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i have twice tried to post classifieds on the site, and they never seem to show up. once to buy some pipes and today to sell/trade a monster truck that i have. am i missing a click or are they getting bumped for some reason?

i have been lurking on the site for about a year now, and got my midnight 2 weeks ago. thanx to this site, i was loaded for bear, and already had the stage 4 kit, and was all ready to call reza for the 280 kit, which hopefully goes on next week. i even knew i NEEDED to get some executioners. the bike should also be getting painted either next week or the week after.

my wife has said i need to have a "toy reduction sale", hence the ad for the monster truck.

let me know what i need to do to be able to post classifieds.

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WANTED ads go in the forum not in the classifieds.

I know it is confusing, but if you post a want ad someone may know where to get it so they can post right in the thread and help you out. If want ads are in the classifieds then it isn't so easy to help you out.
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