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Default Top Fuel Harley snaps primary belt on fire up

Thought this might be entertaining for some of you.

Fire up of a Top Fuel Harley (one of the few with supercharger) running 85% nitro. Second throttle hit breaks the drive belt between the crank and clutch pulley.

Think about that. A throttle whack breaks the kevlar belt! If you listen close you can hear the shut down starts to freewheel as opposed to mellow out. The fuel pump is spun off the driven hub since this engine uses two FIE Mags off the right side.

Evidence of foreign matter was found on the driven pulley contributing to the failure.

It's the 3 inch wide inner belt that snapped. In the wider angle left side shot the belt is inboard and fresh - as installed over the winter. Disregarding the cost of fuel and wear and tear on the other components, that fire up cost $350.

Top Fuel is amazing. I figured some of you guys might appreciate this and maybe even cringe a little.
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