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  1. Warrior Parts and Accessories for Sale
    I recently bought another 2006 Warrior after selling my last Warrior about 8 months ago. It's a beautiful Midnight edition with only 11k miles. The only issue is I hate the Corbin seat that it came with. It's alot thicker (taller) than the stock was and also I'm not a fan of the studded look...
  2. Warrior Parts and Accessories for Sale
    Corbin seats I pulled off my newly acquired 2008 Warrior. Passenger seat has YW-4-P stamped on it, but can't say what model the main solo seat is. Guessing they both are Hollywood model. Both have "snakeskin" texturing. My bike has a custom fender for the 240mm rear tire so the solo seat...
    $175 USD
  3. Warrior Parts and Accessories for Sale
    ***SOLD***Yamaha brand seat for 2002 model $200 plus shipping.
  4. Warrior Parts and Accessories for Sale
    Just bought an 07 and it has a nice Corbin seat on it. Looking to sell the one that’s on it for a new solo style. Also have no idea what this is worth
  5. General Bike Talk
    Hey guys I have a tough question. Is there anybody that knows if I can somehow put on the 02-03 mustang seat on my 07 without drilling holes for the back seat? As far as I know, the front seat is totally fine... but the back needs holes drilled. Is it possible to just use the back seat I already...
1-5 of 5 Results