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Afternoon all (depending on what part of the world is reading at this time. 1st time poster here and this site is "sick"!!!! everything I need to know about my bike all in one stop!!!! awsome!.

My name is Gary.....most folks call me GC...

So, bought my 1st bike....yes very own Warrior in Feb. of this year. Once I figure out how to insert the pictures I will get them out here.

Very clean, and very kind of vanila flavored (for the time being)!!!!well taken care of....4k miles, mods include, V&H bigshots, lowered, BIG AIR, 31 Tooth front pulley, power commander III, chrome air box covers, and fast as a rapped ape!

Got to get it dyno-d and remapped for the big shots however...gets a little "poppy" during loads....and might be running a tad rich....but Robs Dyno Service in Gardner Mass. will take care of that!...

Getting ready to replace the throttle cables...due to housing connector cracked/so adjustment doesn't work I will be looking around for some basic advice on the HOW TO on guess will be "pretty simple"...just swap em out right??

Well...lookin forward to talkin to my fellow warriors!!!!

1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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