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A few are concerned with the last photo so I have removed it.
Darn, I missed it
Just got back from NZ on holidays so will send you each a PM with the photo concerned.
Me too!!!! I want to see.
C'mon heff don't leave me hanging!

Hey Heff... this might simplify things for you, and satisfy everyone's curiosity. FYI - Darkstar (and other mods) were clear to tell us that "no uncovered nipple, no body parts from one person, touching another".

I believe I have sufficiently BLURRED and pixelated the pic to meet with Mod's approval, if not, Im sure they will either remove it or I will if they ask, but here's the pic below.

It's nothing horrible by any stretch, but the slightest "uncovered" side of a nipple, and the bare breasts touching was what raised my concern, as I'm sure others.

was this worth the hub-bub?:eek::D

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1401 - 1420 of 1442 Posts