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Anyone interested in smaller decals

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I am going to the decal shop in a short while and I am getting some 4 x 1" decals made up.

If you would like some please let me know so I can get a rough estimate of how many to make up.

Let me know color and quantity.

If no color specified then I will be going with white and a few silver.

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Don't have a place for a decal, Sean. How about a patch? Do you have any? Didn't see any in the store. How about a reverse color, i.e., white graphic on a black, or better yet, medium blue field?[/emoticons/emotion-2.gif]
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No patches today.

If interested in small decals let me know how many and color pref, otherwise it will be a small order of White and Silver decals.

I am making an order real soon (today ot tomorrow)!!!

Let me know if you are interested.

I'm interested. I scratched my tank while removing the "warning" sticker and would like to cover with a small decal until I can have it fixed(which probably won't be until after this riding season). I have an 03 Black with Indigo Flames. Do you think this decal would be apppropriate? If so, What color would you suggest?
The image in this thread is actual size, so you can print it out and test out how it owuld look on your tank.

I would suggest Silver as a good color. White would be too bright, chrome is a possibility if you want chrome.
I'd like one please, but it's not for my Tank. Any colour will do me.
I'll take one silver and one chrome if possible. How much? and How do I pay?
I am leaving town this afternoon so I'll be off-line until tomorrow night. I'll check thread then.
I would like two, please, in grey or silver - if you have them any larger, I might want that, too. I want something for the minifairing, which is plain grey - my bike has the grey flames. Is it possible to get grey flame decals?

Anyway, I'll take two!
i would like 2 of the small ones, let me know
* In all likelihood, I will be making the final order tomorrow.
* The colors I am definetely ordering are White and Silver. If there are enough requests for another color I will order that one as well. I can tell you now that Chrome will be extra, and silver will be more than white as well.

I will have these in the store ( in about 2 weeks time. You will be able to pay via PayPal or check/moneyorder.

I hope you get enough chrome ones, 'cause they will be the fastest.
I got them in last week and they are available in the store now.
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