Well, let me first thank AZ and Hefty and many others who have helped me get my Warrior to the apex of perfection when it comes to motorcycles I've ridden, and it has been my great privilege to own this one. (Long emotional and boring section deleted) - with my daughter getting married within the year and needing a new car, something has to give. I never thought I would ever need to do this - still feels kinda weird (reaches for Kleenix).

That said, I've owned and meticulously maintained it for two years, put about 10k on it, and now it is time for us to part. With under 23k miles and many customizations, it has:
  • Polished rims
  • 33-tooth sprocket upgrade from HeftySmurf (for better highway riding)
  • Memphis Shades “Bullet” quick-release fairing
  • Cyclops LED headlight
  • Yellow/white dual fog lights (linked to high/low beam switch – like turning on the sun at night on high beam)
  • 12v 3-way power outlets
  • BikeMaster heated grips
  • Drag-style handlebars
  • Custom Dynamics LED bar-end running lights/turn signals
  • New clutch and throttle cables
  • Rebuilt front brake master cylinder
  • Chin-spoiler (factory Yamaha)
  • Extended passenger pegs (hard to find)
  • Supreme Legends forward controls (with extra parts)
  • Wave rotors and Galfer pads up front/aftermarket rotors and pads in the rear
  • Steel-braided brake lines front and rear
  • Mustang seat
  • Backrest and luggage rack
  • Blaster-X tail light with integrated turn signals
  • Blinker unit for LED signals
  • Blue LED license plate bolts
  • Dynatek performance ignition coils
  • Upgraded spark plugs and wires
  • Quick-release gas cap
  • Spike air cleaners on both sides of bike (for looks – not needed with the BAK, see below)
  • Avon Storm III tires (rear might have 1k on it and like new, front has about 1/3 life left)
  • Forks rebuilt in the last year
In addition to all of those goodies, this bike came with the FULL STAGE IV COMPETITION KIT from Yamaha. This includes:
  • High compression pistons
  • Competition cams
  • Competition Valve springs
  • Performance fuel injectors
  • Heavier clutch springs
  • BAK (Big Air Kit) air intake
  • AIS-delete
  • Speedstar ECU (rarer than hen’s teeth and unicorn horns)
  • Speedstar exhaust (upgraded to Gen II version for more torque and cornering clearance)
More details: bike was laid over last year by a distracted young lady on a cell phone. All damage has been repaired except for exhaust and paint, so you can paint it to your liking. Or if it doesn't sell, I'll pull the fenders and have them & the replacement tank painted and take it down to Bike Week next March. I have many, if not all of the original parts that I replaced, including an extra fuel pump. I also have the Speedstar right-side air intake and mini-fairing, two other hard-to-find items. I need to go look in my box as I have a lot more - original brake lines, two left-side covers, original motor mount, brake rotors (3), etc. Everything will go with it. Even the Gen 1 S* exhaust - hang it up in your garage or something.

Youtube video of the lights when I installed them:

I've got it on CL; open to offers but not a lot of wiggle room. If serious send me a PM and we'll talk. Just the one pic for now - need to get it out and clean it for a proper photo shoot.