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  1. Warrior Parts and Accessories for Sale
    Found these while looking for something else... $20 bucks shipped (lower 48 only)
  2. Technical Discussion
    As I was out on probably my last ride of the year today. It felt like my clutch lever was less tight... it had more space between where it rests and where it engages. Like often times I don’t have to pull the clutch completely to the handlebar to shift but I did now. My first guess was that my...
  3. Frequently Asked Warrior Questions
    im having troubles finding a video thats my actual ride. the videos i find on vstar and others arent enough like mine engine design wise that im comfortable. this is my first clutch replacement experiance and id like a good vid or even just a brake down blueprint or something . my plates came...
  4. Technical Discussion
    Hey all, been trying to tackle a clutch change on my 07. At this point, the clutch has been put back together, And the new bolts (broke one off the first go around, it’s been great) in the pressure plate have been torqued to spec. The last hurdle is getting the side cover back on the bike. It...
1-4 of 4 Results