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When I read this site, I am usually at work and I do not log in. I just checked in today and I missed some PM's from a previous listing. My apologies, I will contacting those people.

I have a box of Warrior stuff I dont need. A windshield, OEM seats, and a new belt. I need it gone by winter. I drive an '07 and I am enjoying how it sits right now. I already have a new belt and I prefer the Corbin seat over OEM. The seats are in excellent condition.

The OEM doesnt have the hardware for the rear mount. The buyer will need to find that. When I bought the bike the Corbin seat was on and it didnt have mounting hardware.

300$ for everything plus shipping. OBO :)

registered on ebay with 250+ as gemini8026. Paypal verified, FB, etc. etc.

Pictures below

Either PM me or email me at Gemini8026 at hotmail.(Cant post email, only 12 out of 15 posts) I regret missing the last messages that are old now because I wasnt properly logged in. Can also talk on phone or provide any other assistance.


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