I've been fighting this for years. Recent growing family events have changed everything. I am now faced with proving 24/7/365 care for family (which can't be achieved at my decrepit age lol). My Beast has been with me for ~twenty years. As many know, I have been unable to ride it regularly (just a couple tours a year) and since 2014 I'm lucky to do one tour a year. I just don't want to sell it. But logically there is no choice. It obviously needs a new home.

Here's a link to my list of completed mods, all of which add zero extra maintenance over stock:

Same place is a list of new and used spares. Some I have sent to members, some might get sold meantime, and there are probably spares that are not on the list because I forgot I have them. So the list is not completely updated. Notice this price includes the spare frame with title, and no matter what your expectations are, you will receive a ton of handy spares and bits and things hard to find. Plus my hard copy service manual (3-ring binder), original ECU, Mustang seat set, and new spare drive belt. Plus you get a bike that has been loved and others say it looks new. I say it looks pretty darn good. It's been garaged when not touring. I love it that much.

I think I polished-off the black marker on the relocation plate that I did for a member picture to help out. When I run a maintenance on it I will do so if needed.

The tribal pinstripe comes off with an oven cleaner. You can have the can if wanted. 5 minutes and it can be gone with no trace.

I will include certain Warrior specific tools no extra charge.

I have no heart to part this out. It's carefully modified and purposefully retains the look and soul of the Warrior. It has taken me into the wind for two decades without fail.

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