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I have three items that I've been sitting on and decided to unload them here for anyone that wants!! Apologies to anyone selling similar items for higher prices - I'm not looking to make any money here, just get rid of these:

1) Black Yamaha fly screen - $20 plus shipping*; normal wear and tear but in pretty decent shape overall. Mounts to the tachometer housing using the bolts that already exist there. I just bought a Cee Bailey windshield and a forum member is making the brackets for me (Boulevard brackets).

2) Right mirror - I believe this to be the stock mirror. Thought I had the left one too but can't seem to find it. Very good condition. $10 plus shipping*

3) Billet license plate frame - Not sure if this was stock or not. Two mounting bolts included. Very good condition. $5 plus shipping*

I will only charge exactly what it costs to ship these items. I will package them and stop by the post office to get actual prices in the next day or so. Priority USPS shipping.


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