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Default Correct Drive belt deflection on side-stand

Guys I see a number of posts here where correct drive belt deflection is mentioned as being 1/2inch-3/4inch of slack on the sidestand...that is 12.7mm-19.05mm with 10 pounds upwards push force (4.5kg)
But in my owners manual it states to use the marks on the belt drive bottom cover which are marked in increments of 5mm and deflection should be 6mm-8mm (or 0.24-0.31 inches) on the side stand with 10 pounds upwards push force. That is a BIG difference!! Which is correct? The manual surely?

Someone else here (Snowboy) says he has half an inch slack upwards and half an inch slack downwards making it a total of 1 inch slack. Quote "With the bike on the side stand, I always adjusted mine so the belt could move 1 inch total (" up and " down)" Unquote
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