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I want to make sure I have all the bases covered and I would appreciate it if you can riddle me this:

Of the folks that signed up and are on the list, and not including those who want to go chrome....

Does anyone plan on going to a different finish other than what you currently have?

In other words, if you currently have stock finish, do you intend to go midnight or powdercoat?

Or if you are currently running Midnight, do you intend to go stock finish?

I think not, but thought I'd check w/ y'all. If there are folks wanting to do this, I would need to get another set of pricing to accomodate this.

I already have chroming prices so those who plan to go chrome I got you covered.
If anyone plans on going a different finish from what you already have (with the exception of chrome) pls respond by "from what your current finish is to what finish you want"

gosh I hope I'm clear, doing a ton of different things right now...[:0]
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