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well just of a week ago now i wa cleaned up by a car while riding my baby i a came off second best the bike is not too bad but bad enough fuel tank ,handle bars ,air intake housing,oil tank and cover,booth foot controls,exhaust, both push rod round chrome cylinders on motor , front indicators,right gaurd support and a few other minor parts ive only saw the bike last night on my way home from hospital i on the other had can rember the whole accident and all the way from hospital i recieved a broken left arm between the shoulder and elbow now i have my very own metal work in there numours metal plates and screws and broke my right leg between knee and hip and have a metal rod in there as well was in hospital for 6 days hardest bit is learning to walk again but i should be fit and health in 6-8 weeks and the bike should be back on the road not long after as i still have one hand too work with unfort i had no insurance on my bike so looks like i have to pay for it all my self so if any one has any of those parts listed i would love to hear from you so i can do a deal and get my baby bach on the road agaig just in time for summer
ps i will post sum pics up as soon as i fig it out how to do it
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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