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  1. Technical Discussion
    Well I’m finally gonna go through with the exhaust stud replacement I just sprayed all the nuts ….bolts …and stud threads with PB Blaster …I probably gonna spray them every other day till next Tuesday when I go to remove them in hopes they don’t give me too much trouble… question is in a...
  2. Warrior Parts and Accessories for Sale
    💥 Vance&Hines Big Radius Exhaust 💥 Calling all my Florida Warrior owners on this one...willing to meet up anywhere in Florida halfway between us. Shipping on this exhaust would be crazy because of the size and weight of it. Possibly looking at $200 or more in just shipping cost so that's why I...
    $475 USD
  3. Australia
    Due to being messed around, I have this Vance & Hines exhaust for sale again (I’ve gone to a 2 into 1, I prefer the sound😝) 2004 Yamaha Warrior XV1700 Some small marks on the lower pipe, not as noticeable when on the bike $750, or best offer located in Naragba, QLD 4504
  4. Warrior Parts and Accessories for Sale
    Off my 02 Warrior, I prefer straight pipes. About 7/10 condition, could use a good polish. Minimal road scuffing, baffles installed. EBay posting is live next Monday, thought I’d release them here first. Shipping out of Canada
    $200 USD
  5. Other Powersports Parts and Accessories For Sale
    I bought this exhaust a couple years ago for friend who was helping me out with a remodeling project. He heard my bike (pro pipe) and wanted his bike to sound as loud as mine. However, by the time the exhaust arrived, he had traded in his C90 for a Victory. I didn't feel like spending almost...
  6. Classifieds - Want to Buy
    Been looking around trying to find a place to buy a different exhaust for my warrior. I guess they stopped making the Vance and Hines big shots. Anybody know where I could still get some? Did they ever make short shots for the warrior?
  7. Technical Discussion
    New Warrior owner here. Would like to know what exhaust this is? Can’t find the make stamped anywhere. Been searching online with no luck
  8. Frequently Asked Warrior Questions
    Hey All, I'm back again with another question. This 4m is a great resource and you guys were awesome when I inquired about riding on the "darkside" I did install a 235 and rode for a season with it. Ran about 22lbs, It launched like a MF but too much counter steer in the twisties for my liking...
  9. Technical Discussion
    I have the bubs jug huggers 2-2 exhaust on my 07 Warrior. I have a problem where my exhaust is scraping before even my pegs hit on sharp right corners. It’s shaved down my exhaust quite a bit and the sound is dreadful when it scrapes. Anybody know of how I could fix this without getting a whole...
  10. Warrior Parts and Accessories for Sale
    Selling both exhausts. Looking for $600 obo and I’ll cover shipping for the speedstar exhaust. And I’ll take whatever I can reasonably get for the stock exhaust. Pm me.
  11. Classifieds - Want to Buy
    Looking for any exhaust really. I have BUBS Jug huggers. I love the sound but they can be a bit loud on longer trips. I’m a big fan of 2-2 exhausts but am open to all offers! Thanks!
  12. General Discussion
    Hey guys, I would like some input on my Warrior. I’ve been thinking about upgrading my exhaust, right now I have the Roadhouse slip on. I mean, honestly, I love the sound but I sort of just want something louder. As far as looks go, I didn’t like it at first. That being said, it really grew on...
  13. General Discussion
    Hi all i have been looking for some time now for 2x2 exhaust system that Would fit my Warrior. I don’t like the original 2x1 neither the looks not the sound. Can you advise what could fit? Thanks
  14. Technical Discussion
    Hi all, I bought a 2004 Warrior with a Cobra exhaust however, I'm not sure if this has just a Cobra slip on to the original 2 into one header or is this a full Cobra system. Reason is that at some point of want to replace this and I do not see this available from Cobra when I search. I'd...
  15. Technical Discussion
    I’ve been doing some looking for a new exhaust. The one I have I’m not even sure what it is... it’s loud and sounds pretty decent but I can’t figure out the brand. Problem is, it’s got a major chip on the side of the chrome so I want to replace it. I’m looking at some Vance and Hines and cobra...
1-15 of 15 Results