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2005 tach refurb

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Has anyone ever looked into refurbishing their tachoometer? Mine is starting to darken.
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I would have sworn I saw posts about changing the lights. There must be a way.
Are you familar with fiberoptics? Maybe you can redirect the light?
I remember successful speedo faces with lighting upgrade. I remember one Tach discussion where the repair failed. Maybe the type of progressive display makes it a bigger deal even to just replace backlighting? 🤔 I can't wait to see who posts the fix!
I'm no expert on LCDs, but this isn't going to be as easy as changing the backlights. From what I've seen of '80s and '90s electronics repairs, I think you'd have to get a hold of a replacement screen, either newly manufactured or New Old Stock. I've never seen someone actually repair UV exposure damage, only replace.
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