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Drat... Nothing about finnish (or hungarian) endevour... otherwise, nicely done, as far
I understood anything about that. My german ist erbärmlich... (I looked that from the dictionary! :D)

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@ Zal
My english is slightly better then your german, but i tried to translate the article:

The european friends of Yamahas Power-Cruiser Warrior are going to meet in a different country every year.
This year the british Warrior Riders invited them to their island.
For Wolfgang (in fact it was Gerry) the meeting almost didn’t took place because at the very beginning the belt of his motorcycle snapped.
While the rest of the group crossed the channel by ferry Speedmastar stayed with him.
Meanwhile Krieger sent his wife with a small bike lift and tools to the barrack where the group stayed overnight and Gerry and Speedmastar changed the belt.
To rebook the ferry wasn’t a problem so the two stragglers headed directly to the “Devils punch bowl” and stayed dry.
The 40 warrior riders were welcomed by typical british weather…rain in all variations.
Even the planned ride out was shortened due to the conditions.
But the informal atmosphere and the open-end party at the hotels pub compensated the riders for the lost ride.
Next year the european warriors plan to meet around Dresden
741 - 744 of 744 Posts