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  1. Technical Discussion
    So I know it's getting colder outside and fuel density and such plays a role but the start ups with my 2006 have gotten worse. Starts have always been bad, I never heard any bike start like mine and my friends always roast me about the "jalopy start-ups" lol So what I'm getting at is, I was...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hey! Yesterday after a quick warmup session after an oil change my Warrior kept on "starting" even with the ignition turned off. Solonoid valve closed so the sound if made was biblical. After quickly removing the poles on the battery I started troubleshooting and found that my starter relay had...
  3. Technical Discussion
    So let me start this off and say that I haven't rode my bike in a month in a half due to some exhaust BS but I got them installed last week or so, took it out for a joy ride around the block for a while, it rode fine, then parked it for a week because I went on a road trip. On return from the...
1-3 of 3 Results