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I'm listing a bunch of keys on ebay. Some really nice styles available. Theres some other skullkeys for othermodels available too (suzuki,buell,etc) that may have a type of skull you would prefer thats not shown for yamaha.

***Basically any skull topper you see even ones for other bikes if I have an extra head I can make for your warrior.

Just ask.

For free shipping you pay me direct from paypal the listed price. No shipping cost for theUSA and CANADA. Sorry but I can't ship anywhere else and make a little profit for my time, materials, shipping, and labor. Check with me here for availability first and I will give youmy paypal user id for payment. You must have a confirmed paypal address to ship to.

Prices are from 14.75 and up. I save the ebay fee and you get the key for less. You can rest assured I am 100% legit. I've sold many of theseand have the feedback that represents the great quality and workmanship ofmy keys. Heres the link.

I'm waiting for a shipment of these due anyday now. its my most popular seller to date. $17.75 delivered for you guys in USA & CANADA

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