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one has an extra c attached to it. Think it stands for california model. The ca. model has a charcole canister, down by the left foot peg, for exta polution control. Many members have removed it. No other differences between the two. HTH.

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Yamaha seems to have a production cycle identifier as part of the model number. They are all XV1700PC (or XV17PC) as shown in this list of service manuals. The next letter after PC is the year code, starting with P for 2002 and going thru X for the 2008 model year. The 2009 should by Model Y. The production model# ends there for the first run. The second run has a B on the end and the third has a C on the end. It is possible the "C" run is for bikes for countries that require the same charcoal canister as California, don't know.

For example, the 2003 year had XV1700PCR, PCRB, PCRC.

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2002 XV1700PCP* service manual is LIT-11616-15-37

2003 XV1700PCR* service manual is LIT-11616-RS-WO

2004 XV17PCS* service manual is LIT-11616-RS-WO

2005 XV17PCT*service manual isLIT-11616-RS-WO

2006 XV17PCV* service manual is LIT-11616-RS-W1

2006 XV17PCV* parts manual is P15-1217006-06

2007 XV17PCW* service manual is LIT-11616-RS-W1

2007 XV17PCW* parts manual is P15-1217006-07

2008 XV17PCX* service manual is LIT-11616-RS-W1
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