
ECU - PCV - Auto Tune - Sensor Bung Location: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/158055.aspx

ECU - PCIIIUSB - Control Center Manual: https://rswarrior.com/files/folders/r...ry1164884.aspx
ECU - PCIIIUSB - Computer Does not Recognize: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/159227.aspx
ECU - PCIIIUSB - Cable: 6' USB peripheral cable with 'Standard-USB Type A Male' one end and 'Mini-USB Type B Male 5-pin' (3mm x 7mm metal plug) on other end.
ECU - PCIIIUSB - Downloads: http://www.powercommander.com/powerc...downloads.aspx
ECU - PCIIIUSB - Maps: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/blogs/rx_warrior/
ECU - PCIIIUSB - Maps: http://www.powercommander.com/powerc...dl=133&yr=2008
ECU - PCIIIUSB - Maps: https://rswarrior.com/files/folders/p...s/default.aspx
ECU - PCIIIUSB - Maps: https://rswarrior.com/forums/23.aspx (remember to click 'More Options' and allow all date ranges)
ECU - PCIIIUSB - Set Throttle%: http://www.powercommander.com/powerc...s/Default.aspx (see PCIII Tutorial 10)
ECU - PCIIIUSB - Set Throttle%: http://www.powercommander.com/powerc...20Throttle.zip
ECU - PCIIIUSB - Accelerator Pump Software: (now on CD with purchase but produces very poor mileage)
ECI - PCIIIUSB - Reads Intake Air and Oil Temp: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/134692.aspx
ECU - PCIIIUSB - TPS Plug Version: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112901.aspx
ECU - PCIIIUSB - TPS Plug Install: http://www.powercommander.com/downlo...eng403-411.pdf
ECU - PCIIIUSB - Perfect Install: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/21-h...i-install.html
ECU - PCIIIUSB - Perfect Install: http://www.freewebs.com/roadstarwarrior/

ECU - PCIII Serial: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115250.aspx
ECU - PCIII Serial: Software: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114083.aspx
ECU - PCIII Serial: Downloads: http://www.powercommander.com/powerc...downloads.aspx

ECU - Dynojet Ignition Module: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/113261.aspx
ECU - Dobeck Techlusion Fast3: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120268.aspx
ECU - FuelPak Vance and Hines: http://www.fuelpakfi.com/
ECU - Shift Light: (see 'shifter')
ECU - Speedstar - Fuel Curve is Rich: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112673.aspx
ECU - Speedstar - Default Parameters: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/113039.aspx
ECU - The Search for a Flash Programmer: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/122469.aspx
ECU - (see also 'error code')

Electrical Fuses: (see 'fuses')

Electrical Relays (except signal flasher): (see Service Manual)

Electrical Schematic: http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/1/...0Schematic.pdf

Electrical Sensors: (see 'Sensors')

Electrical Wires and Harnesses and Harness Plugs: (see Service Manual)

Electrical Wire Connectors: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/47580.aspx
Electrical Wire Connectors: http://www.whiteproducts.com/connectors.shtml

Engine: (see 'motor')

Engine Guard: (fugly - but available on the net)

Engine Idle Speed: Warm 850-950rpm with clean filters and plugs
Engine Idle Speed - High: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/24165.aspx

Engine Mount: (see 'motor mount')

Engine Vacuum Circuit: (see Service Manual)

Error Code - 14 and 26: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/20824.aspx
Error Code - 38: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/135970.aspx

Exhaust - OEM: see Star website for a view of the pesky "Trash Can"
Exhaust - Rear Hangar - Replace: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/111854.aspx
Exhaust - Remove Mount Tab: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27183.aspx
Exhaust - Custom Pipes: http://lefthandblackcycle.com/
Exhaust - Photo Various: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114042.aspx
Exhaust - Opinions What's Best: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/109068.aspx
Exhaust - Opinions What's Best: http://www.rbracing-rsr.com/exhausttech.htm
Exhaust - HP Comparisons: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...m-mapping.html
Exhaust - Aftermarket in General: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16511.aspx
Exhaust - Speedstar 2-1-2: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48743.aspx
Exhaust - Speedstar 2-1-2: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112012.aspx
Exhaust - Speedstar 2-1-2 - Bolts: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/118173.aspx
Exhaust - Speedstar 2-1-2 and Stock: Have an M6x8 bung-plug behind each header pipe.
Exhaust - Big Radius Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16547.aspx (broken link)
Exhaust - Big Radius Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115510.aspx
Exhaust - David Borla: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/153873.aspx
Exhaust - Reinhart: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48743.aspx
Exhaust - Morton Executioner: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/111732.aspx
Exhaust - Bub Jug Huggers: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28998.aspx
Exhaust - Bub Jug Huggers: http://bub.com/Motorcycles/Yamaha/Wa...1/14-1201.html
Exhaust - VH Pro Pipe: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/15542.aspx
Exhaust - VH Pro Pipe: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/119389.aspx
Exhaust - Samson Rip Saws: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/15542.aspx
Exhaust - Samson Rip Saws: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112100.aspx
Exhaust - Samson USA: http://www.samsonusa.com/products/sfID1/285/sfID2/296
Exhaust - Muzzys 2-2: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/53093.aspx
Exhaust - Frankie Serrano: http://www.fsdexhausts.com/
Exhaust - Trash Can Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27941.aspx
Exhaust - Trash Can Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/5149.aspx
Exhaust - Trash Can Mod: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/12-g...8-exhaust.html
Exhaust - Remove Rainsuit Melt: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/42-e...-solution.html
Exhaust - Remove Boot Rubber: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48998.aspx
Exhaust - Timing: (see 'camshafts')
Exhaust- Timing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/21189.aspx
Exhaust - Baffles - DIY Washers: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/140155.aspx
Exhaust - Wrap Calculator: http://www.heatshieldproducts.com/p_...calculator.php
Exhaust - Gaskets - Header to Jug: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/158909.aspx
Exhaust - Bung-Plugs Behind Header Pipes (stock and s*): M6x8 = 6mm diameter, 8mm length, 1.0 pitch, 10mm hex head.
Exhaust - Bung-Plugs Behind Header Pipes (stock and S*): There is a 6mm ID 'sealing' flat washer on each hex screw above.

Fairing: (see 'Body')

Fasteners: (too many to identify - search these forums and ask members to help)
Fasteners - Chrome: http://www.afchromebolts.com/catalog_metric_allen.html
Fasteners - Specialty: http://www.tastynuts.com/site/frameset.htm
Fasteners - Torque Values: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120703.aspx
Fasteners - Torque Values: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/23436.aspx
Fasteners - Yamaha Tricks: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...ml#post2201780
Fault Code: (see 'Error Code')

Fender - Front - R1: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28457.aspx

Fender - Rear - Photos: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/116928.aspx
Fender - Rear - Chop Inner: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/8758.aspx
Fender - Rear - Chop Inner: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28655.aspx
Fender - Rear - Chop Inner: http://www.freewebs.com/roadstarwarrior/quick_mods.htm
Fender - Rear - Eliminator Kit: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27696.aspx
Fender - Rear - Split-and-Weld Shortening: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/149833.aspx
Fender - Rear - Split-and-Weld Shortening:
Fender - Rear - Chop Steel: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112024.aspx
Fender - Rear - Chop Steel:
Fender - Rear - Live: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26627.aspx
Fender - Rear - Swingarm Mount: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/13833.aspx
Fender - Rear - Swingarm Mount: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27613.aspx
Fender - Rear - Swingarm Mount: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/125663.aspx
Fender - Rear - Paul's: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/14-i...r-paulius.html
Fender - Rear - Eurofender: (see link at) https://rswarrior.com/photos/mdfdwarrior/default.aspx
Fender - Rear - G4: https://rswarrior.com/photos/gomez4/default.aspx
Fender - Rear - Teck: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/132196.aspx
Fender - Rear - Under Fender Stay - '02-'03: 5PX-21693-00-00
Fender - Rear - Under Fender Stay - '04-'08: 5PX-21693-10-00
Fender - Rear - Right Side Stay - '02-'08: 5PX-21614-00-P0
Fender - Rear - Left Side Stay - '02-'08: 5PX-21613-00-P0
Fender - Rear - Fill Pillion Holes: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/158368.aspx
Fender - Rear - Fill Pillion Holes: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/4749.aspx
Fender - Rear - Fill Pillion Holes: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/119117.aspx
Fender - Rear - Tire Size: Maximum 260mm fits under oem rear fender (close fit when rear is lowered)
Fender - Rear - 280 Tire: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/119638.aspx
Fender - Rear - 300 Tire: http://www.bluesteelcustoms.com/
Fender - Rear - Inner Fender Stud Repair: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/151928.aspx

Filter - Fuel: (integrated into the pump inside lower tank)
Filter - Crankcase Vent: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27277.aspx
Filter - Crankcase Vent: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27858.aspx
Filter - Air - (see also 'intake')
Filter - Air - OEM - Undertank: Yamaha part# 5PX144610000
Filter - Air - OEM - Right Side: Yamaha Part# 5PX144510000
Filter - Air - OEM - Speedstar Scoop: (same as undertank filter)
Filter - Air - K&N - Speedstar Scoop: http://www.knfilters.com/search/prod...Prod=YA-1602-U
Filter - Air - K&N - OEM Undertank: http://www.knfilters.com/search/prod...Prod=YA-1602-U
Filter - Air - K&N - Both Stock: http://www.knfilters.com/search/prod...x?Prod=YA-1602
Filter - Air - K&N - DIY BAK Part Numbers: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/24506.aspx
Filter - Air - Dry: http://www.aempower.com/ViewCategory.aspx?CategoryID=93
Filter - Oil - OEM: Denso 115010-6010 Yamaha 3FV-13440-10-00 (2.75" long, 20mm x 1.5 thread, 2.3" gasket)
Filter - Oil - Aftermarket: Bosch #3323 (14~18 PSI flat bypass valve)(Anti-Backflow) (3.25" long) (Black color)
Filter - Oil - Pressure Relief Valve: Warrior's internal bypass 11.3 ~ 17.1 psi (80~120 kPa)
Filter - Oil - Pressure Relief Valve: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/24097.aspx (Denso filter unknown psi)
Filter - Oil - Denso Internal View: http://www.densoproducts.com/product...ctCategoryID=3
Filter - Oil - Internal Views: http://www.calsci.com/motorcycleinfo/FilterStudy.html
Filter - Oil - List: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/151293.aspx
Filter - Oil - List: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48922.aspx (warning - verify bypass valve's psi)
Filter - Oil - List: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/119333.aspx (warning - verify bypass valve's psi)
Filter - Oil - Does Not Fit: Due to Design, Napa 1358 does not fit (thanks Bladerunr, March 2011)
Filter - Oil - K&N: http://www.knfilters.com/search/prod...px?Prod=KN-303 (3-3/8" long)
Filter - Oil - PurePower: http://www.gopurepower.com/store/ (HD model is 3-3/4" long)
Filter - Oil - Scotts: http://www.scottsperformance.com/pro...=3&Bike=Yamaha
Filter - Oil - Other: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/24077.aspx

Final Drive - Chrome Rear Sprocket, Critical Knowledge: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/14562.aspx
Final Drive - Front/Rear Pulley Options: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/25885.aspx
Final Drive - OEM Belt 14mm Width, 1-1/8" Pitch, 130 Tooth
Final Drive - OEM Pulleys: Front 32 Tooth, Rear 70 Tooth (102T)
Final Drive - OEM Belt Width and Preferred Brand: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/24994.aspx
Final Drive - Belt Options: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/25885.aspx
Final Drive - Chain Conversion: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27796.aspx
Final Drive - Chain Conversion: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26529.aspx

Flasher: (see 'lights')

Floorboards: (see also 'pegs' and 'forward controls')
Floorboards: http://www.kuryakyn.com/fpmc.asp?bn=metric&cn=Footpegs
Floorboards: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/109925.aspx
Floorboards: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/113435.aspx

FnG (Flip-n-Grind): (see 'suspension - rear')
FnG (Flip-n-Grind): (see 'pegs - passenger')

Foot Controls - Shifter/Brake/Pegs: (see 'pegs' and 'forward controls' and 'floorboards')

Footrests: (see 'pegs')

Forks - (see 'Suspension')

Forward Controls: (see also "pegs" and floorboards')
Forward Controls: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114372.aspx
Forward Controls: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120153.aspx
Forward Controls - Relocation Bracket: http://www.theextensiondepot.com/
Forward Controls - Relocation Bracket: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115970.aspx
Forward Controls - Relocation Bracket: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115836.aspx
Forward Controls - Extensions: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16904.aspx
Forward Controls - 5" Extensions: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115893.aspx

Frame: Cradle style cast and welded aluminum.
Frame - Aluminum - Grease Steel Bolts: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26734.aspx
Frame - Welding Aluminum: Polite Questions: http://www.tommygraves.com/
Frame - Welding Aluminum: Polite Questions: https://rswarrior.com/members/TTBONE.aspx
Frame - Welding Aluminum: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26692.aspx
Frame - Steering Stop Repair: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/119883.aspx
Frame - Neck Gusset Removal: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/130809.aspx
Frame - Neck Gusset Drilling - Top: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/141967.aspx
Frame - Neck Gusset Drilling - Top: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/141987.aspx
Frame - Custom: http://www.pattencycles.com/Metric/

Front Axle: (see 'axle')

Front End: (see 'triple tree') (see 'Suspension')

Front End Clean-Up: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/141987.aspx

Fuel - Mileage - EPA: (see 'Jump to Topic' at top of page)
Fuel - Mileage - Range: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/116995.aspx
Fuel - Mileage - Reserve: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/15786.aspx
Fuel - Capacity of Tanks: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/23698.aspx
Fuel - Recommended Gas USA: Regular Unleaded 87 (high compression pistons may require 92+)
Fuel - Octane: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/19-g...87-octane.html
Fuel - Octane: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...fications.html
Fuel - Octane: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/139540.aspx
Fuel - Octane: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/cons...tos/aut12.shtm
Fuel - Octane: http://auto.howstuffworks.com/question90.htm
Fuel - Octane: http://www.imoc.co.uk/technical/article/octane.htm
Fuel - High Compression Ping: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29037.aspx
Fuel - Add Stabilizer to Reserve Tank: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/123380.aspx
Fuel - NOS: (see 'Nitrous Oxide')

Fuel Leaks - Common Reasons: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/12-g...fuel-leak.html

Fuel Injection '02-'10 - Injector: # 5FL-13761-00-00 (Speedstar Fuel Injector #SPD-5PX09-46-00)
Fuel Injection '02-'10 - Repsol identified 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser injectors appear same as Warrior so seals may interchange?
Fuel Injection '02-'05 - Throttle Body (Non-Calif): 5PX-13750-00-00
Fuel Injection '02-'05 - Throttle Body (Calif): 5PX-13750-10-00
Fuel Injection '06-'07 - Throttle Body (Non-Calif): 5PX-13750-01-00
Fuel Injection '06-'07 - Throttle Body (Calif): 5PX-13750-11-00
Fuel Injection '08-'10 - Throttle Body (All): 5PX-13750-12-00
Fuel Injection '08-'10 - Throttle Body (All): 5PX-13750-12-00
Fuel Injection - Injector Specs: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...body-know.html
Fuel Injection - Injector Specs: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...-cycle-4k.html
Fuel Injection - Injector Specs: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...-injector.html
Fuel Injection - Accelerator Pump: see PC3USB Power Commander accessories
Fuel Injection - Injector Cleaning & Tuning: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...fications.html
Fuel Injection - Injector Cleaning Vendor: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...-injector.html
Fuel Injection - Replacement Injectors: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/140309.aspx
Fuel Injection - Higher Flow Injectors: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...injectors.html
Fuel Injection - Duty Cycle: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...-cycle-4k.html
Fuel Injection - Generic Basics: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26164.aspx

Fuel Light - Stays On: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/109328.aspx
Fuel Light - Intermittent On: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/124676.aspx

Fuel Pressure Regulator: 47 psi to the Injectors.
Fuel Pressure Regulator - General: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28726.aspx
Fuel Pressure Regulator - Relocate: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...w-request.html
Fuel Pressure Regulator - Relocate: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/149832.aspx
Fuel Pressure Regulator - Relocate: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27655.aspx
Fuel Pressure Regulator - Relocate: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26741.aspx
Fuel Pressure Regulator - Relocate: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/111654.aspx
Fuel Pressure Regulator - No Hose: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112890.aspx
Fuel Pressure Regulator - No Hose: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26936.aspx

Fuel Pump: 55-85 psi (see also Fuel Pressure Regulator)
Fuel Pump - Repair Broken High Pressure Nipple: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/23692.aspx
Fuel Pump - Visual Aid: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/12-g...yers-tips.html
Fuel Pump - Low Fuel Sender: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...pacitance.html

Fuel Tank - Part Number '02 '03 '05 '07 '08 '09 '10: 5PX-Y2410-10-xx (xx is paint/badge code)
Fuel Tank - Part Number 2004 only: 5PX-Y2410-M0-xx (could be typo)(xx is paint/badge code)
Fuel Tank - Part Number 2006 only: 5PX-YK241-10-xx (could be typo)(xx is paint/badge code)
Fuel Tank - Capacity: 4 Gallons (3.965) total capacity (of which .8 gallons is reserve)
Fuel Tank - Removing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/141195.aspx
Fuel Tank - Widening for More Capacity: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/57783.aspx
Fuel Tank - Widening for More Capacity: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114584.aspx
Fuel Tank - Widening for More Capacity: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/12-g...-gas-tank.html
Fuel Tank - Tour Tank: http://www.tourtank.com/
Fuel Tank - Warrior Logo '02-'03 Style: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114235.aspx
Fuel Tank - Recall (2002 only): (see 'recalls') (upgraded anti-vibration damper only)
Fuel Tank - Recall (2002 only) - Recall: https://rswarrior.com/files/folders/recalls/default.aspx
Fuel Tank - Recall Mark: When recall done punchmark is made above 4th VIN character (V) on the VIN plate.
Fuel Tank - Charcoal Cannister: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/123630.aspx
Fuel Tank - Cap - Disassembly: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...-assemble.html
Fuel Tank - Cap: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/133676.aspx
Fuel Tank - Cap - Sportbike Cap Mod:
Fuel Tank - Cap - Aftermarket: http://www.orientexpress.com/index.php
Fuel Tank - Dry Break - Stock Hose ID is 3/8" (hard to press over dry break nipple)
Fuel Tank - Dry Break '02 - Underseat - Female 5PX-24305-00-00, Male 5PX-24304-10-00 (cracking issues)
Fuel Tank - Dry Break '02 - Left Side - Female 5PX-24305-00-00, Male 5PX-24304-00-00 (cracking issues)
Fuel Tank - Dry Break '03 -'10 - Underseat: Female 5PX-24305-00-00, Male 5PX-24304-11-00
Fuel Tank - Dry Break '03 -'10 - Left Side: Female 5PX-24305-00-00, Male 5PX-24304-01-00
Fuel Tank - Dry Break - Left Side: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26568.aspx
Fuel Tank - Dry Break - Left Side: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/25299.aspx
Fuel Tank - Dry Break - Leaking: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120443.aspx
Fuel Tank - Dry Break - Underseat: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26800.aspx
Fuel Tank - Dry Break - Ferracci: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28726.aspx (use Viton Seals)
Fuel Tank - Dry Break - Ferracci: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/140855.aspx
Fuel Tank - Dry Break - Options: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120725.aspx
Fuel Tank - Dry Break - Move: Keep dry break lower than gas tank front fitting
Fuel Tank - Dry Break - 2002 - Cracked: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121504.aspx
Fuel Tank - Dry Break - 2002 - Cracked: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26782.aspx
Fuel Tank - Dry Break - No Petcock: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121470.aspx
Fuel Tank - Dry Break - Ferracci: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28726.aspx
Fuel Tank - Dry Break - 'AN' Thread and Hose ID: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AN_thread
Fuel Tank - Dry Break - '8AN' aftermarket dry breaks use 1/2-inch ID hose. '6AN' uses 3/8" hose.
Fuel Tank - Repair: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/8168.aspx
Fuel Tank - Repair: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/22456.aspx
Fuel Tank - Repair: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/142526.aspx

Fuses - General: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/116121.aspx

Garage Door Opener Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/p/27808/390895.aspx
Garage Door Opener Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/p/27674/399529.aspx

Gas Cap: (see 'fuel')

Gaskets: (see each component, or see the Yamaha parts website)

Gasoline: (see 'fuel')

Gearbox: (see 'transmission')

Generator: (see 'magneto')

Grease: (seee also 'oil')
Grease - Lithium - Uses: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/topi...TOPIC_ID=60865
Grease - Molybdenum Disulfide - Uses: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/topi...TOPIC_ID=60865

Grips: (see 'handlebars')

Handlebars - Stock - 2002-2003: 11-1/2" pullback 34" wide 6" rise (risers 100mm center-to-center)
Handlebars - Stock - 2004-2010: 13" pullback 34" wide 5-1/2" rise (risers 100mm center-to-center)
Handlebars - Stock - Dampeners: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/139404.aspx
Handlebars - Various - Dimensions: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/127693.aspx
Handlebars - Photo Topic: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/117662.aspx
Handlebars - OEM's: http://www.sideroadcycles.com/Import...ckBarsOne.html
Handlebars - Apes: https://rswarrior.com/photos/acohen323/default.aspx
Handlebars - Barons Radius - 2002-2010: 7-1/2" pullback 33" wide 7-1/2" rise
Handlebars - Barons Bomber - 2002-2010: 5-1/2" pullback 33" wide 4-1/2" rise
Handlebars - BR Custom Cycles 1.5" ChopperDragBars - 2002-2010: 14" Pullback 34" Wide 4" Rise
Handlebars - Burley: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/119750.aspx
Handlebars - Carlini Supersweeps - 2002-2010: 11-1/2" pullback 31-1/2" wide 9" rise
Handlebars - Carlini - 2002-2010: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/108450.aspx
Handlebars - Carlini - Lines and Cables: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121131.aspx
Handlebars - FlandersChart: http://www.sideroadcycles.com/Americ...tock_Bars.html
Handlebars - Milwaukee Twins T-Bars: Please double-check fitment with members here having the bars.
Handlebars - Milwaukee Twins Radius (ZZ50493) 1-1/4" dia, 33-1/2" width, 6" pullback, 6" rise
Handlebars - Milwaukee Twins Radius (ZZ40494) 1-1/4" dia, 33-1/2" width, 8" pullback, 8" rise
Handlebars - Milwaukee Twins Super Radius (ZZ50487) 1-1/4" dia, 33-1/2" width, 10-1/2" pullback, 6" rise
Handlebars - Milwaukee Twins Super Radius (ZZ50488) 1-1/4" dia, 33-1/2" width, 11-1/2" pullback, 8" rise
Handlebars - Warrior Bend - 2002-2010: 11-3/8" pullback, 33-3/8" wide, 6-1/2" rise
Handlebars - Warrior Bend: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/12093.aspx
Handlebars - Yamaha TT - 2002-2010: 10-1/2" pullback 34-1/4" wide 6-1/2" rise 13/16" grip ID.
Handlebars - Yamaha TT - Hardware: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121017.aspx
Handlebars - Yamaha TT - Recall Aug08 thru July09: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/157336.aspx
Handlebars - Internally Wired - How-To: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16694.aspx
Handlebars - Internally Wired - Barons: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115568.aspx
Handlebars - Internally Wired - Carlini: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/117544.aspx

Handlebars - Cables: (see 'clutch' and 'throttle' for cable considerations)
Handlebars - Cable Length for Baron Bomber Bars: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/113854.aspx
Handlebars - Cable Length for Yamaha TT Bars: stock length works perfectly but wires are short.
Handlebars - Cable Length for Various Handlebars: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115270.aspx
Handlebars - Cable Cover: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26697.aspx
Handlebars - Controls: http://www.starmotorcycles.com/star/parts/home.aspx (see 'handle switch lever')
Handlebars - Control Levers - Bearing Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29258.aspx
Handlebars - Grips - Removing OEM: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/113068.aspx
Handlebars - Grips - Pictures: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115261.aspx
Handlebars - Grips - https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/106748.aspx
Handlebars - Grips: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...est-grips.html
Handlebars - Grips - ISO: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26221.aspx
Handlebars - Grips - ISO: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/107361.aspx
Handlebars - Grips - Heated: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29161.aspx
Handlebars - Risers: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26733.aspx
Handlebars - Risers - Removal: https://rswarrior.com/forums/p/21554/281446.aspx
Handlebars - Risers: 100mm center-to-center of the bolts.
Handlebars - Risers - Stock '02-'10 5PX-23442-00-00 / 4NK-23441-00-00: Pullback: 0" Rise: 1.5"
Handlebars - Risers - Stock '02-'10: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121221.aspx
Handlebars - Risers - RoxRisers: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/144025.aspx
Handlebars - Risers for T-Bars: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/136770.aspx
Handlebars - Riser Bushings: 30mm OD, 14mm ID, 38mm long (hubless press fit)
Handlebars - Riser Bushings: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/25090.aspx
Handlebars - Riser Bushings: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121030.aspx
Handlebars - Switch Housings - Chrome: Show Chrome P/N 81-110
Handlebars - Switch Housings - Chrome: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/113700.aspx
Handlebars - Switch Housings - Caution: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/123762.aspx

Head Gaskets: (see 'Motor')

Headlight: (see 'Lights')

Helmet: (too personal a choice - do a web search and visit store to test fit)
Helmet - Ratings: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/135172.aspx
Helmet Lock Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28533.aspx
Helmet Lock: http://www.helmetlok.com/us/buy.php

Horns - OEM: YP-12 (NIKKO) 2-amps providing 95-115 decibels.
Horns: FIAMM F72112 Highway Blaster 5-amp 130db (separate low note and high note horns)
Horns - Air: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/118390.aspx
Horns: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/111114.aspx
Horns: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16823.aspx
Horns: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/4925.aspx
Horns: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120556.aspx
Horns: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/133568.aspx
Horns: http://www.twistedthrottle.com/trade...tview/2137/539

Horsepower - Stock: 80HP with 104 Ft/Lbs Torque according to Yamaha press releases.
Horsepower - Stock: ~77HP with ~100 Ft/Lbs Torque seems to be typical dyno result.
Horsepower - Intake/Exhaust: ~88HP and ~106 Ft/Lbs with BAK, 2-1 Pipe, PC3USB, Dynojet dynotune.
Horsepower - Intake/Exhaust: http://www.5nolans.org/images/Nolan%20Dyno.jpg
Horsepower - Speedstar-IV 10.2:1 Compression: 100~102 HP 120~123 Ft/Lbs Torque typical dyno result.
Horsepower - Patrick Racing 10.5:1 Compression: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27094.aspx
Horsepower - Patrick Racing 110" with FXTune: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/150482.aspx
Horsepower - 108ci 8.30:1 Compression: (not done yet or not made available for Warrior)
Horsepower - 110ci 8.30:1 Compression: (not done yet of not made available for Warrior)
Horsepower - 113ci 8.30:1 Compression: (not done yet or not made available for Warrior)
Horsepower - 122ci 8.30:1 Compression: (not done yet - all built are HC pistons)
Horsepower - 108ci 10.25:1 Compression: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/9073.aspx
Horsepower - 108ci 10.50:1 Compression: https://rswarrior.com/forums/p/48743/687538.aspx#687538
Horsepower - 110ci 10.25:1 Compression: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/25055.aspx
Horsepower - 110ci 10.50:1 Compression: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/13895.aspx
Horsepower - 122ci 10.50:1 Compression: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26823.aspx
Horsepower - Results: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120968.aspx

Hoses - Rubber - Two Aft of Rear Cylinder: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...ome-hoses.html
Hoses - Rubber - Three Front Left Neck: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...ent-hoses.html
Hoses - Rubber - Mod to Two Front Left Neck: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...do-i-need.html

Idle Speed: (see 'engine idle')

Ignition: (see Service Manual)
Ignition System - Easy to Understand: http://www.jetav8r.com/Vision/Ignition/cdi.pdf
Ignition System: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/119776.aspx
Ignition System: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120111.aspx
Ignition Coil - OEM: J0447 (DENSO)
Ignition Coil - OEM - Right Side: 5PX-82310-00-00
Ignition Coil - OEM - Left Side: 5PX-82310-10-00
Ignition Coil - Dynatek: http://www.baronscustom.com/catalog/...548/index.html
Ignition Coil - Relocate Plate - Akitadog: https://rswarrior.com/photos/akitadog/default.aspx
Ignition Coil - Relocate Plate - Barons: (comes with Baron's BAK kit - see 'intake')
Ignition Timing - OEM: 10° BTDC at 900 r/min (fixed ignition trigger wheel)
Ignition Timing - Advance: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27615.aspx
Ignition Key - OEM: 5PX-82511-09-00 (blank) ('03-'10) (assume '02 also)
Ignition Key - OEM Blank: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/118116.aspx
Ignition Key - Aftermarket Blank: http://www.motorcyclekeys.com/
Ignition Key - EZG123: http://myworld.ebay.com/covel123
Ignition Key - EZG123: http://s296.photobucket.com/home/gc1warrior
Ignition Key - Custom: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16585.aspx (be sure blank is 2-sided)
Ignition Key - Custom: http://www.keysnuts.com/
Ignition Key - Custom: http://www.sebastiansilversmiths.com/
Ignition Key - Custom: https://rswarrior.com/forums/p/122603/981288.aspx#981288 (may have retired)
Ignition Key - Custom: https://rswarrior.com/photos/cruisemissile/default.aspx (may have retired)
Ignition Keyswitch - Removal: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/25090.aspx
Ignition Keyswitch - Relocate: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/124231.aspx

Injectors: (see 'Fuel Injection')

Intake - Air Temperatures: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/18852.aspx
Intake - OEM: (see service manual for silencer airbox/filter and right-side filter)
Intake - BAK - Barons: http://baronscustom.com/catalog/display/273/index.html
Intake - BAK - Riding in Rain: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/111974.aspx
Intake - VBAK: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/51921.aspx
Intake - VBAK: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/memb...albums154.html
Intake - BAK VBAK - Filters: (see 'air filters')
Intake - BAK VBAK - Sucking Noise: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/113849.aspx
Intake - BAK VBAK - Backfire Thru Intake: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26696.aspx
Intake - BAK - HP Gains: (must read all) https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/9162.aspx
Intake - BAK - DIY: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28730.aspx
Intake - LCV - Hose Connections: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115676.aspx
Intake - LCV - Alternate Hose Connections: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/150232.aspx
Intake - LCV: (see also 'Linear Control Valve')
Intake - Velocity Stack: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26802.aspx
Intake - LAChopper V-Stacks: http://www.lachoppers.com/velocity.php
Intake - Forcewinder: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/113636.aspx
Intake - Speedstar: Chrome #STR-5PX09-57-01 and Midnight #STR-5PX09-57-YB
Intake - Speedstar: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/117282.aspx
Intake - Custom Cold Air: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/148704.aspx
Intake: (see also 'side cover')(see also 'AIS')(see also 'Air')

Jacket: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48768.aspx
Jacket: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48832.aspx

Jug: (see 'cylinder')

Key: (see 'ignition')

Key Switch '02: 5PX-82501-00-00
Key Switch '03-'10: 5PX-82501-10-00
Key Switch - Custom: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112025.aspx

Kick Stand: (see 'side stand')

KrankVent: (see 'oil')

LAS: (see 'Lean Angle Sensor')

LCV: (see 'Linear Control Valve')

Lean Angle Sensor - Problem: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114434.aspx
Lean Angle Sensor - Don't Jumper Out: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/22937.aspx

Left Side Clean-Up: (see 'Motor Mount") (see "Side Cover')

Left Side Cover: (see 'Side Cover')

License Plate - Laws: Check your state laws and pending laws, and search this forum for changes.
License Plate - Vertical or Horizontal: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/125501.aspx
License Plate - Left Side Bracket: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121550.aspx
License Plate - Left Side Bracket: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16883.aspx
License Plate - Left Side Bracket: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/118142.aspx
License Plate - Left Side Bracket: http://www.baronscustom.com/catalog/...629/index.html
License Plate - Right Side Bracket: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27501.aspx
License Plate - Right Side Bracket: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/20966.aspx
License Plate - Rear Bracket: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/22614.aspx
License Plate - Rear Bracket: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121362.aspx
License Plate - Stud Repair: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/151928.aspx

Lifters: (see 'valve lifter')

Lights - Headlight Bulb - Stock: H4 60/55 watt
Lights - Headlight Bulb - Bright: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/106993.aspx
Lights - Headlight Bulb - Bright: H4 bulb 90/100w Narva 'Rallye' #48901 (P43T38)
Lights - Headlight Bulb - Bright: http://www.narva-light.com/en_EN/pro...llye/489013000
Lights - Headlight to Bucket Mounting Screws: #98980-05014-00 (2 each M5x14x1.0)
Lights - Headlight Bucket Arrangement: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...-together.html
Lights - Headlight: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26562.aspx
Lights - Headlight - Yamaha Phantom Bezel (Disc): https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115260.aspx
Lights - Signals - 02-04: Front 1157 (clear) Rear 1156 (clear). (verify your '04)
Lights - Signals - 05-10: Front BAZ15D-3 (amber) Rear PY21W (amber). (verify your '04)
Lights - Signals - Clear lenses: Try Clear Alternatives CTS-0019-x (x: F=Front, R=Rear)
Lights - Signals - Smoke Lenses: Try Clear Alternatives CTE-0019S-x (x: F=Front, R=Rear)
Lights - Signals - Speedo LED's: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...to-speedo.html
Lights - Signal Flasher - OEM: FB257H (DENSO) 75~95 flashes a minute with auto-cancel, 23w x2 plus 3.4w
Lights - Signal Flasher - OEM - Replace: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/25375.aspx
Lights - Signal Flasher - Adjustable Rate: http://www.libertek.com/freedomthrutechnology.html (dead link?)
Lights - Signal Flasher - Water Damage: (see 'battery box')
Lights - LED Signals - Fastflash: http://www.kuryakyn.com/index.cfm/go...ID/85/IMID/757
Lights - LED Signals - Fastflash: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/136341.aspx
Lights - LED Signals - Fastflash: www.badlandsmotorcycleproducts.com
Lights - LED Signals - Fastflash: http://www.superbrightleds.com/led_prods.htm
Lights - LED How-To: http://www.instructables.com/id/LEDs-for-Beginners
Lights - LED How-To: http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz
Lights - Signals and Flasher - LED Fast Flash: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/52688.aspx
Lights - Signals and Flasher - Removed Front: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26591.aspx
Lights - Signals - Removing Front: (see 'forks')
Lights - Signals - Hidden Front LED's: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29343.aspx
Lights - Signals - Front Fork Bracket: http://flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/show/
Lights - Signals - LED on Handlebar Levers: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28160.aspx
Lights - Signals - LED on Forks: http://www.customdynamics.com/wrap_a...ork_clamps.htm
Lights - Brake: (see Service Manual) (note some UK bikes are not LED)
Lights - Running: (see Service Manual) (note some UK bikes are not LED)
Lights - Running - Click of Death Solution: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26173.aspx
Lights - Running - Click of Death Solution: Song Chuan 896H-1CH-C-12VDC 30/50 (from Mouser.com)
Lights - License Plate: (see Service Manual)(see 'license plate')
Lights - Incandescent Bulbs: four 23w signals, two 8w front running, two 5w license (at 12v = 9.8a)
Lights - Reflectors - Front LED: Show Chrome Clear LED #16-117A
Lights - Reflectors - Front LED: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114682.aspx
Lights - Reflectors - Rear LED: http://www.shockracing.com/index.php...roducts_id=276
Lights - Reflectors - Rear LED: http://www.1tail.com/sa/p/TiteLite_L...head_Bolts.htm
Lights - Tail Light - Thin Strip: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28147.aspx
Lights - Integrated Tail Light and Signals - DIY: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/133718.aspx
Lights - Integrated Tail Light and Signals: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48410.aspx
Lights - Integrated Tail Light and Signals: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/52778.aspx
Lights - Integrated Tail Light and Signals: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121392.aspx
Lights - Integrated Tail Light and Signals - Repair CA: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/130034.aspx
Lights - Front Driving Lights: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/24705.aspx
Lights - Front Driving Lights: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/111593.aspx
Lights - Integrated Mounts for Front Signals/Lights: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26527.aspx
Lights - Fork Pinch Bolt Brackets: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27498.aspx
Lights - Fork Pinch Bolt Brackets: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27842.aspx
Lights - Specialty, LED, Glow: http://www.kuryakyn.com/category.asp...ighting&page=1
Lights - HID: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/152342.aspx
Lights - HID: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28330.aspx
Lights - HID: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/2197.aspx
Lights - HID: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/149258.aspx
Lights - Fork Mounts (54mm = #2275): http://www.kuryakyn.com/products.asp?bn=metric&ci=3117
Lights - Driving Lights: http://www.motolight.com/index.php

Linear Control Valve: (see also 'intake')
Linear Control Valve - Relocate: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/4160.aspx
Linear Control Valve - Alternate Plumbing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/150232.aspx
Linear Control Valve - Electric Replacement: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...v-removal.html
Linear Control Valve - Removal: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/4439.aspx
Linear Control Valve - Removal: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/4311.aspx
Linear Control Valve - Removal: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/19683.aspx

Loctite - 243 Blue: (wrench to remove)
Loctite - 271 Red: http://tds.loctite.com/tds5/docs/271-EN.pdf (heat to remove)

Lowers: (see 'windshields')

Lowering Links: (see 'suspension')

Luggage: (see also 'saddlebags')
Luggage: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/110624.aspx
Luggage: http://www.kuryakyn.com/category.asp...=Racks+%5FBags
Luggage - Luggage Rack Bag: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115813.aspx

Luggage Rack: (run a forum search for 'luggage rack' 'solo rack' 'fender rack')

Magneto - OEM: F5PX/YAMAHA - AC 14-Volts 31-Amps at 5,000 r/min
Magneto - '02-'06: Stator 5PX-81410-00-00 Rotor 5PX-81450-00-00
Magneto - '07-'10: Stator 5PX-81410-11-00 Rotor 5PX-81450-01-00
Magneto - Rare Earth Magnet: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/110986.aspx
Magneto - How Systems Work: http://www.bcae1.com/charging.htm
Magneto - Stator - Aftermarket: http://www.electrosport.com/technica...own-issues.php
Magneto - Stator - Aftermarket: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/133091.aspx
Magneto - Stator - Aftermarket: http://www.rmstator.com/en/index.php (some ~quality reports)
Magneto - Stator - Aftermarket: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/133091.aspx
Magneto - Stator - Aftermarket: http://www.rickystator.com/
Magneto - Stator - Aftermarket: With service manual info its remotely possible a local shop can rewind.

Maintenance - Major: (download Warrior owner manual from Star website)(see 'Manuals')
Maintenance - Periodic: (download Warrior owner manual from Star website)(see 'Manuals')

Manuals - 2002 Service Manual: http://www.paulmilner.com/yamaha/han...or_service.pdf
Manuals - 2003-2005 Service Manual Supplement: http://www.paulmilner.com/yamaha/han...supplement.pdf
Manuals - 2002 Service Manual with 2003 and 2006 Supplements (25.29mb): http://www.robriguez.com/motorcycle/...ual-WO3646.pdf
Manuals - 2002 Service Manual: http://www.blackcaps.nl/forumfotos/warrior_service.pdf
Manuals - 2002-2010 Manuals by Model Year: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112692.aspx
Manuals - Various Yamaha: http://www.paulmilner.com/
Manuals - Owners: http://www.starmotorcycles.com/star/...r_manuals.aspx
Manuals - MT-01 Service: http://www.torquesite.com/forum/view...hp?f=27&t=2275

Middle Controls: (none known made due to obstructions) (see 'rearsets')

Middle Shaft: (see 'transmission')

Mirror '02-'03 - Left: 4NK-26280-00-00
Mirror '02-'03 - Right: 4NK-26290-00-00
Mirror '04-'05 - Left: 5PX-26280-00-00
Mirror '04-'05 - Right: 4NK-26290-00-00
Mirror '06-'10 - Left: 5PX-26280-10-00
Mirror '06-'10 - Right: 4NK-26290-10-00
Mirrors - OEM Stem Lengths: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114086.aspx
Mirrors - Digital: http://www.badlandsmotorcycleproduct...%20Mirrors.htm (fit unknown)
Mirrors - Bar End - Rizoma: http://www.brazeauracing.com/rswarri...endmirror.html
Mirrors - Loctite: (use loctite blue to avoid high-speed fold-up)

Motor - Remove Jugs in Frame: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/13895.aspx
Motor - Exhaust and Head Gasket Tips: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/14-i...sket-tips.html

Motor Mount - Upper - Custom: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/67-k...ts-kylenv.html
Motor Mount - Upper - Shave - Jarv: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/14-i...-clean-up.html
Motor Mount - Upper - Shave - Dakman: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...tor-mount.html
Motor Mount - Upper - Options: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26530.aspx
Motor Mount - Upper - Coil Hangar: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/124231.aspx
Motor Mount - Upper - Concept: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16725.aspx
Motor Mount - Lower: (see Service Manual - no need to service)

MSSS: Motor Sports Super Store http://www.motorsportssuperstore.com/

Music: (see 'stereo')

Neutral Switch: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/139712.aspx

Nitrous Oxide - DIY: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/109229.aspx
Nitrous Oxide - Generic: http://www.go-fast.org/z28/new_to_nitrous.html

Nuts: (see 'fasteners')

Octane: (see 'fuel')

Odometer - Error Codes: (see 'ECU")
Odometer - Mileage Readout Stored in Tach Head: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/158094.aspx
Odometer - Low Fuel Light: Illuminates with 0.8 gallons (US) in reserve tank and displays 'miles on reserve'
Odometer - Low Fuel Light: Illuminates when NOT low on fuel: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/113691.aspx

Oil: (see also 'grease')
Oil - OEM: Was YamaLube4 20W40 now 10W40 to 40F and 20W50 above 40F (3.91 qts, 4.33 qts w/filter).
Oil - OEM: Oil must meet API Service SE, SF, SG (or higher) for wet clutch.
Oil - OEM Recommended: http://www.starmotorcycles.com/star/yamalube.aspx
Oil - Viscocity: (W=Winter) 10W40 at 32-degrees F flows as 10 weight; at 212-degrees F flows like 40 weight.
Oil - Viscocity: 20W-50 = 20 weight oil that will not thin more than a 50 weight would when 212-degrees F.
Oil - Viscocity: http://www.valvoline.com/carcare/art...=ccr20040601ov
Oil - Lots 'o Stuff: http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/cms/
Oil - Synthetic: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/131004.aspx
Oil - Synthetic: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/109802.aspx
Oil - Change Interval - Synthetic: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120349.aspx
Oil - Suggested Best for Warrior: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/5542.aspx
Oil - Viscocity: http://auto.howstuffworks.com/question164.htm
Oil - Pressure Relief Valve: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/24097.aspx (Denso filter has none?)
Oil - Filter: (see 'filter')
Oil - How to Check Oil Level: https://www.starmotorcycles.com/star...2&mid=61&tid=8
Oil - Changing: http://roadstarclinic.com/content/view/158/116/
Oil - Changing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/5490.aspx (and service manual)
Oil - Changing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48835.aspx
Oil - Changing - Which Two Bolts: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/128465.aspx
Oil - Bolt (Plug): Both are 14mm x 1.5 pitch with 17mm hex head. Avoid nylon washer.
Oil - Bolt (Plug) Re-Threading: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16750.aspx
Oil - Bolt Torque Values: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/113205.aspx
Oil - Bolt (Valve)(F106): http://www.fumotousa.com/
Oil - Pump: (see Service Manual) (if failure ask dealer if related to OEM change from 20W40 to 10W40)
Oil - Pressure Gauge: https://rswarrior.com/photos/darkstar/default.aspx
Oil - Pressure Gauge: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26951.aspx
Oil - Pressure Gauge Right Side: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26236.aspx
Oil - Pressure Gauge Rider View: https://www.rswarrior.com/Gallery/ArizonaWarrior.aspx
Oil - Pressure Gauge Left Side: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28025.aspx
Oil - Checking Temperature: https://rswarrior.com/forums/p/26318/381122.aspx#381122
Oil - Cooler: (search these forums plus do a web search because several good units exist)
Oil - Cooler - Custom: https://rswarrior.com/files/folders/r...ry1168076.aspx
Oil - Cooler - Pro-One: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29149.aspx
Oil - Cooler - Jagg: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/130066.aspx
Oil - Vent Hose Relief Argument: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/4047.aspx
Oil - Vent Hose Relief Argument: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/108104.aspx
Oil - Vent Hose - Krankvent: Metric Kit with 9.5mm (3/8") hose barbs
Oil - Vent Hose - Krankvent: http://www.et-performance.com/kv.html
Oil - Vent Hose - Krankvent: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/17181.aspx
Oil - Vent Hose - Krankvent: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121083.aspx
Oil - Transfer Case - SAE80 API-GL4 Hypoid Gear Oil
Oil - Transfer Case - Weight: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/21-h...ml#post1772907
Oil - Transfer Case - Change: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48836.aspx
Oil - Transfer Case - Change: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/12408.aspx

Owner's Manual: (see 'Manual')

Paint: (see also 'powder coat')
Paint - Frame Black: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27913.aspx
Paint - Colors: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/156111.aspx
Paint - Colors: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16547.aspx
Paint - Colors - Midnights: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/123522.aspx
Paint - Colors: www.ColorRite.com
Paint - Primer Conversations: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/159938.aspx
Paint - General Conversation: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121956.aspx
Paint - Home DIY Spray Booth: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16703.aspx
Paint: http://www.gscustomdesigns.co.uk/def...?page=home.htm


Pegs: (see also 'forward controls' and 'floorboard' and 'rearsets')
Pegs '02-'03 - Rider - Left Assembly: 5PX-27410-00-00
Pegs '02-'03 - Rider - Right Assembly: 5PX-27420-00-00
Pegs '02-'03 - Passenger Left Assembly: 5PX-27430-00-00
Pegs '02-'03 - Passenger Right Assembly: 5PX-27440-00-00
Pegs '04-'10 - Rider - Left Assembly: 5PX-27410-10-00
Pegs '04-'10 - Rider - Right Assembly: 5PX-27420-10-00
Pegs '04-'10 - Passenger - Left Assembly: 5PX-27430-12-00
Pegs '04-'10 - Passenger - Right Assembly: 5PX-27440-10-00
Pegs '05-'10 - Rider - Left Assembly - Midnight: 5PX-27410-20-00
Pegs '05-'10 - Rider - Right Assembly - Midnight: 5PX-27420-20-00
Pegs '04-'10 - Passenger - Left Assembly - Midnight: 5PX-27430-12-00
Pegs '04-'10 - Passenger - Right Assembly - Midnight: 5PX-27440-10-00
Pegs '02-'10 - Rider - Bolt Size: 10mm X 1.25 pitch X 50mm long
Pegs - Rider - Swap Early vs Late: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114230.aspx
Pegs - Rider - Swap Early vs Late: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/132419.aspx
Pegs - Passenger - Relocation Mods: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/11350.aspx
Pegs - Passenger - Flip N Grind '02 '03 only: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/13949.aspx
Pegs - Cruise: http://www.kuryakyn.com/products.asp?bn=metric&ci=3272
Pegs - Kickback - 1256day Mod: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/14-i...foot-pegs.html

Pick-Up Coil - CPS - Recall ('02-'07): https://rswarrior.com/files/folders/recalls/default.aspx
Pick-Up Coil - CPS - Part Only ('02-'09): 5PX-81670-01-00
Pick-Up Coil - Recall Kit for DIY: Part Number 90891-30047-00 (includes case gasket)
Pick-Up Coil - CPS: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/2841.aspx
Pick-Up Coil - CPS - Symptoms: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/22937.aspx
Pick-Up Coil - CPS - Symptoms: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/110144.aspx
Pick-Up Coil - CPS - Recall: https://rswarrior.com/files/folders/recalls/default.aspx
Pick-Up Coil - CPS - Replace DIY: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/23125.aspx
Pick-Up Coil - CPS - Replace: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/2920.aspx
Pick-Up Coil: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...up-sensor.html
Pick-Up Coil: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...s-problem.html
Pick-Up Coil - CPS: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/23125.aspx
Pick-Up Coil - CPS: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114434.aspx
Pick-Up Coil - Recall Mark: When done punchmark is made above/before the J on the VIN plate.
Pick-Up Coil - Recall Mark: crankcase cover rubber grommet has a white mark when recall done.
Pick-Up Coil - Recall - Wires Cut: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/9-to...wires-cut.html

Pipes: (see 'exhaust')

Pistons '02-'10: 5PX-11631-00-00 (97mm forged, 113mm stroke, 8.36:1 compression)
Pistons - JE High Compression - Rings: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/149597.aspx

Polishing Chrome: (see 'chrome')

Powder Coat: (see also 'paint')
Powder Coat: (search these forums, and search web for local vendors)
Powder Coat - Removing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48788.aspx

Power Commander ("PC"): (see 'ECU') (see also 'PART 1: Technical Compilations')

Power Outlet 12-Volt: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/134530.aspx

Pulley: (see 'drive pulley')

Pushrods: (see Service Manual)
Pushrods: (see also 'Camshaft')

Pushrod Tubes - OEM: (see Service Manual)
Pushrod Tubes - Leaking O-Ring: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120872.aspx
Pushrod Tubes - Leaking Valve Block O-Ring: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120317.aspx
Pushrod Tubes - Adjustable: (See Speedstar on Star / Yamaha website)

Quick Shifter: (see 'shifter')

Rain Suits: http://www.froggtoggsraingear.com/EliteHwy.shtm

Rear Axle: (see 'axle')

Rearsets: (see also 'shifter' and 'pegs')
Rearsets: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/15178.aspx
Rearsets: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28939.aspx
Rearsets: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/13373.aspx
Rearsets: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/11148.aspx
Rearsets: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/21841.aspx
Rearsets: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/11397.aspx

Recall - List 2002-2010: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/9-to...02-2010-a.html
Recall - Documents: http://www.starmotorcycles.com/star/fmc/home.aspx
Recall - CPS: http://www.starmotorcycles.com/star/...M2007-003R.pdf
Recall - TPS: http://www.starmotorcycles.com/star/...M2006-016R.pdf
Recall - Trans: http://www.starmotorcycles.com/star/..._M2004-002.pdf
Recall - Tank Mount: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/9-to...ml#post2197624
Recall - Warrior TT Bars: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/9-to...ml#post2197626

Rectifier - OEM: FH001 (SHINDENGEN) 35-amp 200-volt withstand
Rectifier '02-'10: 5JW-81960-00-00
Rectifier - Relocate: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29191.aspx
Rectifier - Relocate: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29338.aspx

Reflectors: (see 'lights')

Regulator: (see 'rectifier')

Relays: (see 'electrical relays')
Relays - Water Damage: (see 'battery box')

Right Side Cover: (see 'Side Cover')

Rim: (see 'wheel')

Risers: (see 'handlebars')

Rotor: (see 'brake rotor')
Rotor - Replace: (use OEM) (cannot be turned or machined)

Saddlebags: (see also 'luggage') (see Star / Yamaha website accessories)
Saddlebags - EZ Brackets: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/106470.aspx
Saddlebags - Hidden Bracket: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120052.aspx
Saddlebags - Removable: (search these forums and web - no Warrior-specific are made yet)
Saddlebags - Corbin: http://www.corbin.com/yamaha/ywbag.shtml
Saddlebags - Guard: http://www.phatperformanceparts.com/...tCode=140%2D33

Seat: (includes back rests)
Seat - '02-'03 Rider/Passenger: (one-piece stinger)
Seat - '04-'10 Rider: (solo)
Seat - '04-'10 Passenger: (pillion)
Seat - '02-'03 Stock Modified for '04+: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/24802.aspx
Seat - '04+ Stock Modified for '02-'03: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/25231.aspx
Seat - '02 '03 Mustang Modified for '04+: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/157032.aspx
Seat - '02 '03 Mustang Modified for '04+: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/3288.aspx
Seat - '02 '03 Mustang Modified for '04+: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48909.aspx
Seat - '02 '03 Mustang Modified for '04+: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/123043.aspx
Seat - '02 '03 Mustang Modified for '04+: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/136216.aspx
Seat - Comparisons: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48408.aspx
Seat - Cleaning: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/113969.aspx
Seat - Back Rest - SeattleSage DIY: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/14-i...-backrest.html
Seat - Back Rest - Rider: http://www.mustangseats.com/yamaha/r.../warrior.shtml
Seat - Back Rest - Rider: http://www.corbin.com/yamaha/warriormenu.shtml
Seat - Back Rest - Passenger: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121386.aspx
Seat - Back Rest - Passenger: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26469.aspx
Seat - Back Rest - Detachable: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/147118.aspx
Seat - Back Rest - Detachable: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/136834.aspx
Seat - Back Rest - Detachable: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/152553.aspx
Seat - Back Rest - Removable Custom: https://rswarrior.com/photos/fuch0049/default.aspx
Seat - Back Rest - MC Enterprises: Part# 291-38 fits 2002-2003 Warrior, Part# 291-33 fits 2004+ Warriors.
Seat - Back Rest - MC Enterprises: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/52-w...d-02-03-a.html
Seat - Back Rest - MC Enterprises and Easy Brackets:
Seat - Back Rest - DIY: http://www.stargis.net/webslinger/SeatBackrestMod.htm
Seat - Crusteel45: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/52090.aspx
Seat - The Big-G Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/151619.aspx
Seat - Royale5: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/139979.aspx
Seat - Mustang: http://www.mustangseats.com/yamahaseats.htm
Seat - Corbin: http://www.corbin.com/yamaha/warriormenu.shtml
Seat - Corbin Dual Tour - Mod '02-'03 for '04+: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...-question.html
Seat - Danny Gray: http://www.dannygray.com/
Seat - Danny Gray (High End): https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115119.aspx
Seat - Rubber Protector 1 - Left Side: 5PX-2476-U-00-00 (from heat scratches or water)
Seat - Rubber Protector 2 - Right Side: 5PX-2476-V-00-00 (from heat scratches or water)

Sensors: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/116448.aspx

Service Manual: (see 'Manual')

Sheet Metal - Gauge to Inches: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/121745.aspx

Shifter: (see also 'pegs' and 'rearsets')
Shifter - Rod - Stock: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/135895.aspx
Shifter - Rod - Custom: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/130384.aspx
Shifter - Extensions: (see also 'forward controls' and 'rearsets')
Shifter - Heel-Toe: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/25556.aspx
Shifter - Problems: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26858.aspx
Shifter - Quick: http://www.powercommander.com/powerc...k_shifter.aspx
Shifter - Shift Light - Raptor: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48970.aspx
Shifter - Shift Light - Other: (search web)
Shifter - Suicide: (see 'clutch')

Shift Shaft: (see 'Shifter Rod') (see service manual for transmission internals)

Side Cover: (see also 'Intake') (see also 'AIS')
Side Cover - Custom - Left: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28024.aspx
Side Cover - Custom - Left: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28031.aspx
Side Cover - Custom - Left: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/24177.aspx
Side Cover - Custom - Right: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/member.php?u=28525
Side Cover - Custom - Right: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/124172.aspx
Side Cover - Custom - Right: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/104462.aspx
Side Cover - Custom - Right: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28925.aspx
Side Cover - Custom - Right: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/52176.aspx
Side Cover - Custom - Right: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/3240.aspx
Side Cover - Custom - Right: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/51428.aspx
Side Cover - Custom - Right: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29051.aspx
Side Cover - Custom - Right: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120526.aspx
Side Cover - Custom - Right: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/158377.aspx (lighted)
Side Cover - Custom - Right: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/133282.aspx (limited production run)
Side Cover - Custom - Right: http://www.cycleimage.com/store/product.asp?PID=4039
Side Cover - AIS Scoop Both Sides: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29278.aspx

Side Stand - Boot Access: http://www.kuryakyn.com/products.asp?bn=metric&ci=3852

Sissy Bar: (see 'Seat - Back Rest')

Sixty Foot Stick Man Burnout:

Spark Plugs - OEM: 4ea NGK DPR7EA-9 or Denso X22EPR-U9 12mm thread, 18mm hex (gap 0.8 ~ 0.9mm)
Spark Plugs - Longer Life: 4ea NGK Iridium DPR7EIX-9 (7803) .032" ~ .035" (0.8 ~ 0.9mm)(TQ to 13 FtLbs)
Spark Plugs - Removing: Use compressed and AND a magnet in plug well before removing spark plugs.
Spark Plugs - Installing: Use a short length of rubber hose to start each plug into its threaded hole.
Spark Plugs - Installing: Dab threads w/nickel-type anti-seize. Replace sealing washer if plugs re-used.
Spark Plugs - Crush Washers: 14mm #N-678 (www.sparkplugs.com) (avoids stripped plug holes)
Spark Plugs - Changing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26477.aspx
Spark Plugs - Gap with Dyna DC2-1 Coils: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/131451.aspx
Spark Plugs - High Compression pistons with stock coils - some try .028 gap.
Spark Plugs - NGK Part# Key: http://www.ngksparkplugs.com/docs/te...tnumberkey.pdf
Spark Plugs - E3 (not yet tested): https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120319.aspx
Spark Plugs - E3 (may affect Magnecor and some other wire's boots)
Spark Plugs - Wires - High Performance: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26756.aspx
Spark Plugs - Wires - Very High Performance: http://www.magnecor.com/index.htm
Spark Plugs - Condition Chart: http://hawkworks.net/sparkplug-chart/
Spark Plugs - Condition Chart: http://www.ngksparkplugs.com/techinf...q/faqread2.asp
Spark Plugs - Condition Info: http://www.strappe.com/plugs.html
Spark Plugs - Reading - Racing: (dead link - searching for new) <--------------- (PM ArizonaWarrior to request a PDF copy) ---
Spark Plugs - Reading - Forum: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/21636.aspx
Spark Plugs - Too White: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...nce-again.html

Speedometer - Relocate: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/111474.aspx
Speedometer - Relocate: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/14-i...ation-mod.html
Speedometer - Sticking: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/123078.aspx
Speedometer - Sticking: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/21470.aspx
Speedometer - Sticking: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/8275.aspx
Speedometer - Sticking: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26062.aspx
Speedometer - Miles Kilometers: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...ad-manual.html
Speedometer - Canada and South Africa: Dial shows kilometers only, not miles.
Speedometer - USA and other countries: Dial shows miles and kilometers.
Speedometer - Remove: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/20724.aspx
Speedometer - Remove: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120660.aspx
Speedometer - Disassembly: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/117798.aspx
Speedometer and Tachometer Red/Blue Swap: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...-blue-red.html
Speedometer and Tachometer Red/Blue Swap:
Speedometer - Replace Signal Bulbs: (also see 'Lights')
Speedometer - Face Painting: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/117284.aspx
Speedometer - Face Painting: http://www.stargis.net/webslinger/Im...eedo/index.htm

Spring - Rear: (see 'suspension')

Sprocket: (see 'pulley')(OEM Service Manuals use 'Sprocket' - Parts Breakdowns use 'Pulley')

Starter: '02-'10: 5PX-81890-01-00
Starter Relay '02-'10: 4YR-81940-02-00
Starter Motor - Replacement Parts: http://www.stockers.com/
Starter Motor - Brushes and Springs: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/139715.aspx
Starter Motor - Runs w/Battery Connected and Key Off: Investigate Starter Relay.

Stator: (see 'Magneto')

Steering - Dampner: (none known available at time of writing)
Steering - Triple Tree: (see 'Triple Tree')
Steering - Stop Repair: (see 'Frame')

Stereo - Connecting: https://rswarrior.com/forums/p/114546/935960.aspx
Stereo - Hardware: (technology is changing too fast - do web search)

Suspension - Rake Front End: (see 'Triple Trees')
Suspension - Steering Stem Nut (Page 4-75) Wrench Size is 36mm (1-3/8") and Torque is 85 Ft Lbs
Suspension - Steering Stem Nut Tool:
Suspension - Forks - Oil: Suspension Oil Type 01 (16.1 US Ounces) Note: Yamaha 01 made by KYB = Kayaba 01 fork oil.
Suspension - Forks - Oil: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/19616.aspx
Suspension - Forks - Removing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/113328.aspx
Suspension - Forks - Removing: (see Service Manual)
Suspension - Forks - Lowering: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/49005.aspx
Suspension - Forks - Stiffen: (see Service Manual or Owner's Manual)
Suspension - Forks - Seals - Replace: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48992.aspx
Suspension - Forks - R1 Swap: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/21227.aspx
Suspension - Forks - R1 Swap: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/12-g...onversion.html
Suspension - Forks - R1 Swap: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...fork-talk.html
Suspension - Forks - R1 Spring rate: 8.83 N/mm (0.90 kg/mm, 50.42 lb/in) **
Suspension - Forks - Warrior Spring rate: 6.40 N/mm (0.64 kg/mm, 36.54 lb/in) (thanks to RXWarrior for pointing this out)
Suspension - Fork Springs - Possible Aftermarket: http://www.racetech.com/index.aspx (have to ask about Warrior springs)
Suspension - Fork Springs - Possible Aftermarket: http://www.traxxion.com/ (have to ask about Warrior springs)
Suspension - Stock Dogbone Length: https://rswarrior.com/files/folders/r...ry1204186.aspx
Suspension - Stock Rear Spring: 782-pounds, 188mm free length, 172mm installed length, 58mm ID, 83mm OD.
Suspension - Air Ride: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16834.aspx
Suspension - Air Ride: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26983.aspx
Suspension - Air Ride - PSI Gauge: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/116567.aspx
Suspension - Tricky Air - Wiring Connections: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/142707.aspx
Suspension - Tricky Air - Replace Air Tube: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/119930.aspx
Suspension - Tricky Air - Tire Life: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/113191.aspx
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Stiffer: http://www.ground-control-store.com/...ion.php/II=367
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Eibach 1000: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29316.aspx
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Eibach 1000: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28252.aspx
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Eibach 1000: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28121.aspx (also see updates no spring compressor needed 2003+)
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Eibach 1000: https://rswarrior.com/files/folders/r...ry1204177.aspx
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Eibach 1000: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/47752.aspx
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Eibach 1000: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/21500.aspx (2002 only)
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Eibach 1000: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/15941.aspx (2002 only)
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Raising Methods: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/106308.aspx
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Raising Methods: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/106293.aspx
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Lowering Methods: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/109605.aspx
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Lowering Links: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/137216.aspx
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Lowering Links: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29176.aspx
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Lowering Links: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29316.aspx
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Lowering Links: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28556.aspx
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Lowering Links: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/108807.aspx
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Lowering Links: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28528.aspx
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Lowering Links: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26728.aspx
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Lowering Links: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29150.aspx (number of inches per turn)
Suspension - Spring - Rear - Lowering Links: Also see 'MSSS' for L.A. Chopper #1304-0190 shock drop kit.
Suspension - Rear - Flip N Grind: (caution, many recommend adjustable lowering kit instead)
Suspension - Rear - Flip N Grind: (search for newer topics)(material removed is gone so don't take too much)
Suspension - Rear - Flip N Grind: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/156978.aspx
Suspension - Rear - Flip N Grind: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/119346.aspx
Suspension - Rear - Flip N Grind: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/21743.aspx
Suspension - Rear - Flip N Grind: http://polarsoft.net/FNG2.wmv
Suspension - Rear - Flip N Grind: http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...00324050279388#
Suspension - Rear - Aftermarket Shocks: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...new-shock.html

Supercharger: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/14-i...r-running.html
Supercharger: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114425.aspx
Supercharger: https://rswarrior.com/photos/achilles/default.aspx
Supercharger: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27772.aspx
Supercharger: https://rswarrior.com/forums/p/20470/280362.aspx
Supercharger: http://www.cycleconnections.com/arti...=426&TypeID=23

Swing Arm Nut Size: 27mm (1-1/16") (6-point shallow socket)(Torque: 90 Ft / Lbs)
Swing Arm and Suspension - Removal: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/49002.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - 190 mm: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/24539.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - 200 mm: all stock (see also 'tires')
Swing Arm and Suspension - 210 mm: all stock very tight fit - do a search for more info
Swing Arm and Suspension - 240 mm: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28163.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - 240 mm: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29030.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - 250 mm: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27748.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - 260 mm: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29181.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - 260 mm: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/109486.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - 260 mm: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/111212.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - 280 mm: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29136.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - 280 mm: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28417.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - 280 mm: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28276.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - 280/300mm: http://www.bluesteelcustoms.com/home.html
Swing Arm and Suspension - 300 mm: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28045.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - 300 mm: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28123.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - 300 mm: https://rswarrior.com/photos/TTBONE/default.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - 300 mm: http://www.pattencycles.com/Metric/
Swing Arm and Suspension - 360 mm: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/2969.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - 360 mm: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/13398.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - Group Buy: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/2227.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - Comparison Pic: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/24539.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - Single Sided 300 mm: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/141034.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - Single Sided: https://rswarrior.com/photos/ohiomike/default.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - Single Sided: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120084.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - Single Sided: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/131084.aspx
Swing Arm and Suspension - Single Sided: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/149551.aspx

Tachometer: (has blue backlight - midnight has red backlight)
Tachometer - Remove: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/20724.aspx
Tachometer - Remove: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120660.aspx
Tachometer - Remove Buttons: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...g-buttons.html
Tachometer - Remove Buttons: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...ect-reset.html
Tachometer - Remove Buttons: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...ach-shell.html
Tachometer - Remove Buttons: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...l-buttons.html
Tachometer - On Bars: https://rswarrior.com/photos/thebull/default.aspx
Tachometer - On Side: https://rswarrior.com/photos/billh1943/default.aspx
Tachometer - Underseat: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/14-i...ml#post2174677
Tachometer - Disassemble: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/141987.aspx
Tachometer - Head Bolts: OEM M6x20/1.00 stainless buttonhead w/special larger diamater head.
Tachometer - Blvd Windshield Bolts: Two OEM M6x20, two become M6x25 (smaller head ok).
Tachometer - Mini Fairing Bolts: Two OEM M6x20, two become M6x25 (if smaller head use a washer)
Tachometer - Mini Fairing Bolts: Larger diameter holes so use supplied mini-fairing bolts.
Tachometer - Cowling Bolts: Two OEM M6x20, two become M6x25 (if smaller head use a washer)
Tachometer - Cowling Bolts: Larger diameter holes so use supplied mini-fairing bolts.
Tachometer - Flashing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/20419.aspx
Tachometer - Flashing: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/117319.aspx
Tachometer - Odometer - Mileage Readout Stored in Tach Head: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/158094.aspx
Tachometer and Speedometer Red/Blue Bulb Swap: (see 'Speedometer')

Throttle - PC3USB - Set Zero% and 100% Throttle: (see 'ECU')

Throttle - Internal: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48967.aspx

Throttle Body - Sync: (see service manual page 3-15)
Throttle Body - Sync: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112066.aspx
Throttle Body - Sync: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48919.aspx
Throttle Body - Sync: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/117531.aspx
Throttle Body - Sync Gauge: http://www.powerchutes.com/manometer.asp
Throttle Body - Differences: 2002-2007 differ from 2008-2010 (TPS also differs)

Throttle Cables - '02-'03: 5PX-26311-00-00 and 5PX-26312-00-00
Throttle Cables - '04: 5PX-26311-10-00 and 5PX-26312-10-00 (44-7/8" straight line between elbow centers)
Throttle Cables - '05: 5PX-26311-20-00 and 5PX-26312-20-00
Throttle Cables - '06-'10: 5PX-26311-30-00 and 5PX-26312-30-00
Throttle Cables - Lubricating: (see 'clutch cable lubricating')
Throttle Cables - Sticking: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/123860.aspx
Throttle Cables - Aftermarket: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120237.aspx
Throttle Cables - Aftermarket: http://www.barnettclutches.com/products/cables.aspx
Throttle Cables - Custom: http://www.barnettclutches.com/produ...ing_guide.aspx
Throttle Cables - HD Top Yamaha Bottom: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120954.aspx

Throttle Position Sensor - Recall ('02-'05): https://rswarrior.com/files/folders/recalls/default.aspx
Throttle Position Sensor - Recall ('02-'05): recall document is not in the site's recall cabinet.
Throttle Position Sensor - Recall ('02-'05): http://www.starmotorcycles.com/star/fmc/home.aspx
Throttle Position Sensor - Recall Mark: When done punchmark made above 5th VIN character (P) on VIN plate.
Throttle Position Sensor - Symptoms: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/23814.aspx
Throttle Position Sensor: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/114434.aspx
Throttle Position Sensor: (data below clarified by alanh)
Throttle Position Sensor: 2002-2005: 3P6-85885-00-00 (replaces 5PX-85885-00-00)
Throttle Position Sensor: 2006-2007: 3P6-85885-00-00 (replaces 5PX-85885-01-00 which was the recall part number)
Throttle Position Sensor: 2008-2009: 8GL-85885-00-00 (these years have a different throttle body part number)
Throttle Position Sensor - Broken Wire Repair: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...re-splice.html

Timing: (see 'ignition')
Timing: (see 'fuel - High Compression Ping')
Timing Cover - Chrome: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/3613.aspx

Tins: (see 'fuel tank' 'side covers' 'fenders' 'body')

Tire Changer: (see 'tools')

Tires - OEM PSI: Front: 36 Rear: 42 (assumes normal load)
Tires - Avon Storm: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/148563.aspx
Tires - Avon Storm 2 Ultra oem size front=AV55-4555917 and oem size rear=AV56-4569017
Tires - Avon Storm Hazard Guarantee: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120761.aspx
Tires - Dunlop RoadSmart - Road Test: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/135939.aspx
Tires - Dunlop RoadSmart: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/131098.aspx
Tires - Michelin Pilot Road 2: http://www.michelinmotorcycle.com/in...ent=pilotroad2
Tires - Shinko Verge 011: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...-answered.html
Tires - Comparison: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48781.aspx
Tires - Comparison: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48415.aspx
Tires - Front - OEM Size: 120/70ZR18
Tires - Front - Pinch Bolt under plastic fork guard to remove front axle.
Tires - Front - Avon Cobra AV71: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112226.aspx
Tires - Front - Fat: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/12662.aspx
Tires - Front - Fat: https://rswarrior.com/photos/bugei/default.aspx
Tires - Front - Fat: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/3445.aspx
Tires - Rear - OEM Size: 200/50ZR17
Tires - Rear - Options: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...al-detail.html
Tires - Rear - (also see the paragraph in 'Part 2' above)
Tires - Rear - OEM Size: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48415.aspx
Tires - Rear - Stock Rim 210mm: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/122875.aspx
Tires - Rear - Avon Storm AV56: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16550.aspx
Tires - Rear - Avon Storm AV56 - Cutaway: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...side-look.html
Tires - Rear - Avon Cobra AV72: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112226.aspx
Tires - Rear - Avon Cobra AV72: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48829.aspx
Tires - Rear - OEM and Custom Sizes: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16550.aspx
Tires - Rear - Width - Custom: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26620.aspx
Tires - Rear - Dimensions and Rims: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26626.aspx
Tires - Rear - FatBastards: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/12-g...heck-here.html
Tires - Rear - Fat Tire Group Buy: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/2227.aspx
Tires - Rear - Flickable 190mm: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/12-g...-vs-200-a.html
Tires - Repair Discussions: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112543.aspx
Tires - Repair Discussions: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/19881.aspx
Tires - Rhino Lining No-Flat: http://www.rhinotire.com/
Tires - Tread Orientation: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115045.aspx
Tires - What the Numbers Mean: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/119709.aspx
Tires - Date Code: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/13-t...lace-tire.html
Tires - Date Code: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tire#DOT_Code
Tires - Car Tires:

Tools - Factory Tool Kit: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/12-g...tool-kits.html
Tools - Air Compressors: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112952.aspx
Tools - Make-Do and Special: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/112048.aspx
Tools - Make-Do and Special: http://www.freewebs.com/roadstarwarr...ick_mods_2.htm
Tools - Jacks: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/110373.aspx
Tools - Race Stands: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120090.aspx
Tools - Big Bike Shop Stand: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/158767.aspx
Tools - Dollies: (do web search)
Tools - Tire Changer: http://www.nomartirechanger.com/video/show/10
Tools - Tire Changer: http://www.cyclehilltirechanger.com/products/home

Tool Box Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/28638.aspx
Tool Box Mod: https://rswarrior.com/files/folders/r...ry1168073.aspx

TPS - (see 'Throttle Position Sensor')

Transfer Case: (see also 'oil')
Transfer Case - Fluid - Dino: SAE 80 API "GL-4" Hypoid Gear Oil
Transfer Case - Fluid - Synth: shop Amsoil, Redline, Mobil1 GL-4 Hypoid Gear Oil
Transfer Case - Oil Change: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48836.aspx
Transfer Case - Oil Change: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/119679.aspx
Transfer Case - Oil Overfill Overflow: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/160192.aspx
Transfer Case - Inside View: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/111994.aspx
Transfer Case - Chrome Cover: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/24527.aspx
Transfer Case - Repair: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/119557.aspx

Transmission - Pinion Recall ('02-'03): https://rswarrior.com/files/folders/recalls/default.aspx
Transmission - Recall Mark: When done punchmark made above the very last digit on the VIN plate.
Transmission - Middle Shaft and Front Pulley Nut: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/24534.aspx
Transmission - RoadStar Fifth Gear (02-05 RSW's only): https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/2571.aspx
Transmission - RoadStar Fifth Gear (02-05 RSW's only): https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/9-to...r-results.html
Transmission - Roadstar Fifth Gear (02-05 RSW's only): https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/9-to...ml#post1128221
Transmission - RoadStar Fifth Gear (02-05 RSW's only): Part# 4NK-17151-00 and 4NK-17251-00 from 2002 RS1600 provides .75 reduction in fifth gear.
Transmission - RoadStar Fifth Gear (02-05 RSW's only): Part# 5VN-17151-00 and 5VN-17251-00 from 2004 RS1700 adds larger dogs and better oiling.

Tricky Air Ride: (see 'suspension')

Trike: https://rswarrior.com/photos/trikebird/default.aspx

Triple Trees: (see also 'Suspension')
Triple Trees - Downtube Diameter: 54mm just above signal, 54mm just below lower tree.
Triple Trees - Clean-Up: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/141987.aspx
Triple Trees - Remove: (36mm socket & handlebar bushings)
Triple Trees - Remove: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26798.aspx
Triple Trees - Disassemble: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/16201.aspx
Triple Trees - Bearings: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/25271.aspx
Triple Trees - Rake: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/11996.aspx
Triple Trees - Rake: https://rswarrior.com/photos/ohiomike/default.aspx
Triple Trees - Rake: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/120084.aspx
Triple Trees - Rake - Discussion: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/25154.aspx
Triple Trees - Rake - Discussion: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/47742.aspx
Triple Trees - Rake - Group Buy: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/2235.aspx
Triple Trees - Rake - HD Front End Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/14201.aspx
Triple Trees - Rake: Stock rake (caster angle) is 29.5 degrees. Stock Trail is 130mm.

Turbocharger: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/27926.aspx
Turbocharger: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/11156.aspx
Turbocharger: https://rswarrior.com/members/Frankenstein.aspx
Turbocharger: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/3918.aspx
Turbocharger: https://rswarrior.com/members/nightwarrior.aspx
Turbocharger: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/3812.aspx
Turbocharger: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/154034.aspx
Turbocharger: http://www.orientexpress.com/Yamaha/...Warrior/Turbo/

Vacuum: (see also Engine Vacuum Circuit)(see Service Manual)
Vacuum - Hoses: (see hose routing in Service Manual)
Vacuum - Testing: (see test procedures in Service Manual)
Vacuum - Measurements: ('see body')
Vacuum Hose - Map Sensor: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/119378.aspx

Valves: (see also 'camshaft' and 'piston')
Valves '02-'05 - Intake: 4WM-12111-00-00 (2 each 34mm)
Valves '02-'05 - Exhaust: 4WM-12121-00-00 (2 each 28mm)
Valves '06-'10 - Intake: 5YU-12111-00-00 (2 each ??mm)
Valves '06-'10 - Exhaust: 5YU-12121-00-00 (2 each ??mm)

Valve Lifter '02-'10 OEM: 4WM-12153-10-00 (4 each)
Valve Lifter - Outside Diameter: 22.9680mm ~ 22.9744mm (0.9043" ~ 0.9045")
Valve Lifter - Aftermarket: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/21355.aspx (verify)
Valve Lifter - Pumping Up: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/21700.aspx (and service manual)

Valve - Sticking - Interesting: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/26220.aspx

VBAK: (see 'intake')

Velocity Stack: (see 'intake')

VIN Numbers - Decoding: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/48883.aspx

Water in Battery Box: (see 'battery box')

Wax: (see 'body' and 'chrome')

Welding Aluminum: (see 'frame')

Wheel - OEM: Factory wheels have clear powder coat, or color powder coat.
Wheel - OEM: '02-'05 are 3-spoke, '6-'08 are 5-spoke.
Wheel - OEM - Front: Cast Aluminum 18MCxMT3.50 (18" x 3.5")
Wheel - Rear - OEM: Cast Aluminum 17MCxMT6.00 (17" x 6")
Wheel - Rear - Widening: http://www.kosman.net/weldup.htm
Wheel - Rear - Fat Mod: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/2227.aspx
Wheel - Custom - RC: http://www.rccomponents.com/wheelselector/warrior.htm
Wheel - Custom - CycleImage: http://www.cycleimage.com/
Wheel - Custom - Performance Edge: http://www.performanceedge.us/
Wheel - Custom - GS Cycles: http://www.gscycles.com/
Wheel - Custom - Thomason: Thomason Performance Wheels
wheel - Custom - Thomason: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/14-i...ce-wheels.html
Wheel - HD - Spoked: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/29241.aspx
Wheel - HD - Warrior Hub: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/25767.aspx
Wheel - PowderCoating: (available through many vendors)
Wheel - 5-Spoke to 2002-2005 Forks: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/115317.aspx
Wheel - 5-Spoke to 2005-2005 Forks: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/5433.aspx
Wheel - 3-Spoke to 2006-2010 Forks: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/158224.aspx
Wheel - Aluminum Deep Cleaning: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/113700.aspx
Wheel - Widening: http://www.kosman.net/
Wheel - Widening: http://www.performanceedge.us/predpricing.htm
Wheel - Widening: http://www.gatewayxtreme.com/210tireconversion.htm (VTX specialist)

Wheel Bearings: (see 'bearings')

Wheelie: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/57259.aspx
Wheelie: http://youtube.com/watch?v=KZd_NwJLR94
Wide Tire Kits: (see 'swing arm' and 'tires')

Windsheild - Boulevard Bolts: Two OEM M6x20 1.00 and two M6x25, both stainless button head.
Windshield - Lowers: http://www.memphisshades.com/yam_fatslim_appchart.shtml

Wiring Diagram - AlanH: http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/1/...0Schematic.pdf

YSP: Yamaha Sports Plaza http://www.yamahasportsplaza.com/

PART 4: Miscellaneous Pics and Information
1. Post Pic of You and Your Bike: https://www.rswarrior.com/forums/10-w...your-bike.html
2. Pacific North West Warriors: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/54614.aspx
3. Me 'n My Beast Summer '08: https://rswarrior.com/forums/p/54458/957172.aspx#957172
4. Yamaha/Star Canada Accessories: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/116585.aspx
5. We're All Dumb Sometimes: https://rswarrior.com/forums/t/116367.aspx
6. Warrior Gathering Pics: (this album disappeared after migration)

PART 5: Other
This knowledge base is intended to bring together some of the interesting and helpful member conversations on RSW. As is always expected, some posts have errors so as you reference these links please remember to also reference your service manual, plus search for related posts in case other members find new information over time. New parts continually come to market so obviously there will always be items and techniques that are not referenced here. Mention them! But also use the SEARCH function and the Service Manual including any supplements once you have a general understanding of what you want to do. Then start your own topic and your own informed conversations as you complete your own mods. While you're at it, don't let some member shove 'crappe' down your idea-tubes. Use your vision of where you're going. Think for yourself because new technologies bring new techniques so 'old ideas' and 'new ideas' need to listen to each other. Nobody 'knows it all' we're here having conversations and some fun while learning this machine. Hopefully this list makes it faster to find information about specific parts and accessories, however its your responsibility to verify,clarify, and understand before you apply. So don't buy parts blindly using only part numbers found in these links. Double-check because incorrect parts or procedures may affect your ride safety.

These links are organized for member convenience. They come by member recommendation, and by forum searches. No topics are ever going to be 100% accurate, so the Topic Manager and all the other helpful members who recommend links are 100% not responsible for content, including illustrative or technical refs.


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Default Re: Popular Mods and Repairs

Please post any corrections or extra info to make this accurate as possible for everyone's benefit.

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Default Re: Popular Mods and Repairs

Son of a..........! Dude! Thanks for the time and effort, this is awesome!
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Default Re: Popular Mods and Repairs

Okay Moderatorsfor making this a stickie

Great JobArizona Warriorthanks a lot. Bookmarked it as a favorite
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Default Re: Popular Mods and Repairs

Thanks a lot AW for your hard work to compile all this list.

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Night Demon -
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Winner -
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with the Demon - Another
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Friends call me Floren, join the
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group on Facebook
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Default Re: Popular Mods and Repairs

I have been looking for thispost. finally found it. added to browser favorites thanks AW
“Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.” ~Eckhart Tolle
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Default Re: Popular Mods and Repairs

Importantplease read:

It seems the parts and components suggested to be covered by this post are now covered. The goal was toseek out and listseveral valid points of view, sometimes using several topics to get a better handle on things. More could be done but everything has an ending point and we're there on this.

Nobody knows everything, I've relied on reputable members to locate many important posts, and to provide certain difficult information. When it didn't exist some members have actually started posts to cover the material with pics and background. This has been a group effort on some levels, and a solo work on other levels. The result? The document, as it exists, will provide a great overview and will help new members discover what 'works' faster and cheaper.

I find it astounding that the original post started in the West Coast forum for my own mod research on November 4th 2007 (before migration to the new site) was viewed (and presumably used) nearly 5,800 times over the 8 months thru July 31st 2008 when the new topic was started in the Technical section to reduce emails asking where to find it. In just five weeks the topic has already been viewed / used 3,700 times, thru today September 7th 2008.

Anything could be better, but this material seems to cover enough ground. Those who follow such things will notice I've even included the nay-sayer's posts when they have something to add to your knowledge base. Only time will tell how helpful this materialwill be, and when it is, Ihope you'll say so.

This site doesn't have the manpower to maintain this document, soread beyond this post in case members add or correct anything after today.

Ten months in the making, right wrong or indifferent,enjoy. And try not to make the same mistakes a lot of us older membersmade

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Default Re: Popular Mods and Repairs

[Place Holder]

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Default Re: Popular Mods and Repairs

A section about chopped bikes might be nice. Bluz, TTbone, Ehacker and of course the Rat too!

I especially remember TTBones first posts. I was like "Holy crap!"

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Default Re: Popular Mods and Repairs

Holy sh!t Arizona...you should get a free pass to Chuck-E-Cheese or something!
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