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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hi, My tach display is starting to fade on the clock and mileage. Trying to figure out if anyone has succeeded in repairing this problem. The Yamaha price tag (extortion) for a new ENTIRE tacho is not an option. I think the problem is the polarised film I am hopeful that someone out there must...
  2. Warrior Parts and Accessories for Sale
    Like the title says speedometer and tachometer priced right. Tach display a bit hard to see but still readable. Tach comes with cover absolutely nothing wrong with either of them other then what’s already been mentioned. These are plug and play ready to go! Buyer pays shipping pics for reference...
    $200 USD
  3. Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, First time poster here, asking for a brother. So he's got Yamaha Warrior XV1700 Midnight, and his gauge dashboard has a faulty diode, so gauges are not lighted. Instead of replacing the entire dashboard, he figured it would be more cost-efficient to replace just the diode that went...
1-3 of 3 Results