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Hi everybody,
Misterbill29 is the former (warriorone) a very early 2002 member. If you want to know me or my bike that will cover the most. I havn't ridden it much in the last few years (to the coffee shop and back and Daytona this past year.) I couldn't get back on as warriorone so thats why I'm now Misterbill29. Now the big story. I signed up as Misterbill29 and that night I had a massive heart attack, 6 bypass 98 % blockage. I'm home now and I'll be fine. Can someone let me know how I post a classified add (different membership,time restrition ???) I can't remember.

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Good Day, mrbill! Welcome back!

I'll work on getting you access to your previous account so you'll be able to post classifieds and everything will be as if you didn't [almost] leave us for good.

Watch your PM's for details. :)
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