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So, there I am, riding down the road, minding my own business...

Pull away from a red light with inner city traffic. As I approach the next red light, this yuppy in a bmw starts fighting traffic to get beside me. I brace for the onslaught as he pulls up on my right and rolls his window down.

"Man! That bike is quiet! Why is it so quiet?"

I point down at the blindingly shiny chrome, so-huge-you-can't-miss-it, stock water cooler and say, "It's a muffler."

"You gotta make that thing louder so people will hear you coming."

That's a first. I've never heard anyone complain about a bike being too quiet before.

I have no problem with louder than stock, but there is a point where it is just too much.
If you are waking up the neighbors when you leave in the morning, it might be too loud.
If you can't hear the cop's sirens over your bike, it might be too loud.
If OSHA is telling you to wear ear muffs, it might be too loud.
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