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I was trying to remove today the bolts on the motor mount, in order to grind it and paint it (ferraci dry break and left side cleanup mod). I fired my compressor and the 450lb 1/2" impact wrench... the Allen bolts did not move at all. So I decided to grab my ratchet and a rubber hammer to unlock those stubborn bolts. While applying a balanced pressure and hammering gradually, the titanium Allen key snapped like a thin piece of wood. I hope no locktite was used on those bolts, the previous owner made few moves like that on some important bolts...

So far, the solution is to heat a little the bolt with a low temperature torch and try again to unscrew it... Do you recommend another approach? Also, do you know a good Allen key set that I can use with my compressor and will not snap like a pair of matches when used on tough bolts?

Thanks guys.
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