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AntiN8 07-20-2019 03:11 PM

Rear Tire Feedback- Your thoughts?
I have 2009 Midnight Warrior. I searched through the forums and didn't find much.

Currently my bike has 4400 miles or so and needs a new rear tire.
200 50zr 17 Dunlop

What tires have people replaced theirs with? What do you like or not like?

Looking for some suggestions. I would like to order something soon, so I can get back on the road.

Diesel_Warrior 07-20-2019 05:30 PM

I went with Bridgestone exedra max. It feels much more domed than stock, and feels like it gets into turns with zero effort.

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Desertboy13 07-20-2019 05:55 PM


That's what run......

Just my preference.........

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Rdubu 07-20-2019 06:49 PM


Originally Posted by Desertboy13 (Post 3863774)

That's what run......

Just my preference.........

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Ditto. Avon AV80 3D Ultra

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arizonawarrior 07-21-2019 12:51 AM

^^^^ x2 Dityo. Avon front and rear. Specs in my Profile on my Bike Tab.

InfidelXV1700pcr 07-22-2019 12:41 AM

I prefer the Metzler ME880 front and ME888 rear in factory sizing. Avon tires are another great option. Hope this helps.

Chuckles8699 07-30-2019 11:56 PM

Hi, I got 15,000 km on a rear Bridgestone excedra but had issues as it would slip in corners if I hit any white line markings (Australian roads). Don't know if they're the exact same tyre as in the states.
Swapped to a Metzler Marathon 6 months ago and very happy. They seem to need a little warm up for full traction. Can't comment on longevity yet. Got a fatal puncture recently and went with Metzler again ($310 au) but this time I went for a 55 profile instead of the stock 50. The improvements in cornering and handling are significant and I won't be going back to the 50.
Mates also recommend Avon as a better road holding tyre but say they don't get as much mileage with the softer rubber. Others swear by Pirelli claiming mileage in the mid to high 20,000km range.
Unfortunately you can't try before you buy.
Should also mention that Australian road conditions will probably be harsher than most US roads, road temperatures will also most likely be higher too.

Sandytows 07-31-2019 12:40 AM

Bridgestone battlax b020 get good mileage out of them and never had traction issues.

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dfhowes 07-31-2019 02:01 PM

Up until this season, I've used nothing but Avons. I like the Avon Storm 3D X/M, it grips VERY well in corners and rain. And you can get a good amount of miles out of them - X/M stands for eXtra Miles.

Unfortunately for me, at the beginning of this season, I ruined my near new back tire by riding with too low air pressure. Not wanting to spend another $200+ for a replacement, I thought now was the time to try something different. Why go different? Late last season, I got a great deal on a Honda VTX1800 and decided to use this more for commuting and use the Warrior more for drag racing. So I bought a Shinko 003 Stealth (appx. $100 less than the Avon). MUCH better traction at the strip! I went from 13.10s to 12.80s of the first weekend. I'm sure I'll be giving up mileage with the Shinko but as I said, the Warrior is my weekend bike when I want to race or show off.

For street use, I recommend the Avon, if you're willing to pay that much more. Just my 2 worth.

Heftysmurf 07-31-2019 04:13 PM

Man 3/10th is alot. Was that all in the 60'?

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