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These parts are from my mods shelf and I bought them but didn't find time to install.

Pictures below.

Price is OBO just posting it to comply with rules. If you don't want all items then ask me and TELL ME a price and I will post price just for the items you want 😏 so can stay within rules.

Some items here would obviously be free just USPS Cost.

All are new never installed unless indicated otherwise.

Shipping is extra at cost. Origin zip 89436. The bundle would probably ship way cheaper per-item than single items.



Parts for sale that are not limited to Warrior, could be used on other bikes:

Kuryakyn 2320 Large Halogen Silver Bullets (3/8" hollow studs), a very nice slightly used pair with chrome 1" P-Brackets #19-11 for engine guard or cruise bars etc.

Also have New Kuryakyn 2305 mini Halogen Silver Bullets with new 1" P-Brackets #19-11.

Five Drag Specialties DS-110223 chrome steel cable and wire guides to manage handlebar wires, cables, and brake lines, new in original plastic. These pretty much disappear from casual view.

Item sold to member here. New Show Chrome #81-110 handlebar full switch box housings, Warrior fitment and others. Swap stock internals into these in a couple hours.

Item Sold locally. For global warming hot regions, factory R1 cooling fan 14B-12405-00-00 for motor cooling, intended to face downward and mount under tank, or maybe behind a front or side cover. Includes these controls if I still have them at the time you ask:
. . . N.O. thermal switch w/auto reset (on at 140F) and (off at 116F); and
. . . N.C. overturn switch to disable cooling fan should overturn occur; and
. . . One On-off toggle to safely disable fan for service work and at other times.

Mini-relocation zip-tie under-tank plate for just sensors and the LCV. Needs polishing. One to just cover usps cost.

Fiamm AM80S - High Note (500 hz 113dB-A) - sometimes shown as Fiamm AM80S-H (high note). Fiamm AM80S - Low Note (405 hz 113 dB-A) - sometimes shown as Fiamm AM80S-L (low note). Horns fitted with TWO Fiamm slip-on blade-type electrical terminals opposite from the horn's sound opening so wires are hidden when mounted. Note this same part# also comes in different configurations, so this is best description. Mounting bracket could need modification depending on where fitted, not a direct swap-in, but doable on Warrior or on most any big bike or car or truck.

More items have been added below to offset items sold.

Some of these installs could require savvy depending on where you install them!