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  1. 749A4287-B9B1-491F-A9C5-80A5F45420EF.jpeg

    2002 Roadstar XV1709 Warrior
  2. The Welcome Mat
    2002 Warrior XV1700 with 2000 miles. I want a bullet fairing. Video of my bike
  3. Technical Discussion
    so I went diving under the tank a little extensive and ran across these parts ( in pic 2) so I know the top right is a temp thermocouple..... but what are the other two ??? Both are plugged in but on the backside only one has a hose ran to it.... the right one ..... it's ran down. To the...
  4. Technical Discussion
    So when I turn key over (to on position) fuel pump comes on starter relay clicks ( part in the background with two fuses) but starter does not turn over.... unplugged this relaY that is hooked to what I will call the power side of the starter relay) as shown in picture there is a third wire...
  5. General Discussion
    Anyone pull this off on a 2002? Digital speedo, not tach, in Kmh not MPH, however I have an american bike, would there be any issues if I set a digital gauge to kmh?
  6. General Discussion
    just wondering instead of painting my bike as it costs a lot I was planning on wrapping it, has anyone here ever had issues wrapping a warrior due to the curves/contours of the metal components? Tank, front/rear fender, etc.
  7. Classifieds - Want to Buy
    Any ideas other than a stock one from yamaha for $100???
  8. Motorcycles and ATV's For Sale
    In arkansas. Ais delete. Barons big air intake. Denso performance coils, barnett stage 3 clutch, with plates, new paint, Yamaha professionally tuned. Can run 93 to 107octane. Currently running non ethanol pump gas. Ngk performance plugs. Vance and Hines big shots true duals with x pipe. Also...
1-9 of 9 Results