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  1. How To: Dynojet Power Commander 5 - PC5 - Wires Connection

    Technical Discussion
    Whoever runs a PC5 on your bike, can you please take a few pictures showing what wire[color] goes where to what pin in each connector. I got this PC5 unit without attached connectors. Now I am trying to figure out where and how to connect these 7 wires, want to know which one goes where...
  2. Custom 2002 Warrior Road Star 1700 - Black/Chrome - [SOLD]

    Motorcycles For Sale
    It’s Black with just the right amount of chrome and red highlights to bring out its best. Great condition with 28,507 miles. The 1670 CC V-Twin is setup with a custom intake and power commander for optimal engine tuning. With the wide rear tire you have superior traction and control at all...