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Default Re: Do I Need This??

Originally Posted by HURD

Originally Posted by southboundchicken

its a vent for the fuel tank, if you remove it dont overfill your tank especially on a hot day otherwise the fuel will pour out on a hot engine and result in a possible fire. i pulled mine off my 02 and never had a problem however rerouting it would be the better solution

My line runs back and down in out in front of the tire. I fill my tankto the max everytime and have never had a spill. I must be lucky or something.

you and me both, i personally have never had mine over flow but also have also personally seen another warrior spit up so much fuel from an over filled tank that had it poured over the motor it might have been a bad day day for one warrior rider ..... most likely this thing was brought on by some ambulance chasing lawyer and is probably over kill as long as you excercise some caution but re-routing down the back of the bike so you dont see it would be best as opposed to complete removal
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