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The history of Eletrik

Posted 08-24-2008 at 07:48 AM by carknee

I don't think I have ever done this in the six year history of the
site, but then again, this site has never seen a character such as "The
Smack." Here is an email he sent me after his suspension from the site.

For those who don't know:
Eletrik was a positive member on the site for some time! He was doing some cool stuff to his Warrior and sharing with the community. That is what it's all about! However, one day, he posts up on his "hybrid warrior" modification. Things got ugly... other members started flaming him, he started attacking members, moderators tried cleaning up the mess. He posts more copies of his posts (called SPAMing), which then led to moderator editing of posts. Emails were sent and I hoped all could play nice. Wrong. He starts sending PM's to members and moderators flaming them all. Not good. I suspended his account until things could be resolved, then I get this email...

For the record:
I never commented on his project and I
won't now.

word" that he is referring to is that I said he could have his post on
the site... and it is. The post remains and will not be pulled down:

I "reca'nize" that this guy is a total narcissist with an inaccurate view of what the world owes him.


from Eletrik Ride <[email protected]>
date Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 12:09 AM
subject Fw: Posts

see you have 86ed me from the forum. I complied with your requests,
yet the harassment did not stop. No apology was offered for the
inappropriate behavior from you moderators. My posts were
unjustifiably locked and removed. I did not advertise or spam - I did
what any other member who performed a cool mod would do - I shared it
with the group. This was never about sales or marketing. I have
plenty of both and I don't need to spam or scam for it. All my sales
are word of mouth.

Yeah, I am actually that good and my design
works that well. When you invent something that works as good and for
the right reasons as what I did, it feeds itself. No need to spam
anyone. As a business person yourself, you ought to be able to grasp
that, and in doing so realize that you were wrong about me. The reason
I kept reposting was personal. No one orders me around, and no one
controls me. This was a battle I was going to fight to the bitter
end. I knew this would be the outcome, because there was no way I
could be beaten down. The only way to stop the Smack is to pull the

You renigged on your word. You let the moderators screw
with my posts even after you said I could post about my mod. In doing
so, you support the minority of your members who were either to stupid
or jealous to react in a mature manner. Choosing instead to hurl
insults my way. But none of that phased or stopped me. See, I take no
crap from no man on this earth. No one insults me and no one
disrespects me - EVER. Anyone crossing my path gets smacked down
quick. This is the way it should be - since I have done NOTHING wrong
and NOTHING to deserve the kind of treatment your moderators and
members demonstrated.

By deleting my membership, you do not
win. I am not defeated. Censorship is not victory. By squashing my
right to speak, you only underscore the narrow minded, uneducated,
neanderthol mindset your forum has. I will continue on with my awesome
bike and my successful design with or without your forum. Since I used
my Warrior as a proof of concept platform, I thought it only fitting to
talk about it. I expected other Warrior riders would be proud that
their bike stands as a vehicle to progress this technology. Just
because some of your apelike members and moderators could not
comprehend the technology does not give them the right to enforce
Hitler tactics.

Your loss. My extraordinary skills and talents
are better appreciated by those who actually passed the 6th grade. So
now that I understand you are NOT a man of your word, and what you say
does not necessarily back what you do - I am glad to be rid of the
stress. The horrible conduct of your group was extremely upsetting to
me and it is just as well I leave you all to your own bitter stew.

screw you, Sean - you and your group. As hydrogen technology takes a
hold of the entire planet over the next decade (watch the news and
reca'nize), just remember how an honest and creative guy tried to open
your eyes to it and you all just shat in his face. You will eventually
feel sorry for the horrid way you treated someone who tried to help and
educate you. I will be taking apologies from over egotistical,
unjustified, and uneducated fools at the door. I'll try not to rub it
in too much.

BTW, I have 10,000 hits every month on my site.
That's 1,200,000 hits a year. That's a lot of people checking out
hydrogen technology. Not customers, just people wanting to learn
more. A lot of eyes. I will be smashing and bashing your forum (in
typical Smack fashion) enthusiastically in my videos (which have tens
of thousands of viewers as well) and on my site. I'm going to tell
those 1,200,000 people visiting each year how you and your moderators
attempted censorship of me and the technology in the most fascist,
unamerican manner possible. I will tell them about the homosexual
edits in my posts by your moderators, and the attempt at control and
silence with the locking and deletion of my threads. My audience is
worldwide, and I will tell them all how you treated me. By worldwide,
I mean every single continent on the planet with an internet
connection. Look at the counter. People all over are going to know
how the Smack was disrespected. After all I have done and freely given
to you all. You ungrateful P.O.S.

I didn't even mention the
other forums I'm involved with online. Tens and thousands of people
who DO respect me who will learn about the decrepit way you run your
little hole-in-the-wall forum. You are an embarrassment to this
country, and to everything built on the foundations of integrity. Your
breach of word and unethical censorship will be known throughout the

You will reca'nize. Know this.

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