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'Summer 2011 International Give-Away' [mailings completed]

A few of us were talking and you know how that always gets us into trouble, right?
For example, when a member here puts the rubber side up, it effects us like a family.
Some fugly dude said something about 'ride bells' after reading a topic here. Dunno
how it turned into this, but it did. We wanted to say thanks to everyone for being
a great forum group. We're just members too, but figured we might try to show our
appreciation in some small way. No tellin' how, but we picked these fugly's for bells:

07Midnight57 (mailed)

1256day (mailed)

60ftgap (mailed)

Adr3naline (mailed)

AlanH (mailed)

Baclay9 (mailed)

Bruce59 (asked committee to select another member, what a guy!)

CaliforniaCruiser (mailed)

Christok (mailed)

Churchkey (mailed)

Gchalifo (mailed)

Gilly (mailed)

Heff (mailed)

Hurd (mailed)

JFreeman1111 (mailed)

JPWarrior (mailed)

KevinGonad (mailed)

LAGalaxy8 (mailed)

MintyBullet (mailed)

Oldman (mailed)

Papawheelie (mailed)

ParkingLot (mailed)

Pep (mailed)

Robriguez (mailed)

RX_Warrior (mailed)

Scawein (mailed)

Siradude (mailed)

SouthboundChicken (mailed)

Teck (mailed)

Warrior_UK (mailed)

Yamaweezle (mailed)

Youngja (mailed)

Your Gifts: Medium Chrome Bells Sample (hang on bike or in garage near bike)

What's Next: PM your mailing address to ArizonaWarrior. Your 'Gremlin Bells' are ready to mail!

Your Hosts:
Akitadog, Arizona Warrior, BJMartin, Caledonian Warrior, Jarv, KyleNV, Repsol61, Tomba, Wyoming Warrior.
With special 'thanks' to Churchkey, who did not vote but kindly shared expenses.

Why We Did This: For Fun. Really. That's it. Weird but true.

Next Bell Give-Away: ~ Summer 2012.

From an email I recently received, talking about Gremlin Bells on the bike and Friendship Bells in the garage:
When you see a biker with a bell you'll know they have been blessed with the most important thing
in life -- friendship from a fellow biker.
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