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Power Commander Maps

Posted 04-10-2011 at 07:02 PM by robriguez
Updated 10-28-2011 at 07:39 AM by robriguez

Thanks to DadsWarrior for getting these files to me!

Since we don't have a "Downloads" section in the forum, I took it upon myself to host the PCMaps myself and will use this thread to provide links to the individual files.

-Simply click on the name of the map and the file will auto download. All files have been converted to .djm format.
-All descriptions were taken from the notes section of each map. If you have further information about a certain map please let me know so I can fix the description.

-I have very limited knowledge about the Power Commander Control Modules. I know even less about which map would be best for which application. I am simply hosting the files on my site so that they are readily available to all members.

-It is my understanding that the original PC3-Serial used a .map file. As this model has been discontinued, I have converted all maps to be used with the newer PC3-USB. That is not to say that these maps will not work with the older modules, just that you will have to download the newer software to be able to use them.

-If you have the newer PCV, you should be able to "import" these files into that software as well.

-If a map is labeled as a PCV only, It means that it cannot be opened or imported at all by the older PC3 software. You will have to downlowd the PCV software, open the map, then manually copy/paste the values into a zero map made for the PC3 software/module you have.

If you have additional maps you would like to contribute please email them (with descriptions) to Robriguez at Hotmail dot Com and I will add them to this list.

Amospro Map -
Vance & Hines dual exhaust
Thunder air kit
AIS block off
ArizonaWarrior_0705 Map -
Drag Race Map w/AcceleratorPump Active for:
Yamaha Road Star Warrior - ArizonaWarrior (M.Morgan) 2005
Speedstar 2-1-2 (Version 2) full system.
Stock undertank airbox with K&N filter.
Speedstar right side scoop with K&N filter.
Tuner: Eric Dorn Racing (EDR) Hillsboro Oregon
Licensed PC3USB Dynotuner w/dyno and software
Badger Map -
Vance & Hines Bigshots
Churchkey VBAK
AIS block off
BadgerHC Map -
Vance & Hines Bigshots
Churchkey VBAK
O.E. 10.5:1 HC pistons
Timing advanced 2 degrees
AIS block off
Bucky685_121807 Map -
Yamaha Road Star Warrior
Speed Star 2-1-2 (Gen II)
Churchkey V-BAK
AIS Block Off
Buflow_M403-013 Map -
Yamaha Road Star Warrior
Cobra slip on muffler
Stock air filter
from map #013 for Bub muffler
Shows good off idle & good high end. So far so good no problems coming off of idle or going down to cornering throttle. Derived through ride testing not dyno.
Caledonian Warrior(GavMap) -
2002-2005 Yamaha Road Star Warrior
Vance & Hines Bigshots
Churchkey Big Air kit
AIS blockoff
Tweaked m403 & MattKC map
(tweeked the numbers in the 2% range, made them slightly richer, and also a few more along the 1000 and 1500 rev range. Now there is next to no backfiring or popping on decel, there is no cough while pulling away at junctions and the motor still pulls extremely well, even after 100mph. Plugs are good, tested at different revs.)
CaseyMap -
2002-2006 Yamaha Road Star Warrior
Pacific Coast Star Monster Pro-Pipe w/ Race "Vortex" Baffle
Barons BAK
Dynatek DC2-1 Coils and Dynatek Suppresion Wires
NGK Plugs from Yamaha Dealer (Part # - DPR7EIX-9)
AIS Block Off
LCV Delete
Daboy_57110-DynoTuned Map-PCV ONLY -
Vance and Hines Pro Pipe with the standard baffle
AIS block off
DesertWarriors Map -
Vance & Hines BigShots w/quiet baffles
Patrick Racing air kit
AIS block off
DorakCustom Map -
Barons AIS Blockoff
Barons Stealth BAK
V&H Bigshots
girlzwarrior_M403-007 Map -
zero map
Jamie Map -
Vance & Hines Big Shots exhaust
Churchkey VBAK
AIS block off
CO:1 at 0
CO:2 at -1
Harrys Tune -
Provided by Mlarivie
108ci 10.5:1 Wiseco/Millenium plated setup
Speedstar cams/springs and OE lifters.
Speedstar exhaust
Patrick Stage 1 heads (serdi)
Church VBAK
JusticCustomMap - PCIII
JusticCustomMap - PCV -
Justice Pro-Pipe Custom Map (Rx Warrior Custom Map modified on DynoJet - MODIFIED) - 6/23/09
Pro-Pipe with Thunder Monster Baffle
AIS block off
Dyna DC2-1 Coils, 8mm Dynatek Wires and NGK Iridium Plugs (DPR7EIX-9) gapped at .027"
MattKC Map -
Vance & Hines Big Shots exhaust
Churchkey VBAK
AIS block off
CO:1 at 0
CO:2 at -1
Messx03 Map -
Ducshop mapped
RinehartwBaffleAndVbak Map -
zero map rswarrior.com dice
RX_Warrior_1.1 Map -
S* pipe
Churchkey's VBAK
AIS block off
ECU settings: CO1:0, C02:0
This is a modified map of Amospro. Here are the modifications: 0% throttle: Zero'd out all value to improve fuel milage (popping on decel will be reduced if 10s are reinserted per Amospro's map)
Rx_Warrior_BURRITO Map -
2-1-2 pipe such as the S* pipe
RX_Warrior made map by averaging all the maps that closely resemble map above in the hope that averaging over several maps may yield a middle of the road usability and tunability
Rx+Loren+Nolan+customadvanced+Dynojet 403-030
Sacul19 Map -
2002 Yamaha Road Star Warrior
Morton Executioner pipes
Skybejef1Wade Map -

2006 Yamaha Road Star Warrior - Sioux Falls Iowa
Bub Jug Huggers, Churchkey V-BAK, AIS Removed
Provided by Skybejef as 'Wade's Map built on a dynotuner'
SpeegleCustom Map -
2007 Yamaha Road Star Warrior CUSTOM MAP
SpeegleCustomMap1 - Samson RipSaws
Baron's Big Air kit
Speeglefuelmoto Map -
2007 Yamaha Road Star Warrior
Barons Big Air Kit
Samson Street Sweeper Exhaust
Fuel Moto Custom Map
stvbrx Map -
VbakBigRadius -

2008 Warrior
Vance & Hines Big Radius Pipes
Churchkey's VBAK
WarriorPc3 Map -
2006 Yamaha Road Star Warrior
Samson Street Sweepers
Churchkey V-BAK
AIS Removed
WarriorSpeedsterSwept Map -
2006 Road Star Warrior
Cobra Speedster Swept Exhaust
Stock Air Filter
Komet Motorsports, Inc.
Added Justice's Map 04/13/11
Added Burrito Map 04/26/11
Added daboy_57110's Map 04/27/11
Added CaseyMap 05/17/11
Added disclaimer at top
Added HarrysTune 05/27/11
Added GavMap 09/06/11
Added Justice's map PCIII Version 10/28/11

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