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Comprehensive "problem" poll?

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After reading about the problems with: pulleys, belts, the recall (of course), various electrical gremlins, and any number of other "Issues" that owners of the RSW face. I have begun to wonder what the actual percentage of problems exist.

While owning previous bikes, several have come up with "polls" that allow members to post from an extensive list of potential problem areas. For instance... Go to a VFR site and the Regulator/rectifier was the talk du jour for many headaches. Still, when the SURVEY was filled out, the numbers of failed units was really pretty low (still sucks if you are among the small percentage with a problem tho [/emoticons/emotion-5.gif] ). The KLR? The "Doohickey" receives top billing. Instead of single digits, percentage-wise (VFR), they get maybe 20-30% of spring and/or actual doohickey with a problem.

Is it possible to do that here? The VFR poll is the one I'd follow. It was quite extensive and still had an easy format to complete. Maybe put it in its own "Sticky" place and lets start gathering a usable database, rather than a string of anecdotal list of problems that are unattached and difficult (to say the least) to make plans by. For instance, if 10% of 400 bikes surveyed had a snapped belt, vs 2% on the loose pulley nut, or recall completed, vs actual problem with the tranny,...etc, etc....

BTW, that VFR poll gathered hundreds of entries, making it something usable. Set up correctly, many entries would be made by members that normally don't post.

I have NO CLUE what would go into creating such a poll. I'm not very computer literate. If it could be accomplished, I for one, would be thrilled. It can be dificult to get an accurate estimate of a problem. The RSW owner that just had his machine die for no apparent reason is rightfully ticked off. Still, if only 2 out of 300 had the issue......

Just a thought... [}/emoticons/emotion-1.gif]
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Great idea.
Count me in. I would think banding together and getting Yammi's attention at particular issues, espeically if we can provide data to support our position, would be a positive thing and a benefit to all. I, for one, have suffered the loose-pulley problem and having some noise down there every since.
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