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My Service Manual Notes Oct2020:

My Mods & Accessories:

Shorai LFX18A1-BS12 (March 2014) and Shorai SHO-BMS01 Charger.
SVR-14 (minor battery-box heat-up and cable mods) (April 2010).
Original 2003 Yuasa GT14B-4-GS battery (January 2003 to April 2010).
.* pigtail-plug to Cig Lighter Outlet (MP3/Phone).

Billet and Chrome Goodies:
Star chrome billet rear fender stays STR-5PX81-10-00.
Star chrome upper belt guard STR-5PX85-10-01.
Star chrome cam cover STR-5PX27-41-01.
Star chrome alternator cover STR-5PX27-44-01.
Star chrome timing cover STR-4WM59-20-00.
Star chrome clutch cover insert STR-5PX27-43-01.
Star chrome rotating drive pulley case STR-5PX27-82-01.
Star chrome billet fork cap covers STR-5PX27-01-01.
Star chrome billet head bolt covers STR-4WM27-37-01.
Star chrome fork stem nut cover STR-5PX27-06-01.
Star chrome front master cylinder cap STR-4WM18-10-01 (not rec).
Star OEM pulley nut 90179-22004-00, washer 90215-26241-00.
Hunter1630 custom billet swing arm covers.
Hunter1630 custom billet front axle covers.
Kuryakyn 7418 billet chrome wide clutch/brake levers.
Kuryakyn 1438 long stem oval mirrors w/1446 adapter.
Kuryakyn 6235 ISO grips w/6250 throttle boss.
Kuryakyn 6221-red, 6222-blue, 6223-gold grip accent rings.
Kuryakyn 7965 ISO rider pegs with 8812 adapters.
Kuryakyn 8851 ISO shift peg cover.
Kuryakyn 8851 ISO brake peg cover.

Low & Mean Cowling w/stainless mesh (VacuCoat chrome not rec).
Speedstar chrome left-scoop STR-5PX09-67-01 w/stainless mesh.
Speedstar chrome right-scoop STR-5PX09-57-01 w/stainless mesh.
Star 26H-21308-00-00/90151-06038-00 helmet lock keyed to Warrior.
Star steel inner-fender kit STR-5PX82-00-00 (top-half plate mount).
Kuryakyn 4144 GranTour luggage.
Yamaha fender decals removed.

Replaced brake linings/springs w/factory sintered, fluid flush, pad-bed-in.
Galfer 3-line stainless front brake line FK003D311F (not recommended).
Barnett fully-lined braided stainless steel clutch and throttle cable sets.
Yamaweezle/Jarv Rear Brake Tidy:
...Goodridge PBL992-32CH switch (aka BL-922-32C/BL992-32CH) with PBL-BOOT.
...Compression Spring #56 Fastenal #0166715 Steel/Zinc 3" x 0.876" (0.0105 wire).
...Climax #C-056-S Stainless Steel 9/16" ID 1" OD Collar, Fastenal #0402958.
...Black 3/4-inch Heat-Shrink over brake rod under spring ~3-inch long.
...Spring compressed ~1/4-inch, rod dimpled and Loctite 243 on set screw.

Barnett SR2/511-90-10002 clutch spring assembly (gold springs).
Yamaha OEM fiber and steel clutch discs.

ECU, Intake, Exhaust, Fuel:
Ivan's reprogrammed my spare 2004 ECU. Awesome results.
Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro CVT 92-1772AT and -AIS
Yamaha 2-1-2 Speedstar exhaust SPD-5PX09-90-04.
Yamaha rear brake reservoir relocation plate.
Joined fuel tank roll-over hose to tank overfill hose.
Churchkey VBak with K&N RC1290's plus chrome LCV filter.
Barons BAK sensor and coil-relocation plate.
LCV relocated onto sensor and coil relocation plate.
Opened main harness, extended sensor wires for relo-plate.
Spade-type toggle w/boot w/safety cover - for ECU-bump.
2003 factory settings for CO1: -3 and CO2: -6
2004 factory settings for CO1: -1 and CO2: -7
2004 ECU Ivan's March 2015.
2004 ECU Bump Date: 06-18-15: CO1: -1 and CO2: -1 (and Cobra CVT low-rpm set 'almost off')

Handlebars, Cruise Control, Windshield:
Star STR-5PX75-12-00 Double T Fatbars.
BrakeAway 5CP02 billet aluminum cruise control.
Star STR-5PX05-00-31 Boulevard windshield.

Ignition Coils, Plugs, Wires:
Dynatek DC2-1 40,000-volt coil set mounted boots-in at stock location.
Mounted w/stainless button-head screws to clear primary terminals.
Modified left and right cable guide plates to clear primary terminals.
Magnecor custom 8mm 55,000-volt Electrosport 80 Ignition Cables.
Plug Boots: 3.5" long straight black.
Coil Boots: Normal straight black.
Ignition wire overall lengths (coil boots facing 'in' at stock location):
One each 11.5" oal (better 11" with 3" boot).
One each 13.5" oal (better 13" with 3" boot).
One each 28.5" oal (better 27" with 3" boot).
One each 31.0" oal (better 29" with 3" boot).
NGK Iridium DPR7EIX-9 spark plugs (.033" gap) fitted with
. . . #067606-0051 self-tap terminal nut (Monarch 1-888-800-9629)
. . . note these terminal nuts may or may not come w/the spark plugs.

Clear Alternatives intergrated tail light & signals.
Clear Alternatives clear front signal lenses, amber bulbs.
Front reflectors 16-117A Show Chrome clear lens amber LED's.
Rear reflectors clear lens single LED's that glow red.
Headlight H4 bulb 90/100w Narva #48901 (P43T38) since 2005.

Oil Pressure:
Wet-dial custom oil pressure gauge (DarkStar).

Wet-Clutch Motor Oil:
1. Amsoil 20W50 MCV Full Synthetic [favorite]
2. Mobil 1 20W50 V-Twin Full Synthetic
3. Yamalube4 10W40 or 20W50
(New 14mm crush gasket on both drain plugs every oil change

Oil Filter:
(Installed MOCAL TNM20 Filter Adapter from BAT Sarasota Florida)
1. Bosch #3323 (14~18 psi)(Anti-Backflow)(3-1/2" long) [have installed the Mocal adapter]
2. Yamaha #3FV-13440-10-00 (~14psi) (Nippon-Denso #115010-6010)
3. Mobile 1 #M1-110 (12~18psi)
4. Purolator Pure One #PL14610 (11~17psi)

Middle Drive Oil:
1. Redline MT-90 75w-90 GL-4 Full Synthetic Manual Trans/Transaxle

Trans, TPS, CPS recalls all correctly done by dealer.
My TT handlebars were not effected by the Yamaha recall.

OEM '03 Stinger seat shaved & enhanced by Crusteel45.
Mustang 75871 Vintage Tour seat set for '02-'03 Warriors.
MC Enterprises 291-38 backrest w/pad for '02-'03 (291-33 for '04+).
Note: the MC backrest is great for luggage tie-down and light passengers.

Tires and Suspension:
Avon Storm 200/50ZR17 rear tire and Avon Storm 120/70ZR18 front.
Bridgestone g-Force Sport Comp2 225/45R17 on spare rear wheel assembly (not for street).
Eibach 1000# rear spring 0700.225.1000 (GroundControl).
LA Choppers 1304-0190 adj. lowering links, can drop 2+ inches (primo).
. . . (mine is set at 1") (also sold as Barons P/N BA-7500-20).


Handy Info:
Battery Box (inch): L=6 H=5-3/4 W=3-7/16 top 3-1/16 base.
Battery Box 'Cable Hump': ~4 inches tall and 3/8" max thick.
(heated hump w/heatgun 1 minute and SVR14 Battery slid right in)
Current Shorai Battery: Length 5.83" Width 2.63" Height 4.13"

Handy Tools:
Swing-Arm: 1/2" Drive 6 point Socket 27MM
Front Wheel: 1/2" Drive Hex Bit Socket 19MM
Steering Stem: 1/2" Drive 6 point Socket 35MM
Steering Nuts: Yamaha Spanner YU-33975 36MM
Middle Drive Fluid Plug Tool: pliers and 3/32-inch thick washer with one edge ground flat:
1/2-inch flat Washer is 3/32-inch (2.3mm) thick; 9/16-inch (14.3mm) ID; 1-3/8-inch (34.8mm) OD.
Morgan Carbtune Pro (4-Col w/Bag) synchronizer tool (thanks ZZR12) Morgan Carbtune - carburetor synchronizer for balancing motorcycle carbs
Accu-Gage MH60X-RG Tire Air Pressure Gauge

Lifting Tools:
Craftsman aluminum motorcycle jack.

Adran RatCam 2,500Lb aircraft quality ratchet (plain blue)

Fastener Security:
Loctite #243 Blue (no-heat)(when thread locker called-out but not identified by number).
Loctite #648 Red (when specifically called-out in service manual, like brake rotor screws).
Permatex 77124 nickle anti-seize (dab on spark plug and exhaust threads).

Spare Parts On-Hand (needs updating):

Emergency Drive Belt - H.D. #40171-97 ('95-'99 USA Softail).
S&S-Gates X3N Carbon Cord Drive Belt #106-0359 (130T 14mm 1-1/8") (goes with mc when sold)
02-05 front drive pulley nut 90179-22004-00
02-05 front drive pulley tab washer 90215-26241-00
Melling #JB-2011 Hydraulic Lifters (autozone)
Nippon Fuel Injectors IMP-732, Yamaha Part Number 5FL-13761-00-00
Song Chuan 896H-1CH-C (12VDC 30/50) as future cod fix (
Blvd Tach Screws 2 ea M6x25/1.00 SS Button head (also uses 2 oem M6x20/1.00 SSBH).

12mm spark plug crush washer #P-678 ( 888-800-9629)

14mm oil plug crush gasket washers either aluminum or copper in 14x18x1.5 or 14x20x1.5 or 14x18x2.0 or 14x20x2.0 try and compare to Yamaha part number 90430-08119-00. Note that Dorman no longer makes a 14mm true aluminum crush gasket and the Dorman aluminum oil plug washer is too hard to seal so it weeps.

Spare M6x8 1.0-pitch stock header (and S*) bung plugs with flat washer.
Spare exhaust header-to-jug gaskets 3EG-14613-00-00.
Spare exhaust header-to-pipe gasket 5PX-14755-00-00.
Spare stock piston rings (2 kits) 5PX-11610-00-00.
Spare stock pistons 5PX-11631-00-00 w/pins 4WM-11633-00-00
Spare stock transmission main axle 5PX-17411-A0-00
Spare stock 30T 5th gear pinion 5PX-17151-00-00
Spare stock 31T 4th gear pinion 5PX-17141-20-00
Spare stock 29T 3rd gear wheel 4NK-17231-01-00
Spare stock 24T 5th gear wheel 5PX-17251-00-00
Example (do not use) of trans washer 90209-25013-00 (?)
Example (do not use) of trans circlip 93440-28062-00 (?)
OEM ECU (5PX-01) originally came on my 2003 bike.
OEM Pick-Up Coil (CPS) Recall Kit with gasket #90891-30047
OEM Signal Flasher (Denso FB257H) 5PX-83350-00-00 (thanks Tomba)
OEM Headlight Relay #5JJ-81950-29-0-00
OEM Rectifier Regulator 5JW-81960-00-00 thanks KylyNV)
OEM Starter Relay 4YR-81940-02-00 (thanks KyleNV)
OEM Rear 2004 Shock 5PX-22210-20-00 (shock only, not links or spring)
OEM Front Brake Rotors (3-spoke wheels) 5PX-2581T-00-00 (pair).
OEM Headlight with complete chrome bucket.
OEM LED Tail Light 5PX-84710-00-00
OEM O-ring 4X8-24512-00-00 for main tank fuel filter/outlet.
OEM 3-Spoke Rear Wheel 5PX-25338-01-7B (02-7B) ASSY w/hub pulley Bearings (not axle).
OEM Rear Wheel Hub Cush Drive Dampers 4WM-25364-00-00 (set of 6)(in addition to above).
OEM Aux Fuel Tank 5PX-24280-00-00 w/Pump 5PX-13907-00-00 & Filter 5PX-24560-00-00.
OEM Aux Fuel Pump Filter 5PX-24560-00-00 (loose)
OEM Fuel Pressure Regulator 5PX-13906-00-00
OEM Left Side Dry Break 5PX-24305-00-00 Female, 5PX-24304-01-00 Male.
OEM UnderSeat Dry Break 5PX-24305-00-00 Female, 5PX-24304-11-00 Male.
Viton 3/4 x 9/16 x 3/32 o-rings for stock dry breaks (Size #113)
Colder Drybreak coupling LCD17006FV 3/8" barbed valved viton Female side
Colder Drybreak Coupling LCD22006FV 3/8" barbed valved viton Male side

OEM Air Pressure Sensor 5JW-82380-00-00 (3 each for IAPS1/IAPS2/APS) (thanks umpire3)
OEM 5JJ-81950-20-00 Main Fuel Relay with the factory mounting bracket and rubber.

Bits that go with my mc when sold if I still have them at that time:
Ivan's, original seat and Mustang seat set, spare new drive belt, my hard copy comprehensive updated service manual including all of my mod parts documentation.


Parts for sale that are not specific to Warrior:

Kuryakyn 2305 Halogen Silver Bullets w/relay. One perfect used pair with P-Brackets for engine guard or cruise bars. Also one new set 2305's and P-clamps all sealed new in packages.

Chrome steel cable and wire guides to manage handlebar wires, cables, and brake lines, new in original plastic.

Show Chrome #81-110 switch box housings, Warrior fitment. Swap stock for these in a couple hours.

R1 cooling fan 14B-12405-00-00 for rear jug cooling, and if still have these:
. . . N.O. thermal switch w/auto reset (on at 140F) and (off at 116F); and
. . . N.C. overturn switch to disable cooling fan should overturn occur; and
. . . One On-off toggle to safely disable fan for service work and at other times.

Mini-relocation plate for just sensors and LCV (zip tie). Needs polishing.

Fiamm AM80S - High Note (500 hz 113dB-A) - sometimes shown as Fiamm AM80S-H (high note). Fiamm AM80S - Low Note (405 hz 113 dB-A) - sometimes shown as Fiamm AM80S-L (low note). Horns fitted with TWO Fiamm slip-on blade-type electrical terminals opposite from the horn's sound opening so wires are hidden when mounted. Note this same part# also comes in different configurations, so this is best description. Mounting bracket could need modification depending on where fitted, not a direct swap-in, but doable on Warrior or on most any car or truck.
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Added another document into Post #19 integrating tuning and expanding on my service manual notes. I'll remove the prior service manual notes in a few weeks. It's still okay but has far less info.
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I added a couple pictures, one under the tank and one noting what things are under the seat.

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