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Default 2011 Fat Bob test Ride

Here are the pro-cons of my test ride of the new Fat Bob

I gotta say, love the dual headlights-reminds me of the Triumphs
Six speed trans shifted and engaged well
Throttle response was smooth and predictable
Looks cool for a Harley
It was super fun in the twisties!!. Where ever you wanted to throw the bike-it went. The front dual discs stopped very well with good feedback.
ALmost no vibration in the seat or in the bars
In its stock form- you cannot hear the exhaust AT ALL
It has no tach, without paying attention you can forget what gear your in,since you cannot here the exhaust.
Rear brake was only just ok
The pegs would vibrate at a pretty good clip- which I thought was wierd
The motor even though super smooth could use some more power.

I enjoyed riding this bike. It reacted to my movements quite nimbly. The steering felt good, the front brakes worked well, and I liked the looks of as well. I could see myself owning one-but with some engine work and a loud exhaust!!
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Pretty much nailed it, as a 30,000 mile owner of an '09 FatBob. I cdertainly like mine quite a lot, but it needed to be raised for my liking, had to have the mid controls and very most definitely the engine needed some major work to get some serious (for a cruiser) power out of the engine room. Still, the brakes are only just okay for my liking. Raised, it is more than a match for Warriors on very tight twisty roads. On high speed turns, which for me are turns in full lean that are above 50 mph..... the frame of the Fat Bob causes (for me) truly scary and squirly "handling", in that realm it is no match for a Warrior ridden by equally skilled riders.
It's highway range at steady state of 65-75mph on the superslab of 225-250 miles is way beyond a Warrior as for me is the ride comfort. I could not have comfortably ridden (even if they had 250 mile range) either of my Warriors. I can put in 1,000 plus mile days on the Harley with relative comfort.
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