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  1. Mustang Seat

    General Bike Talk
    Hey guys I have a tough question. Is there anybody that knows if I can somehow put on the 02-03 mustang seat on my 07 without drilling holes for the back seat? As far as I know, the front seat is totally fine... but the back needs holes drilled. Is it possible to just use the back seat I already...
  2. Chirp/Squeak noise

    Technical Discussion
    On my new Warrior I’ve noticed a kind of chirping noise. It’s not crazy loud or anything but it’s noticeable when idling and sometimes when riding. I have the stock air box and everything and I can’t find anything on the forums. Is a quiet chirping normal?
  3. LED Kits

    Installed Warrior Modifications and accessories
    I’m getting a new midnight Warrior this weekend. Will be my second warrior. Was wondering if it was a good idea to add some red LED’s on the bike? I think it would look amazing as well as help with visibility for other drivers. My only issue is that it seems like once some parts would need to...
  4. Engine swap

    Technical Discussion
    Hey guys! I made a few posts a couple months back about my bike having some major issues. After messing with it for quite some time and taking it to 3 different mechanics. I’ve found that I need new rings in my cylinder due to bad care of the previous owner. Unfortunately this is a very costly...
  5. Help boring cylinders

    Technical Discussion
    hello warriors, greetings I don't know who to ask, sorry for the inconvenience, but I need the help of experienced people the case is this: I have my yamaha warrior, I want to change to 110, but I live far from the USA, I cannot send my cylinders to Patrick Racing, I could only buy the 101mm...
  6. More bad news

    Technical Discussion
    So after having some issues with my bike and fiddling with it for some time, I finally took it to a shop. They told me it had too little compression and needed a rebuild so I took it to another shop for a second opinion. They said the same thing and did a leak down test and found the issue. They...
  7. Bad news

    Technical Discussion
    I made a post a few weeks back inquiring about why my bike was acting up. After exhausting a few options, I had to take it to a dealership. They let me know that my bike was getting spark and everything but was not getting enough compression. They told me they’ve gotta take the engine apart to...
  8. Exhausts and ECU

    Technical Discussion
    I’ve been doing some looking for a new exhaust. The one I have I’m not even sure what it is... it’s loud and sounds pretty decent but I can’t figure out the brand. Problem is, it’s got a major chip on the side of the chrome so I want to replace it. I’m looking at some Vance and Hines and cobra...
  9. Spark Plug Trouble

    Technical Discussion
    Hi again guys! Just recently posted another thread about my bike not running properly. Tried to change the spark plugs today and was only able to successfully get two off. The back left plug was a dream! Super easy off and on. Once I tried getting the back right one off, it was abnormally hard...
  10. Bike won’t idle and only runs over 2500 rpm

    Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone! I’m new to this forum and honestly a very clueless rider. I got my warrior back in august 2019. Unfortunately today I ran into quite the doozy of a problem. I was riding home in the rain on a small ride with my dad. When I was about 5 miles from home, I noticed an audible change in...