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Looking to trade my 2-1 pacific coast roadster exhaust. It's broken but a muffler repair shop or a skilled welder can put this baby back together. It has the vortex baffle inside that means it's the loudest option available at pcs for this pipe.

It broke because my bike ran on 1 cylinder (due to battery failure/low voltage) and all the heat and pressure dispersed through the front exhaust header which lead to a crack and exhaust failure.

The pipe runs for approx $550 new plus shipping. It might be easier for me to just get it fixed and resell it but maybe one of you guys can weld it back together. Attached are pictures of my pipe

I am looking for 2 items.

Paul motoshops headlight fairing and
This specific chin spoiler. Color doesn't matter because I am getting these powder coated in gloss black. It HAS to be this fairing.


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