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How to choose the led tube light

Posted 07-04-2012 at 03:09 AM by aoyiteled

The [URL=""]led tube light[/URL] with energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, long life and other characteristics, are more and more people sought after. Currently in the domestic market can be seen everywhere, domestic and foreign production of various brands of LED daylight lamp, quality is uneven, is often difficult to choose, I do not know how to distinguish each enterprise production LED fluorescent lamp quality and performance, with everybody here simply introduce.

1) first of all, the LED daylight lamp is the core chip. In general the United States, Japan, mainland Taiwan slightly better, worse, now commonly used chip specifications are 3528,3020,3014wait for a few kinds, each kind of specification size, chip cooling ways are not the same.

2) look at the parameters, the nominal value is mainly: the luminous flux, unit power consumption per unit of W, Lumen, Lumen/W, light efficiency, high light effect is good, lamp standards, is a common interface.

3) colloids: ordinary LED fluorescent colloid for epoxy resin, with UV resistant and fire retardant LED fluorescent lamp is more expensive, high-quality outdoor LED daylight lamp lighting should be UV resistant and fire.

4) look at the LED daylight lamp profile. Previously to avoid electric shock, is used in the plastic tube, but the large amount of radiation, light and serious, life is very short, now commonly used half sulptare half tubes, in need of light that half used plastic, transparent and without needing heat dissipation that half is made of aluminum alloy, the general power supply is not put a tube, reduce the heat, to extend the life span of LED

5) LED daylight lamp life, lamp life, mainly depends on the chip, power supply, cooling and other aspects of the reasonable collocation of different quality, LED daylight lamp is critical for life, life is composed of optical reference. Light, light efficiency is high, long life, high price.

6) is the national product quality certification and international safety certification, such as GS, CE, UL, ROHS, CCC certification, some products through the general safety certificate test.

7) PC mask transmittance, the current market the transparent mask light transmission rate can reach 88- 95%, PC market mask materials with ordinary PC material, optical material PC. Between them, because manufacturers are not the same, the transmittance difference quite.

8) LED brightness of fluorescent lamps, LED brightness of fluorescent lamps with different, different prices. For the LED daylight lamp fluorescent lamp should be consistent with the LED laser gradeⅠstandard.

9) safety. The LED daylight lamp must have reliable dust-proof design, material fire, UV, anti low temperature cracking, such LED daylight lamp high price.

10) the problem of power supply. Commonly used with non isolated constant current power supply, isolated constant current power supply, centralized external power supply 3, non isolated constant current power supply of the risk of electric shock, the cost is not high, isolated power is high cost, large volume, if it is used in business, the room lamp is more, are generally centralized external power supply, a large power AC/DC switching power supply, unified power supply, so that the highest efficiency, the maximum power.

11) there is no stimulation or smell smell. Don't be cheap with smell of LED fluorescent lighting, is likely to have a lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxins.
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