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I have a pair of Saddleman Cruis'n Slant with face pouch, E-Z brackets, mounting bungs and bolts. Size 17.5" long x 10.5" tall and 6.5" deep. With a 7x5x2 zippered pouch.
These are in good condition. I have added a steel liner to them to actually carry and transfer the weight to the mounting bungs . The recommended weight capacity is 10 lbs from Saddleman. I've filled them with tools + a gas can + oil.
No more Saggy Bags

I also fixed the stupid E-Z lock. Threw that POS away and replaced it with a ez cam latch.

Both of these Mods were documented, in write ups, on the 4m years ago.

No scuffs rips, torn threads, nothing on the outside.

I did get the bags with a few small cracks in the plastic backing. I super glued with locktite shoe repair glue and the steel liners has solved that problem

The inside looks kinda funky, cause of the steel liners but works fantastic. Nobody is looking in your bags anyways.

I would like $200 PayPal'd to me plus shipping. Shipping won't be over $45-$65, or I'll pay the difference.

Me and Momma have been everywhere with these bags and I've had these bags on my bike for years and years and they Still look great.

New, the bags are 171.90 + tax and the E-Z brkts are 169.90 + tax both from J&P

Any questions please email me @ [email protected]
Or text and call @ 909-973-2234

BTW the pink little bag is full of tools for my BMW friends



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