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WARRIOR Germany 25 Jul 2010 (72)

WARRIOR Germany 25 Jul 2010 (72)

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hiya 'friend' ha! yourself

that's my eldest son stew ...shots taken by jason his bro - we have 3 warriors in the family and were not afraid to use a great meeting in germany 2010..this last year it was switzerland and the same guys plus wizzy went from the uk - 7 fellows of the piston ring

this year it's out turn to host the 8th euro meeting 2012 - it's not our meeting it belongs to all the euro guys that get to vote on the last night of the previous we will have 43 warriors and 50 bikes riding out this 14th july - we take over a hotel....promise to buy loads of booze...and generally go's very addictive

so seeing you organise your guys was heart warming :D:D

meeting over a long weekend makes life friends you long to meet and greet each year - cheers tom

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