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Money Back Guarantee

P.i. Performance Improver Concentrate (API)

Improves fuel mileage an average of 2.3% and up to 5.7%. Reduces
emissions such as hydrocarbons (HC) up to 15%, carbon monoxide (CO) up
to 26% and nitrous oxides (NOx) up to 17%. Restores power and
performance. Reduces the need for costly higher octane fuel. Reduces
noise from carbon rap and pre-ignition. Offers better vehicle
drivability and smoother operation.

Reformulated for greater potency.

This product is for 4 stroke gasoline engines.


TRICO Announces Rebates on NeoForm® Beam Blades and Winter Wiper Blades for AMSOIL Customers.

TRICO is now offering a $20 rebate to customers who purchase TRICO
NeoForm® Beam Blades and a $5 rebate to customers who purchase TRICO
Winter Wiper Blades between October 1, 2008 and November 30, 2008.
Customers can print off the rebate forms from the AMSOIL website.
Customers must then send the rebate form, along with the required
documents including a valid sales receipt, to TRICO to receive their
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