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I have a dataset from observing my bike temperature readings from 2019. There are 330 lines in each of which have 4 values: ambient temperature, readings of the intake temperature sensor, oil temperature sensor in the tank and engine temperature.

I specifically took an excerpt from the range of the last major change to the bike's configuration - after installing the firmware, which I use to this day. And at 64 degrees of intake temperature, I found 9 data at which the ambient temperature fluctuated in the range of 41-57, the oil temperature in the tank was 176-199, and the engine temperature was 223-244.

If we conduct observations regarding the ambient temperature, then I have 14 observations with readings below 46. So, the ambient temperature range turned out to be 39-46, intake 46-75, oil 158-199, engine 208-251.

Your motorcycle engine seems to me too cold :rolleyes: Check hoses to/from LCV.
1 - 7 of 48 Posts