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Posted 11-03-2008 at 06:53 PM by carknee Needs Help!!!

As many of you have noticed has been on a slow decline in many aspects. [:'(] Certain areas of the site have been neglected, but today I am hoping we can turn that around. I have a dream that one day the "Warrior of the Month" section will be filled with pages of well written prose and overflowing with professional photos. The PCIII maps will be available for all to use and other user content will be easily accessible!

While I doubt it will be that good, I do believe it can get better than its current state!

I think I owe you all some insight as to why the site has become my red headed stepchild... This site started as a fun side project for me in 2002 when my day job was all but challenging and my life as a 24 year old was fun and games. Fast forward 6+ years... my job is challenging and time consuming. My life has gone from drinking copious amounts of beer to changing my 3 month old son's diapers.

When this site started it had a very tight nit group of moderators (geestar, DarkStar and Sangathor) and we have added two as time went on (billh1943 and JPWarrior) . Geestar and billh1943 haven’t been seen from in years. JPWarrior and Sangathor, while both very dedicated to the site have been busy with their own lives. That leaves DarkStar; the concrete that holds this site up. He has stepped up to the tasks that I have left to the wayside. However, he too, has expressed interest in selling his Warrior and moving back to Delphi.

Here is my plan.
  1. I need a few good men (or women) who are interested in becoming volunteer moderators for various sections of the site.
    This person will:
  2. Need to be active on the site on a daily basis
  3. Be familiar with the forum software
  4. Be an upstanding member with no prior history of complaints
  5. Almost all forums are needing mod's. (classifieds, general bike talk, anything goes, all warrior forums) Each mod would get a forum.
[*]I am looking to have 1-2 moderators specific to each "Ride Club." The Ride Club areas have traditionally been overlooked by moderators. I think this has always been ok, but I would like to see a person who is very active in their area take charge of their forum.Same requirements as above.[*]A couple of people who are interested in maintaining the Warrior of the Month section. (People who have helped with this in the past would be welcomed!)
This person would require being able to perform the following:[*]Dedicate a 1-3 hours a month to this task.[*]Create a poll in the Forum to tally votes[*]Write, in proper English, a few paragraph description of the winner’s bike.[*]Be comfortable with this site’s gallery software.[/list][*]Any other ideas that you may have to better help[*]Are you a graphic artist that wants to help the design?[*]Etc…[/list][/list]
So, “why would I want to volunteer my time for” you ask? Good question.
If you are passionate about the Warrior and want to help the community this may be for you. You will be criticized by members and have your inbox flooded with requests for help. However, you will get the pride knowing you helped a few people out.

If you are interested, please send me an email with a description of how you think you can help, why you are a good candidate, and how much time you can spend.

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